Theatre Breaks Loose - The Way This Works

乐队名称:Theatre Breaks Loose
专辑名称:The Way This Works

Theatre Breaks Loose, a pop/rock band from Oklahoma City has a simple cause, to make music people like you will love. Forming in December of 2008, Brandon, Matt, Zach, and Casey have been working on their first album "The Way This Works" for the past year. If your looking for something new, creative, and catchy than look no further, but be forewarned, the music of Theatre Breaks Loose will be stuck in your head for a quite long time. For more info check out myspace.com/theatrebreaksloose



1. For The Record
2. Slower
3. From The Get Go
4. See Me Through
5. Jessica
6. 1996
7. You And I

Picture Atlantic - Kleos

乐队名称:Picture Atlantic

"...while Picture Atlantic’s influences clearly lie in the British Isles, they avoid the trap of sounding like a Coldplay (or Keane, or Travis) cover act.Soaring melodies and euphoric riffs aplenty, but Picture Atlantic stakes their own claim."- Afreeman.org
"As the album came to an end, I couldn’t help but feel complete serenity. The combination of powerful rock anthems, piano ballads, and emotional lyrical melodies, created a demeanor of tranquility and peace for me. These guys have something unique and special about them as a band, their sound, and the way they combine the two. It’s a quality only found in driven individuals, and a trait only held by difference bands.But, I like that PA is a band who plays what they like, yet still create a universal sound in their own way. Not conforming to any musical status-quo, Picture Atlantic provides listeners with music that’s fresh, a bit different, and obtains a whole lot of style."



01 Dove in the Clefts of Rock
02 Muses3 Circe
04 Slip Into The Sea
05 Thats Just Me
06 The Sound of Thoughts in Limbo
07 Anytime/Coats of Armor
08 Dear Anne
09 Cassandra Castaway/Clytaemnestra
10 Wrapped Up
11 Young Pantheon
12 Air
13 The Softest PIcture
14 Come Back to Me


Ending in E - The Morning Of

乐队名称:Ending in E
专辑名称:The Morning Of
公司厂牌:Ending In E
风格类型:Rock/Pop/Pop Punk

Ending In E was formed in early 2006 and consists of band members Anthony Guarente (Vocals), Anthony Luciano (Guitar/Vocals), Steve Salvatore (Guitar/Vocals), Steve Millet (Bass), and Rob Salvatore (Drums). Hailing from the New York City area, Ending In E is quickly establishing themselves among the local scene. The band recorded and released their first EP, “What You Want,” in the early parts of 2007. After much anticipation, the band re-entered the studio in April 2008 to begin production on their first full-length album, “The Morning Of.” Ending In E released the album in March 2009. With a powerful blend of Pop-Punk and straight up Rock & Roll, the band is hoping to break out of the local scene and begin expanding their fan-base beyond the city limits.



01. Addiction
02. Best Friends
03. Wait
04. Just You
05. Wasted Breath
06. Crying
07. What You Want
08. I Still Believe
09. The Morning Of
10. Leaving
11. O.E.A.
12. Van Glory

Oi Va Voi - Travelling the Face of the Globe

乐队名称:Oi Va Voi
专辑名称:Travelling the Face of the Globe
公司厂牌:Oi Va Voi Recordings

Oi Va Voi’s third album ‘Travelling the Face of the Globe’ is the sound of a band absolutely at the top of their game. All the elements that the band has developed over the past five years are realised with new found confidence and independence. The band have returned to their roots, taken control of every aspect of their career and reunited with the Grammy award winning producers of “Laughter Through Tears”, Kevin Bacon and Jonathan Quarmby.

“Travelling The Face of the Globe” opens beautifully with the melancholic yet uplifting ‘Waiting’. Second song; ‘I Know What You Are’, showcases the wonderful, smoky vocals of lead vocalist Bridgette Amofah:“I look up at the sun rising, I know what you are”.
The album unfolds gradually as Steve Levi’s haunting vocal juxtaposes with violinist Anna Phoebe’s soaring violin work beautifully. Here is a band that is completely at ease with themselves and their position in the world of music.

In Amofah Oi Va Voi have found a singer that can use the power of her voice to dramatic effect and yet still remain vulnerable. Elements of Nina Simone and Shirley Bassey combine with a contemporary urban approach to create a sound all her own with the ability to touch and disarm.
On more up tempo songs such as the title track “Travelling The Face Of The Globe” and “Long Way from Home” trumpet player Dave Orchant and Levi play fiery klezmer/gypsy/Balkan lines while Amofah’s vocal and fly on top of the engine of the band’s driving rhythms – Josh Breslaw (drums) and Lucy Shaw’s (bass).

Nik Ammar’s beautiful picking guitar lines on Foggy day echo those found on songs like “7 Brothers” and “Ladino Song” from the “Laughter Through Tears” album.

In true Oi Va Voi tradition the new album also features wonderful guest vocal contributions. Agi Szaloki, who sang the haunting “Dissident” on the group’s second album; “Oi Va Voi” returns to feature on the Yiddish song “S’brent”. Inspired by the folk song of the late 1930s and 40s, “S’brent” tells of the horrors of a burning town whilst elders look on. Szaloki’s Yiddish vocals with their spine-chilling filmic quality drift across the Voi’s beautiful musical canvas.

Oi Va Voi have always been prepared to take risks and rip up the rule book. Legendary French singer Dick Rivers closes the album with the anthemic “Photograph”. His deep, world weary vocal resonates as he plays the part of Emile Zola reminiscing on his struggle to tell the truth of events during the Dreyfus affair 19th century in France.

In “Travelling the Face of the Globe”, Oi Va Voi have finally distilled the lives and influences of 7 Londoners. The band have melted the music of their heritage with the sounds of contemporary London and created songs that will touch and inspire.



02.I Know What You Are
03.Travelling The Face Of The Globe
04.Every Time
06.Magic Carpet
07.Dusty Road
08.Foggy Day
10.Long Way From Home
11.Stitches And Runs


Ute Lemper - Between Yesterday And Tomorrow

歌手名称:Ute Lemper
专辑名称:Between Yesterday And Tomorrow
公司厂牌:Phantom Sound & Vision
风格类型:Jazz/Pop/Vocals/Easy Listening
发行日期:March 4, 2008

Ute Lemper (born 4 July 1963) is a German chanteuse and actress renowned for her
interpretation of the work of Kurt Weill.



01.La Memoire De La Mer
02.Du Sang Et Des Plumes
03.Je Ne Sais Pas
04.Amis D Un Soir
05.The Greatest Ride
07.Ghosts in Berlin
08.Wings of Desire
10.Here is Love
12.September Mourn
13.Blood and Feathers

Stratovarius - Polaris

公司厂牌:Ear Music
风格类型:Melodic Power Metal

Timo Kotipelto - Vocals (1994-2004, 2005-) (Filthy Asses, Cain's Offering)
Matias Kupiainen - Guitars (2008-) (Fist in Fetus, The Sinkage)
Jens Johansson - Keyboards (1995-) (Art Metal, Johansson, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Dio, Silver Mountain, Adrin Barilari, The Johansson Brothers, Russell Allen's Atomic Soul, Mastermind (US))
Lauri Porra - Bass (2005-) (Gashouse Garden, Kotipelto, Sinergy, TunnelVision, Warmen, Almah)
Jrg Michael - Drums (1995-2004, 2005-) (Rage (Ger), Saxon, Grave Digger, Running Wild, Mekong Delta, Unleashed Power, Surgeon (Ger), Tom Angelripper, House of Spirits, Kaledon, Glenmore, Axel Rudi Pell, Beto Vzquez Infinity, Der Ri, Headhunter (Ger), Soulslide, Avenger (Ger), X-Mas Project, V2)



01. Deep Unknown
02. Falling Star
03. King of Nothing
04. Blind
05. Winter Skies
06. Forever Is Today
07. Higher We Go
08. Somehow Precious
09. Emancipation suite: I Dusk
10. Emancipation suite: II Dawn
11. When Mountains Fall
12. Deep Unknown (Mikko Raita Vinyl Mix)

My Favorite Highway - How To Call A Bluff

乐队名称:My Favorite Highway
专辑名称:How To Call A Bluff
风格类型:Pop Punk/Christian/Rock



01. Simple Life
02. Go
03. Say So
04. Getaway Car
05. Bigger Than Love
06. Dreamer
07. Bittersweet Life
08. What Are You Waiting For
09. The Chase
10. Entertain The Pain
11. Steel City
12. Forfeit (Acoustic Version)
13. Bigger Than Love (Acoustic Version)

Joanna Wang (王若琳) - Start From Here

歌手名称:Joanna Wang (王若琳)
专辑名称:Start From Here

Joanna Wang (Chinese: 王若琳, pinyin: Wáng Rùolín) is a Taiwanese singer-songwriter, daughter of famous music producer Ji-ping "Bing" Wang (王治平). Born in Taipei but raised in Los Angeles, Wang graduated from Gabrielino High School in 2006. Her debut album, Start From Here, was released in January 2008 as a double-disc set, one in English and the other in Chinese. The album reached #1 in Taiwan and has been popular throughout the Southeast Asian region. In June 2008, it was released in Japan.



01. Let's Start From Here
02. Lost in Paradise
03. As Love Begins to Mend
04. Bada Bada
05. Lost Taipei
06. The Best Mistake I've Ever Made
07. I Love You
08. For No Reason
09. Stages of Flying
10. True
11. New York State of Mind
12. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
13. We've Only Just Begun
14. Labyrinth (Chinese)
15. Your happiness (Chinese)
16. Because you love me (Chinese)
17. For No Reason (Chinese)

Ilse Delange - The Great Escape

歌手名称:Ilse Delange
专辑名称:The Great Escape
公司厂牌:Universal Music

Ilse Annoeska de Lange was born on May 13, 1977 in Almelo, Netherlands. She started her career at the age of 8 as a lip-synching artist, which won her several contests. DeLange drew greater attention after switching to a live repertoire in both regional and national talent shows in Hilversum (the Dutch city where most TV-programs are recorded). This helped her book some live-performances on national television. She formed a duo with guitarist Joop Liefland, who introduced her to country music.



01. Reach For The Light
02. The Lonely One
03. The Great Escape
04. Was It Love
05. I Always Will
06. Miss Politican
07. Don't Let You Go Of Me
08. Carry Hope
09. Waterfall
10. Far Away
11. I Love You
12. The Valley
13. When


The Eden House - Smoke And Mirrors

乐队名称:The Eden House
专辑名称:Smoke And Mirrors
风格类型:Gothic Rock

In The Eden House, there is no one singer. Just one intention; to create a coalition of beauty in music, vocals, talent and soul.

In this new collaborative project the core members are Stephen Carey, formerly of Ireland This Burning Effigy; and Tony Pettitt, formerly of the influential Fields of The Nephilim. With each song various accomplished musicians have been involved, bringing in their own unique talents and trademark sounds to produce the atmospheric debut album that is "Smoke & Mirrors".

The vocalists who have graced The Eden House to produce these darkly beautiful songs are Julianne Regan (All About Eve), Evi Vine, Amandine Ferrari and Monica Richards (Faith & The Muse). Also contributing are violinist Bob Loveday (Penguin Cafe' Orchestra, Van Morrison, as well as currently Bob Geldof's band), former Fields of The Nephilim Peter Yates, Nod Wright and Paul Wright, along with drummers Simon Rippin (Nefilim, NFD) and Bob Irwin (Johnny Cash, Van Morrison).



01. To Believe In Something
02. All My Love
03. Gods Pride
04. Reach Out
05. Trashed Treasure
06. Iron in the Soul
07. Fire for You
08. The Beauty of Science
09. The Dark Half
10. Sin

Brian Cullman - All Fires The Fire

歌手名称:Brian Cullman
专辑名称:All Fires The Fire

"“I started an album 8 or 9 years ago down in New Orleans, but never quite finished it. I got derailed by the various etceteras of life. Then, sometime in 2007, a friend who’d been a label executive called and said he’d been listening to tapes of the New Orleans’ sessions and wanted to release them. I was flattered, but it felt like old news. I got together with my friends from the band Ollabelle, and a sound started to take shape. I hadn’t been writing much, but new songs kept appearing, I’d stretch out my hand and they’d pull over, like a taxi. Once we got into the studio, we recorded as live as possible, just kept everything tied to the story and the feeling.”—Brian Cullman“….Quietly devastating. Like Leonard Cohen backed by Garth Hudsonand The Band.” Soundfile (UK)

“Brian Cullman is that rarest of singer-song-writer-instrumentalist-composers - an artist whose intelligence doesn't overwhelm his humanity; an artist whose sensitivity doesn't undercut the fierce mind at work. Cullmanknows the star stuff that we're made of; our nobility, and our treachery, the way we deceive ourselves -- how our greatest loves go unrequited, the funny way our tears turn into laughter -- and back again.” —Vernon Reid"



01. As A Man Gets Older
02. The Promise
03. Somebody Calling My Name
04. Missing You By Miles
05. Sweet Companion
06. No God But God
07. J'attends
08. Somewhere Else
09. The Secret Doors
10. Goodnight
11. In Return ~ Coda


Alondra Bentley - Ashfield Avenue

歌手名称:Alondra Bentley
专辑名称:Ashfield Avenue
公司厂牌:Absolute Beginners


Alondra Bentley,indie folk and Singer-songwriter from Spain.I spent most of the time to appreciate this album, it is amazing!"Ashfield Avenue" is a work that stands as a paragon of sensitivity, candor, feelings, moving between bittersweet textures and impressive.The future of this girl should be sweet,i can’t resist her voice, it is beautiful! I would like to hear this kind of music every day,Strongly recommend!



01. ...
02. Still Be There
03. Of All Living Creatures, Why A Human Being?
04. Meltdown
05. Som Things Of My Own
06. Sunglasses
07. Giants Are Windmills
08. Sugarman
09. I Feel Alive
10. Shine
11. The Petal House
12. Star For Mummy


Mika Sade - Mika Sade

歌手名称:Mika Sade
专辑名称:Mika Sade
公司厂牌:Anana Records



01. Mi Ani
02. Shkua BeAhava
03. Ten Li Livroah
04. Avar HaZman
05. Portugal
06. Kol Yom
07. Holehet LeIbud
08. Asur Lihiot Levad
09. Shomeret Makom
10. Shaat Laila Meuheret
11. Ulai Ze Rak Halom