Leslie Mills - Different for Girls

歌手名称:Leslie Mills
专辑名称:Different for Girls

Originally from Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, Leslie Mills got started in the New York band, To The Moon Alice (A&M) before heading to Nashville for the beginnings of her solo career. She wrote some songs for her own project, and also co-wrote the single Just Like Love for Peter Cetera, along with Rule The World for his album Another Perfect World in 2001.

She signed as a writer to Paul McCartney's publishing company MPL and received an Emmy Nomination for the song On My Own. Atlantic Records put out her debut album Different for Girls in 2003, and she was getting her songs into film soundtracks such as What A Girl Wants and White Oleander. She left Atlantic in 2004, and has since been working on her new album. Leslie is a featured artist as part of the 2009 Yanni Voices tour. Leslie has been writing and recording for the project for the past two years. A PBS Special about Yanni Voices (behind the scenes) began airing in Nov/December 2008. The tour kicked off with a special concert filmed Live at The Forum (Mundo Imperial) in Acapulco Mexico. This will be a television special airing in March 2009 on PBS. The U.S. Tour begins in April 2009.



01. Different for Girls
02. Walk Along
03. Violet
04. Swim
05. Be My Water
06. Radiowave
07. Making My Way
08. Good Life
09. Rule the World
10. I Can't Wait
11. Ready to Rain
12. Far from All the Tears
13. Wings
14. Circles Around the Sun


Corde Oblique - The Stones Of Naples

乐队名称:Corde Oblique
专辑名称:The Stones Of Naples

“The stones of Naples" (Prikosnovenie - Audioglobe 2009) è il quinto album del M.tro Riccardo Prencipe, il titolo è tratto dall'omonimo libro di Caroline Bruzelius, storica dell'arte dedita allo studio dell'architettura medievale a Napoli. Diplomato in chitarra presso il Conservatorio di Napoli San Pietro a Majella, Riccardo compone da sempre un tipo di musica che è l'osmosi tra la sua attività di storico dell'arte e quella di musicista; una "musica visiva" che spesso racconta e descrive luoghi, alcuni celebri, come il Barrio Gotico di Barcellona, o la Napoli antica; altri meno noti, come la Piscina Mirabilis (tra i monumenti più suggestivi e misconosciuti dei Campi Flegrei) e il castello medievale di Avella. Riccardo propone anche un arrangiamento in versione acustica del brano "Flying", degli inglesi Anathema. L'album è in formato slipcase, con booklet di 24 pagine che include traduzioni in inglese e italiano di tutti testi.



01.La quinta ricerca
02.venti di sale
03.Flower bud
05.Like an ancient black & white movie
06.La città dagli occhi neri
07.Nostalgica avanguardia
08.The quality of silence
09.Barrio Gotico
10.Dal castello di Avella
11.La gente che resta
12.Piscina Mirabilis

Pājaro Sunrise - Done/undone 2CD

歌手名称:Pājaro Sunrise
专辑名称:Done/undone 2CD

"El segundo disco de Pajaro Sunrise es un GRANDÍSIMO disco, una joya de pop y superfolk que picotea de cancioneros clásicos, tradiciones pasadas y pinceladas electrónicas para dar forma a un álbum que es una bendición."



CD 1:

01 Lil' Gunner
02 Come Down
03 Salt & Spoon
04 Beggar/lover
05 Disabled
06 Done
07 Eleven Days
08 Death of an Heir of Sorrows
09 Keep on Driving
10 The Things You Cherish Most
11 Drunk

CD 2:

01 Kinda Fantastic
02 Something else
03 Hungry Heart
04 Summerface
05 The King is Blue
06 Point of No Return
07 Better Leave
08 Young & Free
09 Perfect
10 Runnin' Anti- Clockwise for a Fall
11 Ruby Girl (Lullaby for Irene)

Annette - You Gotta Laugh

专辑名称:You Gotta Laugh
公司厂牌:La Montagne Secrete
风格类型:Pop/Folk Rock
发行日期:Mar 10, 2009

Singing in both French and English, Canadian singer songwriter Annette Campagne has worked with groups Folle Avoine and Hart Rouge, boasting an impressive list of accomplishments: Six albums, several radio hits and tours across Canada, Europe and the United States. Though mostly known in the French music industry in Québec, her first english solo album is in the works and set to be released in 2009. With her brand of pop/folk-rock music, some have compared her to the likes of Sheryl Crow and Shawn Colvin, two singer songwriters she particularly loves, but Annette has a style all her own, one she is only beginning to discover.

Some have described her music as “intelligent hip chick music”... 10 beautifully crafted Pop/rock songs written and composed by talented Canadian singer songwriter “Annette” and brought to life with the help of don db benedictson (Western Canadian music awards recipient and nominee)Annette’s songs weave intricately through life’s paradoxes with a mix of compassion, contemplative detachment, humour and straight “shoot from the hip ness” leaving one with a strangely refreshing sense of hope. Strong melodic hooks are brought to life by powerful vocal and musical performances (Davy Gallant, Daniel Roy, Gilles Fournier & Joey Landreth) With over 20 years experience (with group’s Hart Rouge and a solo career), this is Annette’s ninth major album project. She has toured extensively throughout Canada, the United States and Europe and shared the stage with the likes of Barney Bentall, Tom Cochrane, Patricia Conroy and Johnny Cash!



01. For What It's Worth
02. Let You Go
03. Life With You
04. Let Temptation Be
05. Only Forgiveness Knows
06. Freudian Slip
07. Sentimental Journey Home
08. Stay With Me
09. Life Has No Meaning
10. You Gotta Laugh


Dat Politics - Mad Kit

乐队名称:Dat Politics
专辑名称:Mad Kit
公司厂牌:Chicks On Speed Records

原來法國電子組合DAT Politics已經出道九年,早年他們玩奏一些Abstract味的Electronica,後來亦曾嘗試過8-Bit舞曲,轉投德國廠牌Chicks On Speed後,他們風格轉趨流行化,新專集《Mad Kit》更是典型Synth-Pop路線。

開場曲《Own Thing Part 1》是首高壓Electro作品,至於續集《Own Thing Part 2》曲調大至相同,不過變成較為輕盈的Synth-Pop,帶點歐陸浪漫色彩。《Freak Me Out》的鏗鏘Synth Riffs和傻氣男女對唱,近似Kitsune出品,而《Bad Dream Machine》那House味前奏像兒童版的Daft Punk,來到有主唱部分時,氣氛歡樂的Synth-Pop舞曲,有如The Human League上身。

《Magnetic Attraction》的頗皮Punky女聲,令人想起Shampoo、Bis等90年代中期的英國Pop Punk聲音。

DAT Politics愈老愈可愛,《The Wire》雜誌形容《Mad Kit》為「Bis翻玩Kraftwerk歌曲」,如此開心可愛的電子流行曲,的確貼切。



01. Own Thing (Part1)
02. Freak Me Out
03. Bad Dream Machine
04. Moving Like Dat
05. M.a.d.k.i.t
06. Magnetic Attraction
07. Wish Ya
08. Huff & Puff
09. Own Thing (Part2)
10. Step Back (AM/FM Mix)
11. Bloc Newton

Rising Shadows - Found In The Cold

乐队名称:Rising Shadows
专辑名称:Found In The Cold
公司厂牌:Twilight Records

The band originally started by Fredrik Klingwall as a one-man project under the name Shadow of the Concealed. Released one demo and then changed name into Rising Shadows in 1997. After a couple of demos the project was more or less on hold until vocalist Linda-li joined in 2004 and the new demo Horror Vacui was created.

In 2006 their first album Falling Deep Within was released by Twilight Records. The album featured songs rich with medieval and nordic folk influences. They also appeared on two compilation issued by fantasy label Waerloga Records.

For the recordings of the second album Found In The Cold in 2008 they were joined by former Katatonia bassist Guillaume Le Huche.



01. Vacui
02. Catharsis
03. The Leaving
04. Found In The Cold
05. Imagine The Place Of Nothingness
06. Like Fire
07. Fate Of Us All
08. Through The Lingering Past
09. The Carriage
10. Farewell
11. Nothing Left But The Memories
12. Return To The Winter Garden

Meindert Talma - Tamango

歌手名称:Meindert Talma
公司厂牌:Excelsior Recordings

Meindert Talma is a Dutch singer and keyboardist. He sings in Dutch as well as West Frisian, German and English. From 1996 until 2007 he recorded six albums with the Negroes: www.myspace.com/meinderttalmathenegroes - www.meinderttalma.nl In 2003, Talma recorded an album with the help of labelmates from Excelsior Recordings: Anne Soldaat (guitar), Jeroen Kleijn (drums), and Cor van Ingen (bass). This album was also accompanied by a book which appeared with publisher Thomas Rap. The covers of the book and the CD were created by Peter Pontiac. Titled KRIEBELVISJE, the album was released in March 2003. After seven albums containing Dutch and Frisian lyrics TAMANGO is Meindert Talma’s first English language project. Tamango is an intimate, poignant song cycle about The Tourist who takes his leave of his beloved Jackie Hall and subsequently abandons life itself. Tamango was performed with great succes at the Noorderzon festival in Groningen in 2006 (reviews at www.meinderttalma.com) During 2007 Talma recorded Tamango with Niels Steenstra at the Sound Base Studio in Groningen with the help of eleven musicians. Filmmaker René Duursma is now in the midst of making the movie Tamango, a 50 minute-film based on the music of Tamango. In april 2009 Excelsior Recordings will release the cd/dvd Tamango which will also be the starting point for Meindert Talma to perform Tamango in a clubtour in the Netherlands with the help of eight musicians (Jurgen Veenstra: leadvocals, Klaske Oenema: lead- and backingvocals, Floris te Boekhorst: cello, Jochem Kooi: cello, Laura ter Beek: violin, Nyk de Vries: guitar, Janke Brands: bass, Jan Pier Brands: drums)



01. Jackie's Gone
02. Tourist Arriving
03. Tamango
04. The Tourist Song
05. Wild Wild Jackie Hall
06. Glue Girl
07. I Do Not Crack
08. The Callgirl
09. Cry Like A Baby
10. Tourist Leaving
11. Tourist Dying
12. Goodbye Tamango

Abysmal Torment - Omnicide

乐队名称:Abysmal Torment
公司厂牌:Brutal Bands Records
风格类型:Death Metal/Hardcore

Rising out of the island of Malta, Abysmal Torment emerged as a violent death grind bullet destined to spread ear crushing brutality. Proud to stick to its roots, Abysmal Torment started late 2000 though under the name Molested. Although undergoing various line up changes, Abysmal Torment hit the stage for the first time in 2002. After a massive response, the band never looked back and shared the stage with various local and foreign bands. With a burning ambition to spread their sick music to a wider audience Abysmal Torment hit the studios for the first time in 2004 to record their debut MCD entitled INSICED WOUND SUICIDE, consisting of five “drum kit mashing, guitar shredding, vocal chord wrecking ultra fucking brutal death metal” tracks. Teufels tomb.

This proved to be a new fresh start for Abysmal Torment as they started building up a positive reputation world wide, receiving many encouraging reviews and nothing less than a 3 year album deal with underground label Brutal Bands (US). Their first release under brutal bands was the re-release of Incised Wound Suicide. Musically Abysmal Torment relies on speed stimulated tempos, breakdowns and a dual assault of varying gurgling vocals. A glance at the lyrical content illustrates that there is no ordinary gory mentality at work here and the knowledgeable treatment of the subject matters add more depth to the Abysmal Torment mix. The band had been writing new material since the recording of their MCD and 2005 proved to be no exception but another hard-working year for the band as they came up with 10 brand new tracks which were recorded at Temple Studios (Malta) together with producer/engineer David Vella. This 45 minute assault of aural butchery was to be the bands first full length album entitled EPOCH OF METHODIC CARNAGE, featuring artwork from extremely talented Tony Koehl. The album was released through Brutal Bands in February 2006. This was to be distributed through all major labels in Europe, US and the rest of the world destined to take the band to the next level.

Summer 2006 was a huge dissapointment for Abysmal Torment as we had to cancel our full blown american tour w/BENEATH THE MASSACRE, NEURAXIS and VICTIMAS were we also had festivals such as THE GATHERING OF THE SICK and CENTRAL ILLINIOS METAL FEST. These all had to be cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control!!
New material began to take shape throughout early 2006/7, as well as opportunities for touring. After heading to Italy for the SOUTH EXTREEM NOISE FESTIVAL in Summer 2007, Abysmal Torment invaded Europe with a 23 date tour in nothing less than 12 COUNTRIES together with Sanatorium in Oct/Nov, exposing the band to many new fans and headlining fests such as the LUDWIGSHAFEN DEATHFEST, SLOVAK DEATHFEST and LUZERN DEATHFEST. A short while after this tour Abysmal Torment flew to Holland to headline yet another deathfest, the DRACHTEN DEATHFEST.

2008 was another hardworking year which saw the band record their 3rd and highly anticipated album, OMNICIDE, plus appearing in a number of shows and also headlining the HELLVETIA FESTIVAL in Switzerland. Omnicide was then released and distributed world wide under Brutal Bands in April 2009.

Abysmal Torment are currently writing new explosive material which will be recorded later on this year, plus playing in a number of live shows supporting the release of OMNICIDE such as the NRW DEATHFEST in Germany.

The band will continue to spread this extreme music and continue to pummel all horizons…welcome to Abysmal Torment’s world.



01 Nefast Omen
02 Omega
03 Colony of Maggots
04 Supreme Tyrant in Putrescence
05 Scorched Beneath Flaming Wings
06 Embalmment
07 Gestation of Malevolence
08 Chronicles of Gouged Eyes
09 Recursive Hatred
10 Rinsed in Shreds
11 A Glimpse in the Cesspit


Melina Kana - Mono Kokkino

歌手名称:Melina Kana (ΜΕΛΙΝΑ ΚΑΝΑ)
专辑名称:Mono Kokkino (ΜΟΝΟ ΚΟΚΚΙΝΟ)




Greek alphabet:

08. ΚΑΡΟ

ΕΛΣΑ ΠΑΖΗ-ΜΕ ΜΑΛΩΝΩ [Elsa Pazi - Me Malwnw]

歌手名称:Elsa Pazi
专辑名称:Me Malwnw

Κυκλοφορεί από την REAL MUSIC η πρώτη δισκογραφική δουλειά της Έλσας Πάζη με γενικό τίτλο “Με μαλώνω”.Το CD Single αποτελείται από 5 τραγούδια σεστίχους Γιάννη Παπαϊωάννου και μουσική Γιώργου Ιωαννίδη, ενώ ένα τραγούδι είναι σε σύνθεση και στίχο του Πάνου Νίκου.Την Έλσα την γνωρίσαμε μέσα από το Fame story 4 όπου είχε ξεχωρίσει αλλά και από την πολύχρονη πορεία της στις πίστες. Σταμάτης Γονίδης , Αντύπας , Θέμης Αδαμαντίδης, Πέτρος Ίμβριος και Σπύρος Σπυράκος είναι ορισμένοι από τα μεγάλα ονόματα που έχει συνεργαστεί στην καριέρα της!Τώρα στην καλύτερη φάση της καριέρας κυκλοφορεί την πρώτη της δισκογραφική δουλειά. Καλή Ακρόαση!



01.An De Me Agapises [ΑΝ ΔΕ ΜΕ ΑΓΑΠΗΣΕΣ]
02.Otan Pinw Se Thymamai [ΟΤΑΝ ΠΙΝΩ ΣΕ ΘΥΜΑΜΑΙ]
03.Arketa [ΑΡΚΕΤΑ]
04.Me Malwnw [ΜΕ ΜΑΛΩΝΩ]
05.De Thelw Agapes (Astati) [ΔΕ ΘΕΛΩ ΑΓΑΠΕΣ (ΑΣΤΑΤΗ)]

λαμπρου βερα -ποια αμαρτια [Vera Lamproy - Poia Amartia]

歌手名称:Vera Lamproy
专辑名称:Poia Amartia
公司厂牌:Sony-BMG Greece



01.Poia Amartia [ΠΟΙΑ ΑΜΑΡΤΙΑ]
02.Agori Moy Trelo [ΑΓΟΡΙ ΜΟΥ ΤΡΕΛΛΟ]
03.Den Ftanei to Nini [ΔΕΝ ΦΤΑΝΕΙ ΤΟ ΝΙΝΙ]
04.Eimai Firma [ΕΙΜΑΙ ΦΙΡΜΑ]
05.Svise Me Apo Ta Oneira Soy [ΣΒΗΣΕ ΜΕ ΑΠΟ ΤΑ ΟΝΕΙΡΑ ΣΟΥ]
06.Paizeis Me Ti Fwtia [ΠΑΙΖΕΙΣ ΜΕ ΤΗΝ ΦΩΤΙΑ]
07.Ekriksi [ΕΚΡΗΞΗ]
08.Aimorragw (Dave Mix) [ΑΙΜΟΡΡΑΓΩ(DANCE MIX)]
09.Kolasi [ΚΟΛΑΣΗ]
10.Gynaika Dilitirio (Dance Mix) [ΓΥΝΑΙΚΑ ΔΗΛΗΤΗΡΙΟ(DANCE MIX)]

Rusted Root - Stereo Rodeo

歌手名称:Rusted Root
专辑名称:Stereo Rodeo
公司厂牌:Touchy Pegg under license to DKE Records
风格类型:Alternative Rock

Their seventh album and first studio release since 2002's "Welcome To My Party" explores a variety of musical styles, crossing and merging genres. Says lead vocalist and guitarist Michael Glabicki, "Labeling is dangerous and limiting. We are a band made up of individual musicians who come together to create music. Call it what you want, but we are simply creating music that has a message." That message has been resonating with fans for nearly twenty years.



01. Dance In The Middle
02. Suspicious Minds
03. Weary Bones
04. Bad Son
05. Give You The Grace
06. Driving One
07. Stereo Rodeo
08. Driving Two
09. Animals Love Touch
10. Garbage Man
11. Crucible Glow

Belsy - Lust Auf Sommer

专辑名称:Lust Auf Sommer
公司厂牌:Mcp/Vm (MCP Sound & Media)
风格类型:Pop Folk

Am 23.12.1984 wurde ich in Indien geboren und mit einem Jahr von meinen Adoptiveltern Erika und Raimund Demetz aus Wolkenstein in Gröden adoptiert. Sie schenkten mir im Herzen der Dolomiten ein neues Zuhause. Dafür werde ich ihnen immer unendlich dankbar sein. Bald entdeckte ich dann meine Liebe zur Musik und das Singen wurde zu meiner größten Leidenschaft und zum Ausdruck meiner Lebensfreude. Mit 7 Jahren nahm ich am internationalen Kinderfestival „Zecchino d‘Oro“ teil, trat dann dem „Cor di Mutons de Selva“ bei und auf der CD „Bon Nadel“ konnte man erstmals meine Stimme hören. 2002 durfte ich dank meines Produzenten Luis Stuflesser im Kongresszentrum Wolkenstein meine erste Solo-CD „Alles was von Herzen kommt“ vorstellen. Meine Lieder verstehen sich als musikalischer Brückenschlag zwischen Volksmusik und volkstümlichem Schlager und sind ein Wechselspiel von romantisch sanften Balladen und rhythmisch eingängigen Schlagermelodien. Nach mehreren regionalen Auftritten im Pustertal wurde mein Auftritt auf dem Open-Air der Kastelruther Spatzen am 15.06.2002 in Kastelruth vor 7.000 Zuschauern zum Höhepunkt meiner damals noch jungen Karriere.



01. Sterne, Die's Gar Nicht Gibt
02. Immer Wieder
03. Suma - Das Lied Der Weissen Taube
04. Lust Auf Sommer
05. Lass' Deine Traeume Schweben (Duett Mit Graziano)
06. Ich Fall' Auf Den Himmel Zu
07. Wenn Fernando Dann Geige Spielt
08. Komm' und Spiel' Mit Mir Gitarre
09. Klopf' Drei Mal
10. Wir Gratulieren (Geburtstagslied)
11. Von Indien Nach Ladinien (Duett Mit Ladiner)
12. Wahre Freunde

Faryl Smith - Faryl

歌手名称:Faryl Smith
公司厂牌:UCJ Music

Faryl Smith (born 1995 in Kettering, England) is an English child singer from Kettering who rose to fame after auditioning for the second series of the ITV television talent show Britain's Got Talent in 2008, performing as a mezzo-soprano. She received praise throughout the competition, and although she was the favourite to win after the second round, she finished outside the top three in the live final on the 31 May. During the competition, she received singing lessons from Yvie Burnett and received offers from various record labels. After the show, she rejected offers of contracts from Sony BMG, although she did appear on fellow finalist Andrew Johnston's debut album One Voice.

Smith signed a contract with Universal Classics and Jazz for a £2.3 million in December 2008, the largest ever granted to a schoolgirl. Her debut album, Faryl, was recorded in December 2008 and January 2009, and was released in March 2009. Faryl became the fastest selling solo classical album in British chart history, selling 29,200 copies in the first week. It debuted at number 6, but rose to number 4 in the following week, making Smith the third Britain's Got Talent contestant to have a top ten album. Smith lives with her parents in Kettering, where she attends Southfield School for Girls.



01. Amazing Grace
02. The River Of Light (Blue Danube)
03. Ave Maria
04. Annie's Song
05. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
06. Mother Of God, Here I Stand
07. Shenandoah
08. Brahms' Lullaby
09. Calon Lan
10. How Can I Keep From Singing
11. Somewhere
12. The Way Old Friends Do


Delay Trees - Soft Construction EP

乐队名称:Delay Trees
专辑名称:Soft Construction EP

We are Delay Trees.
We play tender pop songs that will melt your ears.
Our debut release ‘Soft Construction’-EP was released in early 2009.
Listen to some samples and send us your goodness.



01. Desert Island Song
02. About Brothers
03. Moving
04. Coral Wind
05. Tarantula/Holding On
06. Replay
07. Resurrection Of Sonic Blue

イラナ(Yilana) - 永远の草原 (Eternal Horizon)

专辑名称:永远の草原 (Eternal Horizon)
公司厂牌:EMI Music Japan
风格类型:Folk/World/New Age
压缩比率:320 Kbps/MP3

She was born in Khorchin district, big grassland, and east direction of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Her mother is dancer and father is wrestling coach (Greco Roman Type) and expert player of string that is Mongolian’s traditional instrument. When child, she grew up with monad of Khorchin district. At that time, she was already interested in music, such as humming her own song and playing the instrument (four strings, similar to erfu) with which she was familiar.

She moved to her parent’s home when she was five and began playing Morin khuur when she was six. She could play any music instruments, such as piano, violin, yanggin and goochon, but challenged to play Morin khuur because of one reason was few female could play it and another reason was Morin khuur was Mongolian’s traditional instrument. She had a dream to be a famous player and practiced hard. Therefore, she made a figure from those days which significant sample was that she got championship of Lanzhou young music contest.

After graduated at elementary school, she moved alone to Hohhot that was Mongol’s capital city and entered into’ Inner Mongolia Art College junior high school’. While taking entrance exam, the teachers admired her talent. Therefore, she was already famous before she entered the school. She studied under Dalma who was master of Morin khuur and she appeared Shokun Music Festival as the representative of the school. At the same time of studying Morin khuur, she made band which members were students. She was a leader, singer and Morin khuur player. Other members were drum, bass and keyboard players. The band played the various types of music.



イラナ (Yilana)





参于聚集了亚洲女性音乐家的CD专辑“ASIAN MUSE 亜细亜的女神”(东芝EMI)的录制工作。同年9月开始在日本固定活动。











01.プロローグ (Prologue)
02.Eternal Horizon -苍き空の果て-
03.グレート.キャラバン ~父の大地~(Caravan from the land of his father)
04.母の星(Mother's songs)
05.草原の祈り(Grassland prayer)
06.スーホの白い马(White Suho)
07.Angel Song
08.My Wish
09.郑和 -伟大なる旅人-(The great travelers)
10.天上の风(No wind in the sky)

Zeigeist Zero - Dead To The World

乐队名称:Zeigeist Zero
专辑名称:Dead To The World
公司厂牌:Zeitgeist Zero
风格类型:Alternative/Industrial/Gothic Rock

Zeitgeist Zero have been described as one of the most exciting and fastest growing bands in the alternative music scene. Influences include everything from the big band jazz of Al Bowlly and the blues of Bessie Smith through to the rock 'n' roll of the 50's, punk and new wave bands of the late 70's through to the electronics of Depeche Mode and the Prodigy through to the metal of Danzig and Rammstein. Often compared to Blondie or early Garbage, Zeitgeist Zero play edgy, progressive music with a rock 'n' roll attitude. Lyrically personal experiences are drawn upon to write original, emotional songs whilst maintaining a balance of catchy hooks and sing-a-long melodies. Teresa Dead (Vocals) and Corin Zero (Guitars, Synths, Programming) formed Zeitgeist Zero in early 2003. They were later joined by Kerry Von Null (Keyboards, Drums, Backing Vocals) and quickly gained a reputation for their exciting and energetic live shows. Over the next two years they played numerous shows throughout the UK and appeared on both 'Sick Twisted Individual - Volume 1' and 'Dark Salvation - Volume 1' compilations. 2005 saw the band release their self produced debut album to international critical acclaim, leading to appearances along with cover disc tracks in several international magazines including; Sonic Seducer, Zillo, Kaleidoscope, Unscene, Devolution, Insomnia and TWF. The same year, the band were also interviewed live on Crush FM and interviewed by the renowned journalist/music author Mick Mercer as well as appearing at the ground breaking Beyond The Veil III festival in their hometown of Leeds, UK.

In 2006 Zeitgeist Zero kept up the pace with several more radio interviews including BBC Radio 6 and Dark Assimilation, followed by a string of festival appearances including the huge Wave Gotik Treffen (150 bands , 25,000 people) in Leipzig, Carnival of Souls in Derby and Woolstock in Leeds. Continuing into 2007 with appearances at Dark City Festival in Edinburgh & Gotham Festival at the Islington Academy, London, the band have maintained an outstanding reputation for winning audiences over with their energy and passion. In 2007 the band added live video projection to their stage show to create an intense, audio-visual experience leaving audiences transfixed.

In 2008 the band recorded their second album "Dead To The World" enlisting the skills of John Fryer (HIM, NIN) to mix and John Dent (Goldfrapp) for mastering. With an increased confidence and a superior recording quality and technique the second album revels in the glamour of the 40's and 50's with eye-catching photography and album design.

In late 2008 the band were joined by Bex Noire on bass guitar and backing vocals and in early 2009 James Grave replaced Kerry on synths and backing vocals.

In April 2009 Zeitgeist Zero launched their second album “Dead To The World,” were featured in the book “Music to Die For” by Mick Mercer and confirmed to play the main venue at the legendary Whitby Gothic Weekend in the same month.



01. Heart To Black
02. Party For One
03. It's Not Easy Being Strange
04. My Heart (Has Left The Building)
05. The Broken
06. Grudge
07. Big Bad Wolf
08. Caress
09. Dance Of The Fallen
10. Unlucky 13
11. Blood

Rachel Scott - Resolution

歌手名称:Rachel Scott
公司厂牌:Tent Creative Group
发行日期:April 21, 2009

People in Nebraska know and love Rachel Scott as their once representative in the Miss America Competition. Rachel has since been spreading a passion for Jesus Christ through her endearing songs and captivating voice. Her debut Tent Creative Group release titled "Resolution" is comprised of hope-filled songs that focus on restoring relationships through grace.

The beauty in walking out this faith is that I know and love a God and Savior who is infinite. He will always intrigue, always compel, always make new. I will never come to his end. Though this is true, I have had a resolution in the past few years. I do see Him a little clearer now, I do know Him a little better now, I absolutely love Him with Deeper measure now. This place of resolve has helped make sense of trial in my life, and has answered some deep questions of my heart. He is a good and loving God, This music on various levels comes from that place. Thank you Jesus for the endless mercy that follows me, and the grace you give me to do this at all.



01. Life Won't Pass Me By
02. SevenFifteen
03. The Least Of These
04. Resolution
05. So Good
06. On The Earth
07. Depending On You
08. It's There
09. Come Back To Love
10. I Wonder

Mediaeval Baebes - Illumination

乐队名称:Mediaeval Baebes
公司厂牌:Queens Of Sheba

The Mediaeval Baebes have established a legendary reputation for themselves by reviving ancient text and song and turning historical fantasy into reality for the pleasure of a modern audience. The band was formed in 1996 by Katharine Blake, the lead singer of the avant garde gothic rock band, Miranda Sex Garden, and quickly found success in 1997 with their debut album, Salva Nos, which was certified Silver within weeks of release and was Virgin Classics fastest selling debut album. The bands 1998 follow-up, Worldes Bylsse, blazed into the Classical Charts at No.1 to widespread, critical acclaim. July 05 saw them return with their fifth studio album, Mirabilis, which is already considered by some to be their finest work to date.

Recognised as the originators of a new breed of acts responsible for spicing up the classical world, the Mediaeval Baebes have always pushed the boundaries in terms of attitude and musical approach. A provocative collective of beautiful maidens, the Baebes comprises six young women vocalists, composers, instrumentalists and dancers - from all corners of the globe, who delight in their reputation for wantonness whilst singing songs from an age of innocence.

跟他们的名字一样,他们的音乐自然以中世纪音乐为主线,在众多的歌特乐团里,他们也有自己鲜明的特色,由一群貌美的姑娘组成,用古英语和拉丁文演唱沙士比亚年代的诗篇,专门演绎中世纪古曲的古乐合唱团.这样形式的合唱团风格更接近于New Age,少了金属和电子的成分,擅长以女声来渲染中世纪的迷情



01. Desert Rose
02. Suscipe Flos Florem
03. The Blacksmiths
04. To the One
05. Miracle
06. I Sing of a Maiden
07. The Undivided
08. Ecce Chorus Virginum
09. Mad Song
10. My Lady Sleeps
11. Yonder Lea
12. Till A' the Seas Gang Dry
13. Sunrise
14. La Belle Dame Sans Merci
15. Swete Jhesu, King of Blisse (limited edition bonus track)
16. Myrie Songen (limited edition bonus track)

Flea Market Poets - Dirty Days

乐队名称:Flea Market Poets
专辑名称:Dirty Days
公司厂牌:Lemontree Records

We will sing for a generation not yet sung for before, We will infect the internet and bypass your record store Uh Huh!

The Flea Market Poets are an eclectic American rock band with roots in Austin (TX) and Baltimore (MD). The band consists of Jason Serious on lead vocals, guitar and keyboards, Christian Chapman on drums, Michael Behnke on bass, Brian Reno on guitars and synths, Grainne McMenamin on backing vocals and Dylan Masells on guitars, bass and percussion. The Poets play a melodic brand of rock occasionally crossing over into Punk and Americana. Think: Radiohead jamming with Wilco down the pub, Eddie Vedder bumping into Beck at the corner store, the Ramones in a knitting circle with Neil Young (he does knit, we are assured). Known for versatility and intuitive songwriting, the band can capture and engage diverse audiences, in rock clubs and festivals as well as in more intimate unplugged settings. In 2007 the band caught the attention of Brit Award winning producer Pete Briquette (Bob Geldof, the Frames, Tricky) who then went on to produce their first single “Captain Nate” which is continually growing in popularity on iTunes. Briquette in turn introduced Bob Geldof to the Poets and their music and he is now regarded as one of the band’s most high-profile fans. After a successful mini-tour of German cities in 2008, culminating in their very well received performance at the Tollwood Summer Festival in Munich, the band went back into the studio to finish their debut album Dirty Days. The album will be distributed in Europe by Rough Trade and will be available in stores and online from March, 2009.



01. Dirty Days
02. Annie Superstar
03. Leaver Her Alone
04. Captain Nate
05. 100% Confused
06. The Indie Rock Imperative
07. Black Heart
08. Wigstd4u?
09. Jessies Reel
10. Uh Huh
11. Uneven
12. Revolution
13. Personal Sun

Casino Royal - 36:45

乐队名称:Casino Royal

Debut record from this new band that comes from Figueira da Foz.
Casino Royal make some beautiful electronic / lounge music that brings us to the 007 imaginary (the name of the band is not just a coincidence).
Enjoy it and support one the revelation bands 2009 is bringing to our ears!



01. Deluxe Casino Royal
02. I Can't Get Free
03. Don't Play With Me
04. Now That I'm Blond
05. Another Sunday Mornin
06. Why Can't We Go Away
07. Cold Morning
08. Vouz M'Aimes?
09. Electric Bambolina
10. I'm Looking Back
11. Lonely Player

Black Stone Cherry - Folklore And Superstition

乐队名称:Black Stone Cherry
专辑名称:Folklore And Superstition
公司厂牌:Roadrunner Records
发行日期:August 19, 2008

About Black Stone Cherry
Deep down in Louisiana, close to New Orleans, rang like a Sunday morning church bell, calling on saints and sinners alike to free their minds and become part of the revolution. They came out of the Southern swamps, the California desert, the working class towns of the Midwest and all along the East Coast. Loud guitars and larger than life drumming came together with storytelling poetry. Rebel-ism gave birth to rock “n’ roll. Every few years or so, a special batch comes up from the ground, to serve as a beacon. Black Stone Cherry has arrived with their second Roadrunner Records release, Folklore and Superstition due out August 19.

"There is a mystique with folklore and superstition," says Black Stone Cherry drummer John Fred Young. "We're intrigued by and interested in history, roots and heritage, and we incorporate that into the band." The ability to tell compelling stories and lyrical tales isn't the only thing that Black Stone Cherry brings to the table. The band can churn out riffs that'll put hair on your chest. They crank out choruses that are fit for a fist-raising rebel rousing and still keep the beauty of a Sunday morning back porch service. Folklore and Superstition isn't just a Southern rock record. It's an American rock n’ roll record.

The album is a timeless work by American pied pipers destined to take their music from the back roads of America to the four corners of the globe. "We are taking Southern tradition and giving a taste to the rest of the world," says bassist/vocalist Jon Lawhon.
Black Stone Cherry didn't stray too far away from home to record the album. The band wrote all the songs in the infamous Practice House, an old farmhouse used by John Fred’s father and uncle to write Grammy winning albums for The Kentucky Headhunters. A song like “Soul Creek” fills the room with its vintage arena rock sound yet was born where the band held bonfires around a creek across the road.

The band enlisted famed rock producer Bob Marlette (Ozzy, Shinedown) and headed to Nashville’s Blackbird Studio that has housed everyone from Kid Rock to The Raconteurs, just 85 miles from their hometown of Edmonton, Kentucky. “We incorporated regional sounds into the mix throughout the album,” says Young. The band used turkey calls, a banjo and a washtub basin, among other things. Jon Lawhon recalls, "I made a washtub bass out of a tub, a broom handle and nylon rope!" Clearly, the band shyed away from absolutely nothing when it came time to explore and experiment. "We didn't want to leave any door unopened while recording," says guitarist/vocalist Ben Wells.

Years of touring in support of their self-titled debut helped inspire and direct Black Stone Cherry's worldview when it came time to write the new album. The band traveled extensively outside the United States during the tour cycle on their 2006 self-titled debut. This allowed them to stretch their creative muscle and flap their musical wings even higher, with songs like "Please Come In" and “Sunrise” that show the band's growth and diversity.

"This album has allowed us to dig deep into our roots," continues Young. "It also shows the influences of the songwriting. Our band is a positive band and we try to write songs that are uplifting. We also have a very big storytelling side which comes through on the songs 'Ghost of Floyd Collins’ and ‘Reverend Wrinkle.’"

Vocalist/guitarist Chris Robertson reflects on the process, saying, “Starting out as a band seven years ago, with high hopes and even bigger dreams, I honestly believe this record shows the experience of our past travels, and gives a hint of the future. It captures all the energy and heart that make up Black Stone Cherry. We took some chances on this album and I believe that our fans will appreciate seeing the other sides of the band that they may or may not have known existed.”

Guitarist/vocalist Ben Wells comments on the band’s expansion of its sound and subject matter, saying "The songwriting took on a life of its own, as the structures of the songs themselves have grown so much from touring. We have so much more to talk about and can use the things we picked up musically.” He admits the band also kept the ladies in mind this time around, recalling, “On the last album, girls would come up to us and say, 'You have songs for guys, so where are our songs?’ So we have a song called 'You' on this album, which is a timeless ballad."

The band’s family and friends are another influence. "Long Sleeves" is told from the viewpoint of a friend who took part in the battle of Mogadishu as featured in the film “Black Hawk Down,” while "Things My Father Said" is a ballad that hits home with people from all walks of life.

From the eerie swagger of “Devil’s Queen” to the tell tale rocker “Blind Man” to the triumphant stomp of the anthem “Soul Creek,” Black Stone Cherry say the trick to Folklore and Superstition is simply brotherhood, family, friends and home; no more, no less.



01. Blind Man
02. Please Come In
03. Reverend Wrinkle
04. Soulcreek
05. Things My Father Said
06. The Bitter End
07. Long Sleeves
08. Peace Is Free
09. Devil's Queen
10. The Key
11. You
12. Sunrise
13. Ghost of Floyd Collins



Ania Stepniewska is a vocalist from Poland. In 2002, after graduating from a secondary music school, where she had played the piano, Anna was admitted to The Jazz and Popular Music Department of Musical Academy in Katowice, Poland. In June 2006 she finished her vocal studies and graduated from the Academy. In October 2006, Anna won The Vocal Competition of The Fifth International Jazz Struggle in Szczecin, Poland. International jury, including musicians form the States: saxophonist Billy Harper and vocalist Judy Bady, and, representing Poland, Miecz Szczesniak, decided to give her the main prize, which was a contract for an own record. Anna is the laureate of The International Jazz Vocalists’ Meetings in Zamosc, Poland, in 2001, she also received an Individual Prize during the 32nd Old Jazz Meeting Festival in Ilawa, Poland, in 2002. She also took part in some musical events abroad, e.g.: Blue Boat Jazz Festival 2005 (Rugen, Germany), Saulkrasti Jazz Festival 2006 (Latvia). Cooperating with RGG Trio she has performed on Smart Jazzpol Festival and NewCooperation Jazz Festival. Anna Stepniewska is not only a jazz vocalist. For a few years, she worked with a band called Fizz The Fire, playing neosoul. In March 2005 the band played a concert in the Sala Kongresowa in Warsaw, supporting British funk music stars – The Brand New Heavies. In July 2008 she played concert in Szczecin, supporting



01. Po Prostu sł. Miłosz Wośko muz. Anna Stępniewska, Miłosz Wośk
o2. Już można sł. Miłosz Wośko muz. Anna Stępniewska i Miłosz Wośk
o3. Na pustyni Sł. Miłosz Wośko Muz. Anna Stępniewska i Milosz Wośk
o4. Jak daleko sł. Miłosz Wośko muz. Miłosz Wośk
o5. Cokolwiek się stanie sł. Miłosz Wośko muz. Miłosz Wośk
o6. Niecały czas sł. Tomasz Wachnowski muz. Anna Stępniewska
07. Codziennie sł. Milosz Wośko muz. Anna Stępniewska i Miłosz Wośk
o8. Na mojej drodze sł. Milosz Wośko muz. Anna Stępniewska i MiłoszWośk
o9. Byłam sł. Tomasz Wachnowski muz. Miłosz Wośko
10. Warto sł. Milosz Wośko muz. Anna Stępniewska i Miłosz Wośko
11. Szary sł. Milosz Wośko muz. Anna Stępniewska i Miłosz Wośko
12. Palcem pisane sł. Janusz Onufrowicz muz. Miłosz Wośko

13 .Besame Mucho Sł. i muz. Consuelo Velázquez
14 . Dancing Queen sł. i muz. Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, Agnetha Fältskog i Anni-Frid Lyngstad


Bif Naked - The Promise

歌手名称:Bif Naked
专辑名称:The Promise
公司厂牌:International Arts Music
风格类型:Alternative Rock/Punk

Bif Naked (born Beth Torbert on June 15, 1971) is a Juno Award-winning Canadian rock singer-songwriter, poet, cartoonist, and actress.

Bif Naked was born in New Delhi, India to teenage parents attending private school. She was subsequently adopted by American missionaries.She spent part of her childhood in Lexington, Kentucky, where her father was a professor at the University of Kentucky. After living for a time in Dauphin, Manitoba, her family eventually settled in Winnipeg.She graduated from John Taylor Collegiate and studied theatre at the University of Winnipeg.

A noted poet, she has also released a spoken word album. She is heavily tattooed, getting her first, an Egyptian Eye of Horus, when she was 16. Her tattoos include a symbol of the Tao, Japanese writing, Buddhist poetry and images (such as the Bodhisattva), and Hindu imagery, she has stated on MTV that her favorite tattoo, on her left arm, reads "Survivor." Naked is also a comic cartoonist.

Bif Naked has always been frank about her bisexuality, and the lyrics of her autobiographical songs (such as her 1995 hit "Everything") detail her attractions to and relationships with men and women. She is also a strict raw food vegan for health (as opposed to ethical or religious) reasons. She identifies as straight edge.

She was diagnosed with a heart aneurysm, but corrective surgery was ruled out. Her song "Everyday," from her album Superbeautifulmonster, is in part a response to that experience. Bif married her drummer, became pregnant, and later had an abortion. She wrote the song "Chotee" afterwards, with lyrics such as "So long my baby...". However, her song "Moment of Weakness" was about a man she vacationed with in Mexico. Bif married Vancouver Sun sports writer Ian Walker in a traditional church ceremony in Vancouver on September 29, 2007. In January 2008, she announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and is scheduled for a lumpectomy, to be followed by chemotherapy. Bif Naked blogs on MySpace about politics, her personal life, and dealing with cancer.



01. Crash And Burn 3:32
02. Sick 3:39
03. Bluejay 3:54
04. Love You 2 3:13
05. Honeybee 2:52
06. You'll Never Know 2:52
07. My Innocence 3:28
08. Red Flag 3:26
09. Ciao Bella 4:05
10. King Of Karma 3:13
11. Amazon Motel 3:43
12. River Of Fire 3:44
13. Welcome To The End 3:57
14. Save Your Breath 3:04

CKY - Carver City

专辑名称:Carver City
公司厂牌:Roadrunner Records
风格类型:Alternative Rock

Carver City is the fourth studio album by American alternative rock band CKY, due to be released on May 19, 2009 by Roadrunner Records.

According to Miller, Carver City carries with it a "dark summer vacation vibe," nostalgic of the band members' childhood trips to the East Coast beaches. According to Chad Ginsburg, on a recent episode of Radio Bam, 'Carver City' is a town in New Jersey "in CKY's Minds." "The fabled town of Carver City has a history of bad luck and misfortune, all the while giving the impression that it’s a pleasant family getaway. Much like CKY's town of Hellview, Carver City's events are depicted in the songs, with story lines coming from real life events." Deron recently stated on ASKCKY that he, Chad, and Matt all collectively played bass on the album.

The track "A#1 Roller Rager" will be released as a single on May 4th in the United Kingdom. "Hellions On Parade" was released on April 21st in the United States, however, the track became available to download for free on April 15th from Roadrunner Record's website. A video shoot for "A#1 Roller Rager" took place on April 20th, in Aston, Pennsylvania.



01. Hellions On Parade
02. ...And She Never Returned
03. Rats In The Infirmary
04. Imaginary Threats
05. The Boardwalk Body
06. Plagues By Images
07. Karmaworks
08. Woe Is Me
09. A#1 Roller Rager
10. Old Carver's Bones
11. The Era Of An End

Paristetris - Paristetris

公司厂牌:Lado ABC

Candelaria Saenz Valiente - vocals & keys & other stuff
Marcin Masecki - piano & wurlitzer & other stuff
Macio Moretti - drums & bass & other stuff

The Paristetris Project was set up in 2008, to be exact, in thesecond half of that year. Candelaria Saenz Valiente, Marcin Maseckiand Macio Moretti got together and combined their efforts to recordan album with guest features by an array of excellentinstrumentalists, like Kuba Kossak on bassoon, Bartek Magneto onguitar, djLenar on turntables, or Kuba Jezierski on trumpet, thelast of which was also responsible for the visual realization ofthe record and the concept of the band bloodcurdling logo.

Without pressure or stress (breaks for lunch and dinner), thematerial was recorded by Zofia Go biowska in a (close to) suburbanresidence of the Morecki family and partly in Buenos Aires andWashington. The obtained recordings were then sent to the Nagrywexstudio in Otwock, and it was the time for Tomasz Duda to take careof them, mixing what needed to be mixed, passing it all to theStudio 333, where with a zillion of technical devices and onereel-to-reel tape recorder Bart miej Ku iak gave it a finalmastering. And this is where the story ends.

All in all, not much to talk about...



01. BBQ
02. Surf Rock My Ass
04. Smells Like Fish To Me
05. Golem
06. Zissou
07. Black Sheep
08. Norbert
09. Tetris
10. Blue Velvet
11. Paris