The Last Vegas - Whatever Gets You Off

乐队名称:The Last Vegas
专辑名称:Whatever Gets You Off
公司厂牌:Eleven Seven
风格类型:Hard Rock

The Last Vegas is a Chicago based rock band with members Nate Arling (drums), Adam Arling (guitar), Chad Cherry (lead vocals), Johnny Wator (guitar), and Danny Smash (bass), originating from Chicago. They have toured the world in support of their multiple albums and have earned a rapidly-growing fan base.



01. Whatever Gets You Off
02. I'm Bad
03. High Class Trash
04. Loose Lips
05. Apologize
06. Cherry Red
07. Another Lover
08. Dirty Things You Do
09. White Lies
10. Love Me Bad
11. Outta My Mind

The Color Fred - The Intervention EP

乐队名称:The Color Fred
专辑名称:The Intervention EP
公司厂牌:Equal Vision



1. If I Surrender (Acoustic)
2. Complaintor (Acoustic)
3. Terrible Things (Acoustic)
4. The Intervention (Acoustic)
5. Dark Clouds (Acoustic)
6. It Isn't Me (Basement Demo)
7. Hate To See You Go (Basement Demo)

Tara Jane O'Neil - A Ways Away

歌手名称:Tara Jane O'Neil
专辑名称:A Ways Away
公司厂牌:K Records

Tara Jane O'Neil's fifth album and first for K Records contains an elegant attention to detail in the mix that will please all those in need of great headphone jams, electronic minimalist drone magic, and heroic adventure. But A Ways Away is driven by the singer and the songs. Her voice is out front and the vocals are gorgeously sung.



01. Dig In
02. In Tall Grass
03. Drowning
04. A New Binding
05. Howl
06. Pearl Into Sand
07. Beast, Go Along
08. A Vertiginous One
09. Biwa
10. The Drowning Electric

The Mummers - Tale To Tell

歌手名称:The Mummers
专辑名称:Tale To Tell
公司厂牌:Big Bass Drum



01. March Of The Dawn
02. Wake Me Up
03. Wonderland
04. Lorca And The Orange Tree
05. This Is Heaven (Glow)
06. Tale To Tell
07. Place For Us
08. See Alice
09. Teardropsfall
10. Nightbus

Peter Buffett - Imaginary Kingdom

歌手名称:Peter Buffett
专辑名称:Imaginary Kingdom
公司厂牌:Beside Records

Peter Buffett has been making records since the mid-'80s, but it wasn't until he began work on his 13th album, the playfully titled Gold Star (released in 2006), that the veteran artist placed a microphone in front of him, opened his mouth and sang into it. Having devoted his entire career to creating electronic-based music for compact disc, film and theater, and writing songs for others to sing, Buffett literally had no idea what to expect from his own natural instrument, and was "surprised and thrilled" to discover that the vocal sounds coming out of the studio monitors bore the distinct echoes of the artists he'd cut his teeth on, particularly Simon & Garfunkel, the Byrds and the Beatles. So he rolled with it, laying down two-part harmonies a la S&G on some tracks and doubling his vocal in the manner of John Lennon on others.



01 Mean That Much
02 Go So Wrong
03 How Do You Sleep?
04 Imaginary Kingdom
05 Can I (Again)
06 Ready
07 Wrap It Up in Blue
08 Independence Day
09 Who I Am
10 Find Me Too
11 U+I
12 Another Day
13 Set Us Free
14 Can We Love?

Men Without Pants - Naturally

乐队名称:Men Without Pants
公司厂牌:Expansion Team Records
风格类型:Alternative Rock

Personnel: Russell Simins (vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums, percussion); Dan The Automator (synthesizer, programming, drum programming).



01. And The Girls Go
02. Double Life
03. Superfine
04. My Balloon
05. Let's Meet In Real Life
06. Never Gonna Do That Again
07. Rock Show
08. If You're Thinkin' Of Me
09. Keep On Movin'
10. All You Need Is Luck
11. The Beginning
12. I Do
13. Goodbye


陳珊妮 - 如果有一件事是重要的

公司厂牌:亚神音乐/Unknown Indie

About Sandee

One of the most successful and credited female performers of the past fifteen years in Taiwan, Sandee Chan is also recognized as one of the most talented producer and song writer through out Asia.

Sandee was nominated the Best Female Singer, and awarded the Best Mandarin Album Producer and the Best Mandarin Album for her solo album "Then, we all wept in tears" in 2005 by the Golden Music Award. She was also credited by the Radio Guangdong Music Pioneer Award in the same year as the Best Female Singer for the same album. In 2006, the second album of Material Girls had received the Best Singing Group of the Golden Music Award, and the Best Singing Group of the Year and the Best Album Design from the Radio Guangdong Music Pioneer Award.




首本画册《Gloomy Sunday Rosy》获得出版界最高荣誉金蝶奖之整体美术与装祯设计奖提名后,又再受到国际书展肯定,除了应邀在德国法兰克福参展之外,目前为莱比锡书展“世界上最美丽的书”的入选书籍。


为了苦等4年的乐迷,陈珊妮将14年音乐生涯中从未发行的4首单曲Demo集结成Mini Album!全新制作诚实出品,绝非新专辑曲目,每张并有陈珊妮亲自手抄流水号,独一无二绝无仅有,只有才能独家收藏,错过这次机会,将遗憾终身!



11.抒情歌曲 (Demo)
12.粉红色 (Demo)
13.寂寞的诗 (Demo)
14.当倾斜的倾斜重覆的重覆 (Demo)

Jeremy Moll - Album One

歌手名称:Jeremy Moll
专辑名称:Album One
公司厂牌:Jeremy Moll Music




01 Another Way
02 Nicole
03 Unbreakable Love
04 Drive
05 Don't Take My Heart
06 Hanging Gardens
07 I Won't Cry
08 Harmony
09 Rain
10 Let's Go Home

Iron and Wine - Norfolk

乐队名称:Iron and Wine
公司厂牌:Sub Pop

Iron & Wine is the stage and recording name of folk rock singer-songwriter, Samuel Beam. He has released three studio albums, several EPs and singles, as well as a few download-only releases, which include a live album (a recording of his 2005 Bonnaroo performance). Beam tours with a full band. Beam was raised in South Carolina before moving to Florida to attend school, but now resides outside of Austin, Texas. The name Iron & Wine is taken from a dietary supplement named "Beef Iron & Wine" that he found in a general store while shooting a film.


Iron and Wine 来自以加勒比海移民为主的佛罗里达州南部,出身迈阿密的Samuel Beam,独一人之力灌录了不少 lo-fi 作品

Iron and Wine其实是Samuel Beam一个人的乐队,或者说,只不过是他的艺名。这个大器晚成的男人成名之前是一名电影老师,在佛罗里达州立大学任教。1999年Beam有了一台四轨机,于是躲在卧室里捣鼓一些lo-fi小玩意儿成了他的一大爱好。一开始这只是个消磨时光的法子,跟其他人看电视一样,继而他惊讶地发现自己竟然有那么多的歌要写,灵感如滔滔江水绵绵不绝,以至于四轨机报废了,不得不添置一台电脑。

假如没有Sup Pop公司一次偶然的聆听,Iron and Wine也许至今仍在他的卧室里自娱自乐。作为专业的乐迷,Sup Pop的高层人士彻底被征服了,出于职业的敏锐,他们立刻明白这也是大众寻找已久的声音。经过几个月苦口婆心的劝说,Beam终于将自己积攒的,足够两张专辑长度的作品寄给了Sop Pop。公司最初的想法是将小样按原样做成两张CD发行,仍旧是出于职业的敏锐,他们意识到这样做似乎对乐迷太过慷慨。在Beam的协助下,十二首感觉互相契合的曲目被精心挑选出来,于是有了Iron and Wine 02年的处女作“The Creek Drank the Cradle”。

Beam带气声的演唱、轻轻拨动的原声吉他、偶尔一点滑棒和班卓琴就是“The Creek Drank the Cradle”的全部。没有任何灿烂的乐句,也无心刻意给音乐罩上朦胧的面纱,Iron and Wine是如此淡薄自然,那来自简单歌曲内核的美倾泻而出,Beam拥抱这些音符,让它们背后的悲伤轻轻在半空中飘荡。开场曲“Lion’s Mane”立刻就将你的呼吸带走,因为Beam的声音那么纯洁,那么美。一首接一首,一个找到了内心与外部世界平衡点的男人平静地讲着生活的琐屑,抚摸曾经疼痛的伤口。“Upward over the Mountain”是一封杜撰的写给母亲的声泪俱下的信;“Weary Memory”是对逝去的爱情微带疼痛的回首;“Rooster Moans”领我们重温清爽的阿帕拉契民谣;“Muddy Hymnal”有着Neil Young式的亮丽的调子……一个自然主义者发掘人与世界的关系,伏在你的耳边告诉你蕴藏其中的希望。这是一张怀旧的唱片,个人与公共记忆的混合,共同还原出古老的美国南部风情画。田园牧歌般的生活情境、心照不宣的族群礼仪,所谓传统价值在轻柔、催眠的音乐与犀利、深刻的歌词所形成的巨大张力间突显无遗。Iron and Wine要重新找回美丽的南方丢失的崇高。

与“The Creek Drank the Cradle”同时期的其他一些作品,被集结成EP “The Sea and the Rhythm”于2003年秋天发行。闪光的旋律,令人心醉神迷的美,五首歌都好得足以出现在正式专辑中。“Beneath the Balcony”和“Jesus the Mexican Boy”有着牵动你每根神经的旋律,后者更成为Iron and Wine最受欢迎的曲目;而“Someday the Waves”的悠扬能够紧紧将你握起,余音不绝,绕梁三日。二十一分钟安静而甜蜜的痛楚,“The Sea and the Rhythm”让苦苦等待Iron and Wine下一张专辑的乐迷得到了莫大的安慰。

2004年的“Our Endless Numbered Days”是Iron and Wine的第一张录音室专辑,它意味着Beam完成了从业余爱好者到音乐家的转变。专辑的音色干净,简洁的编配让Beam的声音和歌词成为听众关注的焦点。精良的技术手段丝毫没有干扰“Our Endless Numbered Days”发自内心的简单澄澈,Beam像是收起翅膀的天使,停在你的肩头娓娓道来。“Naked as We Came”依然是Iron and Wine招牌式的动听旋律,Beam的妹妹Sara贡献了悦耳的和声;兄妹二人生来和谐的声线在“Fever Dream”中珠联璧合;“Radio War”是一曲爱的挽歌,听得人心窝生疼;“Sodom, South Georgia”让人想起Smog、Palace这些Slowcore高手的作品,Iron and Wine足以与他们抗衡。在其他音乐家的协助下,这张专辑有了比“The Creek Drank the Cradle”更加丰富的音乐语汇,无数精致的小细节激活听觉末梢,让人又惊讶又感动。到底是大学教师,Beam看似不着痕迹的遣词造句凝练而深刻,坦白、持重的语句摒弃了任何一点矫揉造作。Iron and Wine不是那种听一耳朵就能让你欣喜若狂或者号啕大哭的音乐,它慢慢流进你的心田,渗透下去,灌溉你,滋养你。

2005年,Iron and Wine推出全新EP “Woman King”。不要以为Beam又回到卧室DIY起来,这次非但不lo-fi,Iron and Wine的音乐听起来比以往任何时候都要丰满,制作也更加精良。丰富的和声,大量的打击乐、班卓琴、小提琴、钢琴,而Beam一贯醇美的嗓音也变得更为确定、有力。圆熟的编配,流畅的器乐演奏完美地配合了Beam的演唱,他写出的悠扬的旋律被乐队精妙地固定下来。在Calexico等乐队乐手的协助下,Iron and Wine听上去完全是一支正二八经的乐队了,更大气的音乐避免了以往作品中偶尔流露出的偏狭与孤立。不要担心先进的技术会损伤细枝末节的美,即便是到外太空录音也不会改变Iron and Wine音乐的深挚淳厚。也许不能就此断言“Woman King”是Iron and Wine艺术生涯的里程碑,因为它实在太短了,但它给了我们期待的理由,艺术家今后的价值趋向初露端倪。

“Woman King”有点概念专辑的意思:EP中的六首歌关注的都是世间最神秘最美丽的生命——女性,其中的女主角甚至可以在Beam身边找到原型。然而他自己解释说,这纯粹是个巧合。Beam是个高产的音乐家,这些关于女性的歌分散在手头一大堆的素材中,当他写出EP同名曲“Woman King”时,他忽然意识到似乎可以给这些作品归纳出一个潜伏主题,于是这张事后概念EP问世。

值得一提的是,辞去教师职务专职从事音乐创作之后,电影依然没有从Beam的生活中退出,甚至继续在他的音乐中扮演重要角色。Iron and Wine的作品在电影界颇受亲睐——“Garden State”的原声中收录了多首他的作品,“Woman King”中的“The Trapeze Artist”就是为电影“In Good Company”而写。平面设计与摄影专业出身的Beam已经为自己的三首歌拍摄了MV,希望今后能继续拍更多。

很难说清楚Iron and Wine的音乐风格。蓝草和另类乡村的根基,田园牧歌般的沉思默想,从某种程度上与Nick Drake、Sparklehorse遥相呼应。以诗意隽永的语言表达极为个人化的生活感受,思想的内向性、深刻性让人想起Conor Oberst和Elliot Smith的都市民谣。“在我大量接受采访之前,我从来没有考虑过如何给我的音乐归类”,Beam说道,“我想我喜欢‘民谣’这个标签。我最近意识到民谣是除了古典音乐之外的一切音乐,无论说唱还是摇滚乐都一样,民谣就是来自民间的音乐。”

事实上给音乐归类只是一个类似于乐迷入门指南的东西,当Iron and Wine不落窠臼的音乐响起,相信你会有自己的判断。音乐好,管它何门何派?凉爽的夏夜,满天繁星照耀下宁静的海滩,这就是第一次听Iron and Wine时我的感受。钢筋水泥的丛林中,我们依然可以找到释放情感的地方,有些细腻、脆弱的情怀仍然能够得到抚慰。幸好有音乐,这一刻,泛起的不只是音符,还有似曾相识的乡愁。



01.Sunset Soon Forgotten
03.Woman King
04.Free Until They Cut Me Down
05.Evening on the Ground (Lilith's Song)
06.Love and Some Verses
07.Bird Stealing Bread
08.The Night Descending
09.Naked as We Came
10.Communion Cups and Someone's Coat
11.Fever Dream
12.On Your Wings
13.Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
14.Upward Over The Mountain
15.Teeth in the Grass
16.Southern Anthem
17.My Lady's House
18.The Trapeze Swinger

Great White - Rising

乐队名称:Great White
风格类型:Rock/Blues/Classic Rock

在成立了27年,推出了12张专辑,并在2007年重组并推出“Back to the Rhythm”之后,美国布鲁斯摇滚乐队GREAT WHITE又来了,这次他们在经过欧洲12场演出之后,又推出了全新专辑“RISING",风格没有什么变化,依然是20年来一贯的声音。

Great White is an American hard rock band, formed in Los Angeles in 1978. The band gained popularity during the 1980s and early 1990s. The band released several albums in the late 1980s and gained airplay on MTV with music videos for songs like "Once Bitten, Twice Shy". The band reached their peak popularity with the album ...Twice Shy in 1989, but their success soon declined.

The band continued to release new material into the 1990s, although none of their material charted in the United States. In 2003, the band made headlines when The Station nightclub fire led to the deaths of 100 people in West Warwick, Rhode Island, including the band's guitarist Ty Longley, who had been a member of the band for three years. Great White made a comeback in 2007 with the release of a new album and an accompanying tour.



01. Situation
02. All Or Nothing
03. I Don’t Mind
04. Shine
05. Loveless
06. Is It Enough
07. Last Chance
08. Danger Zone
09. Down On The Level
10. Only You Can Do
11. My Sanctuary
12. Let’s Spend The Night Together

Exsonvaldes - Near the Edge of Something Beautiful

专辑名称:Near the Edge of Something Beautiful
公司厂牌:Volvox Music/Sounds

Our new album "Near the edge of something beautiful", produced by Alex Firla (Phoenix, Arthur H, ...), is out today. We worked very hard on this record, and we are very proud of the result. The album, with a beautiful artwork by Romain Corvez, is available everywhere.



01. A day like today
02. Lali
03. Near the edge of something beautiful
04. Last year
05. Old & weak
06. PPM
07. I know
08. 84
09. Everything I see
10. Sunlight
11. Life in pieces

Dreamdate - Patienc

公司厂牌:Skywriting Records
风格类型:Indie Pop

you can buy our records at chocolate covered records

Dreamdate get right to their business of brightening our day with their short, snappy tunes. The overall sound of Dreamdate can readily be spoken of in the same breath as early '90s crushworthy indie pop a la Lois, cub and Tiger Trap. As the unaffected and uneffected electric guitars strum away happily and the drums keep things simple with an uncluttered beat, you might find yourself hummin' along with these gals' warm, smooth female vocals. Nice. Aquarius Records April 2007

Although their tunes are reminiscent of, say, the riot grrl and Seattle/Portland-based garage movements, they still could only exist in present times...Their songs are, for the most part, up-tempo odes to not-so-simple pleasures and guilt and sometimes feel emotionally ambivalent…This is truly the kind of music you'd want on a Walkman when traversing long distances in the suburbs.California Aggie August 2006

The first thing I noticed while listening, is that the sound quality is without many common bells and whistles similar bands tend to overuse. Not really lo-fi but close enough to keep this music out of the pop category and in the garage where it belongs. Milk Milk Lemonade April 2007
Yea-Ming’s jangly guitars bring to mind early rock-and-roll as strongly as they do twee music, and the rhythm section provided by Anna and now-in-Seattle Emily can create a great garage-punk beat as adeptly as they can provide support during a quieter number...The album’s ten tracks cover the gamut of tempos and tones, but the basic elements that make a Dreamdate song–great relationship-examining lyrics, tight instrumentals, and sweet vocal harmonies–are on display in all ten. The Bay Bridged March 2007

Introducing Dreamdate: a female three-piece from California. Here they deliver a debut album that’s dreamy and lo-fi, a little like The Raincoats go pop. And it’s just a bit twee (in the best way). Within just 25 minutes they manage to capture the highs and lows of being young in some truly great pop songs. Audio Junkies April 2007

Oakland’s Dreamdate are the next in a long line of indie pop bands who specialize in one of the genre’s best selling points — sweet, extremely low key love songs ideally suited as a soundtrack for cuddling after exchanging flowers and chocolates. Fluxblog.com February 2006



01. How Low Are You?
02. Tour Song
03. Have I Told You?
04. 8 Sleeves
05. Go Fish
06. Anyway
07. Rock and Roll
08. Tables
09. Guilty Pleasures
10. Wait For You
11. Patience
12. Best Friends

Dipsomaniacs - Social Crutch

专辑名称:Social Crutch

The Dipsomaniacs are from NJ and play melodic, hook-driven, sloppy, but spirited rock n roll. The Replacements have always been a decent reference point for the band's sound - power-pop with a heavy influence of 60s garage rock and the simplicity and directness of punk. The Dipsos love the Who and that shows too. They've been around since the mid 90s and have released 5 CDs and appeared on countless compilations while playing shows all over the country.

The band's songs have been featured on the MTV shows "Made" and "Sweet 16". Most recently the Dipsomaniacs contributed two songs to the FDR Label "About a Girl" CD. In 2005 The Dipsos won the Philadelphia Little Steven Underground Garage contest and opened for Rocket from the Crypt at Irving Plaza in NYC. The band also played to over 15,000 opening for Pat Benatar at a July 4th outdoor concert. For the highly acclaimed Who Tribute CD the Dipsos teamed up with Philadelphia guitar legend Tommy Conwell to record a blistering version of "Long Live Rock".

The Dipsomaniacs 6th CD, Social Crutch, was released in February of 2009. Here are some



01. Together We Can Rule the World
02. Drop Your Guitar
03. Blame it on the Gun
04. Not Waiting Around
05. Loretta After All
06. Wake Up See
07. Kids on Base
08. Oh Jose
09. Wait and See
10. Halo Around You

Chester French - Love The Future

乐队名称:Chester French
专辑名称:Love The Future

A they, not a he, consisting of young friends D.A. Wallach and Max Drummey, Chester French seeks to prove that pop music can be at once challenging and accessible. And with the bracing, involving and always-surprising set of pop-art songs on their debut album Love the Future, the duo has made a bold statement that’s as delightful as it is ambitious, an album informed by a great wealth of music that is poised to break barriers and set new standards.

Chester French’s world is a musical universe in which everything’s in play. The glorious “She Loves Everybody” mixes sensibilities equally drawing on Motown and power-pop. “Beneath the Veil” throws country twists into hip-hop aesthetics. “Neal” has echoes of swing, hip-hop and rock – with a guitar break paying tribute to the genius and magic fingers of Les Paul. And “Fingers” is just your basic orchestral-pop with, you know, a lap steel solo. There’s a curtain-raising “Introduction,” and a couple transition pieces (“The String Interlude” and “Country Interlude”) to help tie it all together and stress that this is, overall, far more than just a collection of songs, but a whole statement.

“We were trying to make the album an album,” Drummey says. “What we tried to do is make something musically diverse but also unified. And we did the best job of that ever in the history of music.”

Don’t just take it from him. The band has already been lauded by the press with features such as Spin’s Who’s Next ‘08 and Rolling Stone’s Artists To Watch. And take it from no less than Pharrell Williams, who signed the unclassifiable duo to his Star Trak/Interscope label after an early copy of the album, recorded by the two largely in a dorm basement studio while they were students at Harvard, was passed from them to his engineer, Drew Coleman.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a project teeming with this sort of musicality and originality,” says Williams, the phenomenal artist/producer/trailblazer of Neptunes, N.E.R.D. and so-much-else fame. “You’re going to watch history unfold with these guys. I feel it in my gut.”

That works for Wallach and Drummey, who trace an aesthetic lineage from Beethoven to Brian Wilson, from Les Paul to Prince to, well, Pharrell Williams. They see walls coming down with a new generation inspired by innovative artists like Gnarls Barkley and OutKast.

Chester French – subject of a signing battle that also included Kanye West, Jermaine Dupri and Jimmy Iovine before Williams closed the deal - wants to be at the front of that movement.
“Hopefully our role in culture can be to stand for this moment in history where meaningless social and musical categories are finally dissolving,” Wallach says.

The music backs that up. In discussion the two freely reference a sky-full of musical stars and constellations.

“A lot of people make experimental music. We look at our music as not being experimental, but being the result of a variety of experiments – what we distilled from doing outlandish things, what are the best ideas,” Drummey says.

It’s a concept that coalesced over the course of the three-plus years in which the music was initially made, a process that began with a simple encounter of the two then-freshmen at a Harvard commissary.

Milwaukee-raised Wallach and Boston native Drummey quickly found a lot of shared ground in musical tastes and philosophies and before long had recruited three other musicians into a band playing various campus functions, eventually moving in a direction heavily influenced by classic British Northern Soul. Over the summer both stayed in Cambridge, working hard at songwriting. But when school resumed, they realized that the material went way beyond the basic guitar-bass-drums-piano format of the band, and the duo continued the work themselves, Wallach handling most of the vocals, Drummey performing much of the music on an orchestra’s-worth of instruments, supplemented with the occasional specialist guest – and both taking production and engineering duties for recordings that melded both of their sensibilities and visions.

“Being just two people in the studio we could layer anything we wanted,” Drummey says. “It liberated us to arrange the album in interesting ways.”
Interesting hardly captures it. Working along the way in a campus studio arranging, engineering and producing all sorts of sessions expanded the pair’s musical vocabulary and sense of recording innovation. With that wealth of resources at their command, they set out to craft something at once all-encompassing and focused.

The environment they created was fertile for creativity and spontaneity. Sometimes it was just a simple notion of combining sounds that might, or might not, work together.
With ‘Neal,’ the two borrowed a page from Outkast and “tried to combine swing with hip hop production,” Drummey says. “We were really inspired by the trailer to the film ‘Idlewild.’ Then we incorporated the rock vibe and the Les Paul vibe and it ended up really different, but the idea was to create a futuristic Prohibition bar room.”

A different turn happened with “Beneath the Veil.”

“That was another thing in the vein of ‘Neal’ – how can we bring modern hip-hop production to a sort of country song?” he continues. “That almost started as a joke between D.A. and I. D.A. was squatting in a dorm with friends and for kicks we started playing the most generic country thing we could imagine. And over time we realized with the melody it was turning into a good song.”

And then there are “Fingers” and “Not Over You,” tours de force if ever there were:
“ ‘Fingers’ is basically orchestral, choruses are French horns, strings and tympanis,” Drummey explains. “And ‘Not Over You’ is synths, Theremins and keyboards.”
And if ever there’s a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts, even parts as enticing and intriguing as these, Chester French is it.

It’s their openness to just about anything, and ability to make it their own, which made that possible. This spirit is even reflected in the group’s unique collaborations with other artists from rapper Talib Kweli to French artist Yi Zhou and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

“There’s also another dimension here that is something the hip-hop guys liked about us, a post-racial approach to music,” Drummey says. “We can consume all sorts of music and understand that it’s all just music – none of it maps on to a type of person. We try to be as open as possible. There’s not a single genre of music we discriminate against. We just hate shitty music.”



01. Introduction
02. C'mon (On My Own)
03. Bebe Buell
04. String Interlude
05. The Jimmy Choos
06. Time To Unwind
07. Fingers
08. Country Interlude
09. Beneath The Veil
10. Neal
11. Not Over You
12. She Loves Everybody
13. Sleep

Pea Sized - In My Mind

乐队名称:Pea Sized
专辑名称:In My Mind
公司厂牌:Pea Sized


Pea Sized is Pia and Karsten (Kasi) Kayser from Wiesbaden. In 2008 we finally started making music together and as it feels good I think we will continue with that. Music has always been a main part of our life and we are happy to contribute our personal sound to the sound of the world. All of our songs are born and raised at our home studio in the middle of everyday life. The lyrics mostly reflect on how I see the post-modern world and what it feels like to be the one I am ("Strange"). Now that our first album "In my mind" is done, we now concentrate on our first concert. Chris Lenz, an old friend of us, will support us on stage. So we are all looking forward to leave our narrow world and get in contact with the world outside.



01. At Least
02. Stop Thinking
03. Not the Same
04. Blue
05. Cat Song
06. Strange
07. Play It!
08. Baby
09. In My Mind

This is our debut album. It was recorded and produced in our cozy little home studio.
Support Us

Even though the entire album is available for download for free, you can also purchase it from various major digital music stores. So if you'd like to support us this way (hey, thanks!), pick your favorite store:


Download 128 Kbps/Mp3:http://media.peasized.net/mp3_128/in-my-mind.zip
Download 256 Kbps/Mp3:http://media.peasized.net/mp3_256/in-my-mind.zip
Download 256 Kbps/AAC:http://media.peasized.net/mp4_256/in-my-mind.zip


Michael Hirte - Der Mann mit der Mundharmonika (Gewinner von Das Supertalent 2008)

歌手名称:Michael Hirte
专辑名称:Der Mann mit der Mundharmonika
压缩比率:192kbps (原盘压制)


德国44岁的一直靠社会救济维生的希尔特(Michael Hirte)最近喜获“2008超级才华奖”。上周六晚,德国RTL电视台选秀节目进入总决赛,希尔特凭着出色的口琴表演一举夺冠。评审员迪特·伯伦(Dieter Bohlen)也认为这是荣之所归。在长达四个小时的节目当中,伯伦多次为希尔特叫好,甚至打赌说,假如不是希尔特获胜,他将“吞掉自己的夹克衫”。
素以言词尖刻著称的伯伦在评价"超级才华奖"候选人的时候显得温和而又婉转,另两名评审员Sylvie van der Vaart以及Bruce Darnell也不吝美言地赞叹他们是"地球上的天使","天籁之音"令人宛如置身"良辰美景"。

当节目进行了两个半小时之后,希尔特作为最后一名参赛者出场,而他的大获全胜仿佛是命中注定。一曲《Ave Maria》之后,天上飘下了一阵星雨,三名评委不约而同地站起身来,向希尔特表示祝贺。伯伦当即表示:"没人比你更应该赢了。"希尔特从不屈从于命运,值得"每个人都投票给他。"


对于Michael Hirte来说,梦想已经实现。不仅仅是那个超级才华奖和10万欧元的奖金,更重要的是,它的第一张个人专辑"Der Mann mit der Mundharmonika"即将发行。专辑中不光有他用口琴演奏的著名经典乐曲,Ave Maria,You Raise Me Up,还有着契合目前圣诞气氛的Stille Nacht。与此同时,他的个人巡回表演的计划也已经形成。



German 44-year-old has been living on social relief to the Hilt (Michael Hirte) recently won the "super-talent award in 2008." Late last Saturday, the German RTL television programs into the final draft, Hilt harmonica with excellent performance to win in one fell swoop.迪特伯伦reviewers (Dieter Bohlen) also think that this is owned by the wing. As long as four hours in the program, Dr. Hilt applauded several times for even bet that if Hilt not win, he will "swallow up his jacket."

Renowned for their harsh words known in the evaluation of Chamberlain "super-talented Award" candidate when it is moderate and tactful, and the other two reviewers, and Sylvie van der Vaart also Bruce Darnell hesitate to praise the kind words addressed to them as "an angel on earth ""天籁之音"It is like outside," scenery. "

When the program two and a half hours later, Hilt out as the last runner, and he seems destined for a landslide victory. Song "Ave Maria" after a while the sky under the stars floating rain, as if by prior agreement of three judges stood up and extended his congratulations to the Hilt.

Chamberlain immediately said: "No one should be even more than you win." Hilt never succumb to the fate, it is "everyone vote for him."

Hilt is a "from street musicians to the stage." The former truck drivers were injured in a car accident, lost a leg and one eye. His wife also left him. In order to either look hard life, Hilt Street from time to time to walk a section of harmonica playing, the two make pocket money. Now, Hilt won a prize money of 100,000 euros, "the dream became a reality, and dazzling."

RTL According to statistics, about 6.1 million people watched the draft this profile shows, and even reached the peak period of 7.6 million, accounting for 14-49 year-old target audience group of 30.4%.

Michael Hirte For example, the dream has been achieved. Not just the super-talented Award and € 100,000 in prize money, more importantly, its first album "Der Mann mit der Mundharmonika" forthcoming. Album not playing his harmonica with a well-known classical music, Ave Maria, You Raise Me Up, there is a fit of the current atmosphere of Christmas Stille Nacht. At the same time, his personal tour of the plan performance has been formed.

Talented surprising is not sufficient to really shake people's minds is his attitude to life and insist that, in the face of their unfortunate experience, his wife left him, he did not give up, but rather to a strong and optimistic the face of everything, and use music to make their own beauty and happy life.

Physical defects do not mean anything, it is important to a healthy and sound mind.


01. Ave Maria
02. You Raise Me Up
03. Aber Heidschi Bumbeidschi
04. Morning Has Broken
05. Amazing Grace
06. We Have A Dream
07. Time To Say Goodbye
08. Guten Abend, Gute Nacht
09. Mull Of Kintyre
10. Bright Eyes
11. Bridge Over Troubled Water
12. Stille Nacht


Sara Noxx - Intoxxication

歌手名称:Sara Noxx
公司厂牌:Prussia Records

Sara Noxx - one of the award winners of 1997 ZILLO band contest - became almost over night a shooting star of the independent music scene.

Her debut album "Noxxious" and her single release "Society" soon guaranteed crowded dancefloors in alternative clubs and they still do today.

Her follow-up album "Paradoxx" (1998) is marked by electronic sounds, melancholic beats and lyrics full of end time romanticism. "Stupid" conquered Belgium's sales charts - her charts entry from zero to place 2 drew international attention on the German electro artist.

In 2001, after a three year break, "Exxtasy" was released. Sara for the first time really was able to present all the variety of her vocal timbre. Her songs, such as "Winter Again" and "Last Desire" became modern classics.

2003 was the time many scene relevant music magazines called the "Noxx Year". Sara once more entered new paths, released her instrumental album "Nonvoxx" which convinced even the last few sceptics when it was sold out within a very short time. In Autumn 2003 the album "Equinoxx" and the single cd "Colder & Colder" were released which claimed the no. 1 position of all European alternative charts for several weeks.

"Lyrixx", Sara's first book with poems of her, was published in Spring 2004 - it is a unique amalgamation of fear and love with poems both vulnerable and impeaching . Critics lavished her with compliments. Sara Noxx - a versatile artist one can expect to surprise again and again in the future.

In 2008 Sara Noxx released a 3CD set "XX-ray" including numerous new interpretations, remixes and duets but also a collection of multi lingual interpretations of her work.

The brand new album from Sara Noxx featuring the single "Superior Love". Intoxxication once more shows that the singer and lyricist Sara Noxx is an exceptional artist, leading her own path. In the intensity of the songs, ranging from ElectroClash to minimal electro influences, the artist creates her own sound, which is unique in the scene.

Driving beats meet floating keyboards, added to by the unmistakable and increasingly darkly erotic voice. The songs "Superior Love", "Deeper", "In Flame" and " Prepossessing" sta out like beacons. Hope, speed, obsession, disappointment and rage are the themes of " Intoxxication".
Accoustically fascinating electronic beats, assaults with sterile, metronomic bass and hypnotic vocals all combine to create a remarkable and exciting new aspect of Sara Noxx. The Intoxxication will come!



01. Flight 257
02. Deeper
03. Your Song
04. Heart In The Snow
05. So Much More
06. Superior Love
07. Was It
08. Prepossessing
09. Hymn
10. Prelude
11. Russian Dream
12. In Flame
13. Spuren
14. Just A Life
15. In Former Times
16. Berlin At Night

Unto Ashes - The Blood Of My Lady

乐队名称:Unto Ashes
专辑名称:The Blood Of My Lady
公司厂牌:Projekt Records
风格类型:Dark Folk/Neo-Folk/Neo-Class/Ambient


Unto Ashes另类中世纪民谣团体一直受到专业人士的热爱,他们的音乐迷离、神秘,充满异域风情,难以想象这样的音乐竟是出自美国乐团之手。乐队运用了大量的民族器乐、洋琴、胡琴、竖琴、阿拉伯及打击乐器,并结合了现代化的音乐结构和编排,营造出一种难以言状的奇妙氛围。他们的音乐不属于任何地方,任何时代,只属于他们创造出的空间中,一种来自虚幻空间的缥缈、奇幻之声。乐队名“Unto Ashes”取自17世纪英国诗人Fulke Greville的一句诗词“To all this glory unto ashes must”,意为世上所有的一切都将腐败、衰亡直至化为灰烬。然而Unto Ashes的音乐初听时并没有像它名字那样颓靡悲凉,相反还会有点轻快的感觉,但当你继续聆听下去的话,你会越陷越深,轻松的感觉会慢慢地被迷茫、忧伤和死寂所代替……

About Unto Ashes
"Unto Ashes, a neo-Medieval dirge band, are primarily focused on the exploration of beauty and terror in the realms of shadow and loss. They utilize acoustic and synthetic instruments to produce a foreboding gloom-scape of trance and drone; many of their songs are hauntingly beautiful, a dark harvest of abandonment and failure. Unto Ashes do in fact perform authentic Medieval music as well, but generally do so in a threatening, almost menacing way..."

unto ashes是Projekt旗下一支乐队,成立于1997年。乐队名“unto ashes”取自17世纪英国诗人Fulke Greville的一句诗词“To all this glory unto ashes must”,意为世上所有的一切都将腐败、衰亡直至化为灰烬。既富哲理,也代表了该乐队的音乐取向:迷离、忧伤和死寂。

乐队有4位成员:Michael Laird:乐队核心成员,负责众多乐器如各种洋琴、吉他、键盘、鼓及其它打击乐器以及部分vocal;Natalia Lincoln:键盘、vocal、词曲编写,客串洋琴及打击乐器;Ericah Hagle: 乐队主音。客串打击乐器及键盘。Ericah Hagle拥有优美、迂回飘渺的嗓音,可以听听她主音的 "Morte O Merce"、"Serve Me"、 "Glass"等歌曲。Jeremy Bastard: 吉他。

这是一个用全身心去创作音乐的团体,正如Michael Laird所说:“我们必须创作音乐,因为它是我们的祝福、是我们的诅咒、是我们的命运!没有音乐,我们每天都会死去!”…….令人无比敬佩!

乐队成员深受中世纪音乐及挪威黑金影响,其音乐题材采用了大多来源于哲理古诗和幻士诗词、融合了大量民族音乐元素并配以现代化的声响结构,使得其音乐既充满迷离、神秘的气氛,又富有异域风情。unto ashes的音乐由于配器清淡、旋律舒缓优美,所以初听会有点轻快的感觉,但当你静下心来细细品位的时候,你再也不可能找到轻松的感觉,只有颓废、迷茫、忧伤和死寂  


01. The Blood Of My Lady (Part 1) (3:29)
02. Who Has Seen The Wind (2:40)
03. Echos In Den Wald (4:41)
04. The Tomb Of Your Remains (2:52)
05. Vengeance (2:50)
06. I Will Lead You Down (3:16)
07. Our Palace Of Ice (1:50)
08. A Cold Wind (February) (3:21)
09. For All My Broken Promises (4:22)
10. The River And The Hawk (2:48)
11. Fly On The Windscreen (3:42)
12. The Blood Of My Lady (Part 2) (3:43)
13. She Is Everywhere And Nowhere (3:15)

Sara Lov - Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming

歌手名称:Sara Lov
专辑名称:Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming
公司厂牌:Nettwerk Records
风格类型:Indie Pop/Folk

Sara Lov出生于夏威夷,不久父母离异而后便被母亲带到洛杉矶生活,在4岁时又被父亲劫持到以色列,与一个国际逃犯一起生活了十年之后总算被她的叔叔带回了美国.....

Sara Lov seems to have emerged from the Hotel Café generation. Her light and fuzzy singer/songwriter songs are similar enough to Ingrid Michaelson, Sara Bareillis, and Lenka that it’s like they all decided at a slumber party in the late 80’s that they would be grow up to be famous singers and be best friends forever and Sara Lov is just the dark horse of the ranks (and I have no idea if they’re all BFFs or not). Lov hails from Los Angeles by way of Israel and Hawaii, and is a former member of the Devics, a dream pop band with a number of albums to their name. Here Lov ventures only a little ways from her dream pop roots and presents a lovely piano-based EP and full-length that is worth repeated visits.

Lov’s The Young Eyes EP opens with “New York”, a typical forlorn love song – we all have that friend from college we visit in New York and reminisce with about “the long ago.” Lov’s songs are relatable and though mellow in sound are not entirely made of despair and longing, though she does touch on those subjects. She breaks up the mellow with “Timebomb”, a perky but less discothèque Beck cover. While an excellent take, her Arcade Fire cover of “My Body is A Cage” is fabulous enough to overtake the rest of the EP. It has the same amount of emotion as the original without the need for much added instrumentation. Absolutely gorgeous.

Her follow-up full-length Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming (to be released in March) turns it up just a notch. It contains a more produced sound, but in essence retains the same spirit as her EP. The album starts out with “Just Beneath the Chords”, a very 1970’s-sounding ballad. “A Thousand Bees” has the feel of a lost George Harrison song with its arrangement and sage message. “Old Friends” is an obscure Simon & Garfunkel cover that is done so well and thoroughly claimed by Sara Lov it seamlessly flows with the rest of her original work. The title track is more updated and modern in sound, much more akin to the ladies of the Hotel Café, but doesn’t detract from the work as a whole. By the end track, “Fountain”, made familiar by it’s inclusion on an episode of “Bones”, one feels satisfied and enlightened.

This is a woman whose voice isn’t as affected as so many current female singers. She knows music and knows how to convey it properly. She has an almost child-like voice, but more commanding with her adult years. It’s not the over-powering wail so favored today, but a croon, a siren in the mythical sense. The frequent cello mixed with her voice give the EP especially a haunting feel, but not enough to make it dark cabaret or goth. Lov’s records are a lovely example of modern folk rock, with soothing instrumentals and vocals that portrays a certain mix of emotions, a certain maturity.

Overall there’s a retro feel to Sara Lov’s music. Her gentle use of slow chord progressions, light drums, and echoed riffs bring to mind early solo Beatles and the era of classic pop singer/songwriters. She doesn’t produce a full-on copy of the sound, but rather a revival and reference out of love for it. Her music reflects her voice – she is a girl who is emerging as a woman, and is coming to realize the differences of perspectives she thought of life from before. Lov has crafted a wonderful album of inspirational and relaxing songs that don’t jar or cajole but ease and comfort.



01.Just Beneath The Chords
03.A Thousand Bees
04.New York
05.Old Friends
06.Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming
09.Tell Me How