Anna Coddington - The Lake

歌手名称:Anna Coddington
专辑名称:The Lake
公司厂牌:Tea Set

Anna Coddington is one of New Zealand’s foremost heroines of independent pop music, as is evident on her debut, self-produced album “The Lake”, released in June 2008.

Coddington has been quietly kicking around New Zealand’s music scene for some time now. She has been heard singing in the background of some well known tunes by New Zealand artists like Bic Runga, Anika Moa, SJD, Dimmer and more, and in the foreground of casually released pop gems by her former bands Handsome Geoffery and Duchess.

Coddington grew up in the sleepy seaside town of Raglan, New Zealand. By age 11 her Dad had taught her the 4/4 rock beat and she was clanging away on the drums with gay abandon, by 14 she had wrangled a few guitar chords out of her Mum, and by age 16 she was fronting and writing for her first band, Handsome Geoffery.

Coddington later filled the same roles in four piece band Duchess- a more mature and refined distillation of her talents. She co-produced, with Edmund McWilliams Jnr (aka. Ed Cake of Bressa Creeting Cake fame), the six-track "Duchess" E.P, which was released independently in 2005, and distributed by Rhythmethod. It included the singles “You Buried Me Alive” and “Raglan City” (which won the 2007 Juice TV “People’s Choice” award).

When Duchess disbanded in 2006, Coddington toured nationally and internationally as support act and backing singer for other New Zealand acts, but by 2007 an overwhelming desire to focus her creative energy back into her own tunes took hold, and put into motion the process which culminated in her album, “The Lake”.

Ms Coddington has a unique talent for writing beautiful songs with a twist of reality, making "The Lake" a delightfully engaging album.



01. Hold You Here
02. Low Tide
03. Sweet, Sweet Nothings
04. The Long Way Home
05. Sentences
06. T-Shirt
07. Come Now
08. The Lake
09. Never Change
10. Excuse Me
11. What A Shame

Strand Of Oaks - Leave Ruin

歌手名称:Strand Of Oaks
专辑名称:Leave Ruin
公司厂牌:La Société Expéditionnaire

以为是垃圾 (Grunge)所以下了听听

Strand of Oaks is Timothy Showalter, an Indiana Mennonite turned Pennsylvania Hebrew Dayschool teacher who even drives the school bus for extra cash (and has sing-alongs with the pupils as they ease on down the road). It's like a scene from "Behind the Music" if the weed-soaked Tom Petty was your busdriver, and in this case the metaphors, spread throughout nine tracks, are to be taken quite literally.

Leave Ruin is Strand of Oaks' hometown deathbed-confession hymnal, the soundtrack of an Exodus. It's been back roads and parenthetical side streets for Showalter since he left his ruin of small town America. As a Hoosier transplant, he landed in the fertile musical soil of Northeastern Pennsylvania with a few key twists of fate that would turn his tragedy into trajectory.
While escaping a relationship gone worse, Showalter returned home to a house burned down, leaving all of his earthly possessions charred in flames. Spending nights in downtown hotels and on park benches with a borrowed guitar, he began to face the proverbial demons. Like any good roller coaster ride there came an upside, as inspiration grew like weeds within the rubble; songs led to shows, which led to tours of the US and UK with Jason Anderson and Kimya Dawson. Leave Ruin took shape shortly thereafter while touring and collaborating with Lou Rogai (Lewis & Clarke).

Taking cues from such luminaries as Neil Young (On the Beach era) and a burgeoning Springsteen, Showalter extends his musical gesture and searches to find modesty in the midst of confusion, addressing insecurities and settling existential debt with a simple and beautiful delivery. The personification of a Midwestern Grandfather's advice, his songs smack with hard truth and poignant severity, from child-like naivete to heart worn wisdom... sparse guitar, hammond, rhodes and wooden instruments support an atmosphere that is tender and raw, at times uncomfortable, shockingly candid, and unforgettable.



01. End In Flames
02. Two Kids
03. Lawns Breed Songs
04. Mourning Worker
05. New Paris
06. Sister Evangeline
07. Dogs Of War
08. Do You Like To Read
09. Leave Ruin

White Rabbits - It's Frightening

乐队名称:White Rabbits
专辑名称:It's Frightening
公司厂牌:TBD Records
风格类型:Indie Rock/Post Punk


White Rabbits 从中西部乾旱的平原上来到纽约.虽然他们在这里待了只有一年多的时间,他们出众的创作能力和对乐器把握的恰到好处就已经得到了Say Hey公司的赏识以及制作人Chris Zane的垂青(曾为Shy Child, Asobi Seksu, Les Savy Fav制作过专辑).

他们成功的做出了一张充满震撼和创造力的专辑.在Fort Nightly中他们透露出来了毫不做作的乐观精神,这让听众在面对困难的时候也可以鼓起掌来. White Rabbits无论是音乐还是个人风格都相当有范儿,他们带来全新的体验,这正是人们举着放大镜到处找寻的.

The band formed while several of the members were attending the University of Missouri; Greg Roberts and Stephen Patterson met at the college in 2004. Alex Even, Adam Russell and Greg had formerly played in the band Texas Chainsaw Mass Choir. Originally, White Rabbits had five members, but following relocation to New York City the following year, the band expanded to six members. The sixth member, Jamie Levinson, had grown up on the same street as Roberts in Webster Groves, Missouri. Roberts and Levinson previously played in a ska band together in high school, The Hubcaps, as well as an acoustic punk band in college.

The White Rabbits recorded their first studio album, Fort Nightly, and released it in 2007 to the public through Say Hey Records. The album was critically lauded throughout the media.

In addition to consistent touring, they have been featured on NPR's World Cafe, where the band discussed how they met and formed in the college town of Columbia, Missouri, their early sound, and performed three songs.

They have also performed on the Late Show with David Letterman.
In 2009, the band will release their second album, titled It's Frightening, produced by Britt Daniel, lead singer and guitarist of Spoon. The album is set to be released on TBD Records, which also hosts the bands Radiohead and Underworld.



01. Percussion Gun
02. Rudie Fails
03. They Done Wrong/We Done Wrong
04. Lionesse
05. Company I Keep
06. The Salesman (Tramp Life)
07. Midnight and I
08. Right Where They Left
09. The Lady Vanishes
10. Leave It At The Door

Emma Tricca - Minor White

歌手名称:Emma Tricca
专辑名称:Minor White
公司厂牌:Bird Records/Finders Keepers

Please come and join us to celebrate the release of our album Minor White- The event will be hosted by The Rebricks people at The Betsey Trotwood on Farringdon Rd -
The incredibly talented Colorama fronted by Carwyn Ellis ( who produced Minor White) will be playing a set and we'll have a round of guests performing with us...... so..... I really hope to see you at The Betsey on April 23rd



01. All Along The Hudson
02. Blind Time
03. Cobblestone Street
04. Middletown
05. Paris Rain
06. Monday Morning Yawning
07. Long Letter
08. Weatherman
09. It Doesn't Matter
10. Lost In New York


Putumayo Presents - India

歌手名称:Various Artists
专辑名称:Putumayo Presents - India

Putumayo World Music presents India, a CD collection showcasing India’s rich musical variety, from traditional and acoustic music to Bollywood and electronica. India’s emergence as a global economic power has brought increased awareness of this extraordinarily diverse country’s multicultural offerings, its music foremost among them.

India’s thriving popular music scene—an adjunct to the country’s immense Bollywood film industry—is highlighted on this collection. The love ballad “Tere Bina,” from the 2007 blockbuster Guru, was written by acclaimed film composer and Oscar winner A.R. Rahman, who took home the awards in the Best Score and Best Original Song categories for his work on Best Picture Slumdog Millionaire. The song also features Chinmayee, the award-winning female playback singer (an artist who records the songs that actors lip-synch). Rajeshwari Sachdev’s “Maavan Te Tiyan,” is another hit Bollywood song from the film The Perfect Husband.

Guitarist Sanjay Divecha, a Mumbai native who performed Western pop music in Los Angeles before returning home in search of his roots, contributes “Naino Sey”. The song features vocalist Kailash Kher, one of the most popular singers in India today thanks to his extensive work in Bollywood and string of pop hits.

Several stellar musicians display their Indian classical music expertise. Satish Vyas, represented by his song “Homeward Journey,” is a renowned master of the santoor, or Indian hammered dulcimer. Deepak Ram (“Ganesha”) is a virtuoso of the bansuri (Indian flute), while Bombay Jayashri (“Zara Zara”) specializes in the Carnatic South Indian vocal tradition.

Taking Indian music in a new direction, evocative British/Indian singer-songwriter Susheela Raman blends her South Indian classical music training with Western jazz and acoustic folk influences in “Nagumomo.” Kiran Ahluwalia, a Canadian vocalist of Indian descent, offers a fresh take on India’s poetic ghazal (love song) tradition through the moving “Vo Kuch.” Kiran worked for Putumayo World Music for three years before pursuing a professional music career.

Finally, Uma Mohan’s ode to the Hindu god Shiva, “Shiva Panchakshara Stotram/Shiva Shadakshara Stotram,” exemplifies the spiritual aspect of Indian music that has appealed to Western musicians ever since the Beatles embraced the sitar and transcendental meditation. These days, Indian devotional music is used by millions of practitioners of yoga and meditation around the world.



01. Zara Zara - Bombay S. Jayashri
02. Khwaab - Niraj Chag, Swati Natekar
03. Naino Sey - Sanjay Divecha, Kailash Kher
04. Shiva Panchakshara Stotram/Shiva Shadakshara Stotram - Uma Mohan
05. Homeward Journey - Satish Vyas
06. Tere Bina - Chinmayee, A.R. Rahman
07. Nagumomo - Susheela Raman
08. Ganesha - Deepak Ram
09. Vo Kuch - Kiran Ahluwalia
10. Maavan Te Tiyan - Rajeshwari Sachdev

Joker's Daughter - The Last Laugh

歌手名称:Joker's Daughter
专辑名称:The Last Laugh
公司厂牌:Team Love Records

The debut by UK-based Joker's Daughter features vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Helena Costas. This fresh folk-pop excursion reveals new facets of the renowned artist and producer Danger Mouse, who collaborates with Costas throughout. The result is an intoxicating, disorienting blend; folk music from some strange, timeless, uncharted dream world.


01. Worm's Head
02. Jessie The Goat
03. Go Walking
04. Lucid
05. Jd Folk Blues
06. Last Laugh, The
07. Under The Influence Of Jaffa Cakes
08. Jelly Belly
09. Cake And July
10. Chasing Ticking Crocodile
11. Nothing Is Ever What It Seems
12. Running Goblin, The
13. Bull Bites Back, The
14. Yellow Teapot

Olivia Ruiz - Miss Météores

歌手名称:Olivia Ruiz
专辑名称:Miss Météores
风格类型:French Pop/Rock/Indie


专辑Le Femme Chocolat在法国不仅获得双白金销量(60至75万张),奥莉维亚借此还一举获得了2007年度最佳女歌手奖,叫好又叫座。




01. Elle panique
02. Les crêpes aux champignons
03. Belle a en crever
04. Spit the devil
05. Les météores
06. Mon petit a petit
07. When the night comes feat Lonely Drifter Karen
08. Le saule pleureur
09. Quedate feat Didier Blanc
10. La mam'
11. Don't call me madam
12. Peur du noir
13. Eight o'clock/six mètres

Jewel - 0304 [Tour Edition] 2CD

专辑名称:0304 [Tour Edition] 2CD
发行日期:6 Feb 2004


本张专辑歌曲的旋律和Jewel前几张专辑的风格大多相同,都以抒情为主。但在制作人Lester A. Mendez的协助之下,Jewel将舞曲,民谣以及民间音乐等多种音乐元素融入到了这张新作《0304》之中。而Jewel的演唱还坚持了其一贯的风格,嗓音清澈而且具有磁性,清新自然,仿佛阿拉斯加的皑皑白雪一样纯净。然而Jewel并不是只靠与生俱来的嗓音而立足,Jewel和另一位流行/摇滚女歌手Sheryl Crow就有很多相似之处:她们的音乐给人的感觉都十分的独特。两人对歌曲的旋律起伏的把握有异曲同工之妙。




Disc: 1

01. Stand
02. Run 2 U
03. Intuition
04. Leave the Lights On
05. 2 Find U
06. Fragile Heart
07. Doin' Fine
08. 2 Become 1
09. Haunted
10. Sweet Temptation
11. Yes U Can
12. U & Me=Love
13. America
14. Becoming
15. Intuition [Ford's Radio Mix]

Disc: 2

01. Intuition [Live]
02. Standing Still [Live]
03. Leave the Light On [Live]
04. Stand
05. 2 Become 1

Betty Ford Center - Poison For You

乐队名称:Betty Ford Center
专辑名称:Poison For You
公司厂牌:Unknown Indie



Betty Ford Center was formed in July 2005. Shortly afterwards, they won four national contests, including the ”Heineken Jammin’ Festival” contests, whose guests were SMASHING PUMPKINS, PEARL JAM, JULIETTE AND THE LICKS, AND MANY OTHERS. In January they recorded “Enjoy the rehab” at the Red House Recordings studio with David Lenci (sound engineer for Shellac and Blonde Redhead). They appeared on the front page of several local and national newspapers, acclaimed for their outstanding originality and, at the same time, for their incendiary live performances. The band also made many beautiful gigs and got many great reviews, among which we can surely mention the one written by Carlo Pastore, VJ of “Our Noise” and "TRL", ON AIR EVERY DAY ON MTV. As the band kept performing throughout Italy and also abroad (Belgium, Germany…) they often aired on well known tv channels and radios (including BRF, the belgian national radio...). They were also noticed by a producer, Matteo Cifelli, and started moving between Rome and Milan recording “UNCOOL”, a powerful five track EP released in 2008. Shortly afterwards they started recording “POISON FOR YOU”, their first full length. It contains 16 tracks full of violence, sick sweetness and sensual psychosis. IT'S JUST COME OUT (FEB, 15, 2009)



01.Psycho Vicious
04.Paris Hilton Up Your Ass
05.Anna Nicole
06.Poison For You
07.Fuck Twice
08.Jill The Ripper 2009
09.Goodbye Song
10.Suburban Victims
13.The Big Noise
14.Silly Pop Song 2009
15.Indie Die 2009


Yonlu - A Society In Which No Tear Is Shed Is Inconceivably Mediocre

专辑名称:A Society In Which No Tear Is Shed Is Inconceivably Mediocre
公司厂牌:Luaka Bop

The story behind Yonlu is one of tragedy and beauty. A young man from the city of Porto Alegre, it can be hard to find one's identity in a Brazilian city off the beaten path. Writing hundreds of songs in his youth, he committed suicide at age 16 with nothing but his online community of fans and the sounds he offered them. Sounding something like a cross between a lo-fi Caetano Veloso meeting the guitar stylings of Nick Drake. This is a showcase of the sounds of a soul lost between the lines, and fortunately he left behind a taste of a young mind working wonders.



01. I Know What It's Like
02. Boy and the Tiger
03. Humiliation
04. Polyalphabetic Cipher
05. Q-Tip
06. Little Kids
07. Katie Don't Be Depressed
08. Deskjet (Remix)
09. Estrela, Estrela
10. Olhe por Nos
11. Suicide
12. Luona
13. Phrygian
14. Waterfall

Sydney Wayser - The Colorful

歌手名称:Sydney Wayser
专辑名称:The Colorful
公司厂牌:Silent Parade Records

Intimate and playful, placid and serene. Melancholy and dark, with occasional hints of passing sadness. This is the sound of Sydney Wayser, a twenty one year-old singer-songwriter who with her French father and American mother has lived her life between Paris and Los Angeles. Sydney’s music is rife with tales and adventure; it quite simply draws you into her world, delicately.

Her first album, entitled “Silent Parade”, showcases Sydney’s elegant blend of strings, piano, guitar and percussion, that at once enraptures and brings you into her world where carousels’ turn with youthful exuberance, and love is questioned in lucid prose. It is the ode to simplicity and a nod to grace that truly defines the impact of Sydney’s writing and voice. There’s a tranquil and frozen moment feel, reminiscent of a Modigliani portrait hatched in a small studio in Montparnasse. Time spent in Paris only ripened her desire to study the great painters, singers, and iconic figures of both worlds, and fed her mind and soul with a wealth of experience and vision with which to develop her music.

A playful though somewhat introverted spirit, as a teenager she cultivated her passion for writing music and developed her intellect and vast interests, including ballet, film, and literature, later honing in on music as her true love. Place de la Bastille was inspired by the famous French film Amelie. “Jean-Pierre Jeunet uses striking colors to create a repetitive pattern through the film. Occasionally he introduces light blue, a more subtle color to symbolize something significant, but hidden when blinded by the red and green. I thought this was an analog for finding some of life’s more crucial elements, buried amidst all the distraction of our days.”
There is a surface paradox at play here: Sydney’s music is free and colorful and wide-eyed; recalling a young girl on Parisian side streets, in her mind conversing with the great artists and writers who once pounced on those same cobblestones. At the same time, she conveys a charm and wit well beyond her twenty years, and with an unusual command of language and phrasing.
Silent Parade is a moving collection, showcasing a talented, young, and personable songwriter with a visceral offering of poetry and song that remarks on the beauty of innocence.



01. Bells
02. Lullaby
03. Banjo Bayou
04. La Di Da
05. Wrap Me in A Blanket
06. Song for A Painter
07. Comfortable Here
08. Moonbowl
09. Oh the Places You'll Go
10. Whistles and Kazoos
11. Drive-In Not Drive-Through
12. Pomegranate

Melissa McClelland - Victoria Day

歌手名称:Melissa McClelland
专辑名称:Victoria Day
公司厂牌:Six Shooter Records

Melissa McClelland is a Canadian singer-songwriter who covers a lot of musical territory, from the bluesy rock of Glen Rio and Money Shot to the jazzy vaudeville of God Loves Me. Her third album Victoria Day will appeal to Tom Waits and Bonnie Raitt fans

The album contains two different takes of the title track. The Motown horns augmented version for rain in April, and the swagger for May. Melissa McClelland sings with ease and has the stage presence to shut up the guys discussing sports in the back of the hall. And yes, that's Ron Sexmith singing harmony on Seasoned Lovers.



01. A Girl Can Dream
02. Glenrio
03. Segovia
04. God Loves Me
05. Victoria Day (April Showers)
06. Victoria Day (May Flowers)
07. I Blame You
08. Cry On My Shoulder
09. When The Lights Went Off In Hogtown
10. Seasoned Lovers
11. Brake
12. Money Shot

Kings Of Polka - Every Man's Polka

乐队名称:Kings Of Polka
专辑名称:Every Man's Polka
公司厂牌:Go Danish Folk Music
风格类型:Healing & EasyListening/Folk

You may have noticed this already but here it comes again: We are the Kings of Polka. Yes. We like to dominate the areas where polka has kept its place as a too serious form of art. Yes. This music is meant for those who are lost within their own sense of good taste. Yes. Please keep in mind that nothing is certain but death and Polka! Yes.



01. Norwegian Hoppvals
02. Hopsa Set
03. Laesc Set
04. Russian Popdragon
05. Jens Frederiksen - Smede Kristians Polka
06. Polka
07. Kahnpannu (Coffee Pot)
08. La Brie
09. Kellarin Kautta Rejlaender Fra Litauen
10. Toinen Korpin Polka
11. Cornelius Polka
12. Joka Miehen Polka

Antje Duvekot - The Near Demise Of The High Wire Dancer

歌手名称:Antje Duvekot
专辑名称:The Near Demise Of The High Wire Dancer
公司厂牌:Black Wolf Records
发行日期:March 17, 2009

Antje Duvekot is one of the brightest singer-songwriters to rise out of Boston's competitive acoustic music scene. She is releasing her second studio album, "The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer" on Black Wolf Records on March 17, 2009.

Antje chose one of her favorite songwriters, Richard Shindell to produce the album. Richard lent his talent to the record and brought in well respected musicians such as John Gorka, Lucy Kaplansky and Victor Krauss.

"What a blessing to have worked with someone as talented as Antje. With a voice like hers, and songs as good as these, a producer (especially a first-time producer!) just tries to get out of the way, to do no harm, and to let the artist speak for herself." - Richard Shindell

"The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer" demonstrates why, according to The Boston Globe, "Antje Duvekot's provocative, dark-eyed ballads are becoming the talk of the folk world. Duvekot has gotten hotter, faster than any local songwriter in recent memory."

The songs on the album reflect both Duvekot's personal journeys and her observations of those of others. Antje remarks "I've come to find that writing about someone else's struggles or happiness feels just as cathartic as writing about my own."

Along with 7 new songs, Antje and Richard decided to add studio versions of some of her best known songs such as, "Merry Go Round", which was used in a Bank of America national TV ad campaign as well as radio favorite "Long Way". "Since I first recorded this older material live, I have become a better performer", Antje explains "I decided to revive the songs that were worthy and produce them properly so that I should not be such a bad mother to them".

Singer songwriter Ellis Paul says "Antje is the rare artist that can write about the social and the personal in the same breath. She is as understated as she is wise and her songs go down mentally as well as soulfully. Her voice has a sound of innocence and naivety which makes razor sharp insights into the human condition."

"As far as I can tell, Antje is the whole package?I've had this reaction once in the past 10 years, and that was the first time I heard Patty Griffin." Dave Marsh former Editor of Rolling Stone and XM/ Sirius Satellite Host



01. Vertigo
02. Ragdoll Princes & Junkyard Queens
03. Long Way
04. Lighthouse
05. Dublin Boys
06. The Bridge
07. Scream
08. Reasonland
09. Coney Island
10. Merry-Go-Round
11. Augen, Ohren Und Herz

Antje Duvekot - Snapshots

歌手名称:Antje Duvekot
公司厂牌:Black Wolf Records
发行日期:June 24, 2008

"No emerging local singer-songwriter has more buzz than Antje Duvekot" BOSTON HERALD
"Antje Duvekot is Boston's next great songwriter..."ELLIS PAUL - singer-songwriter
"Antje Duvekot's provocative dark-eyed ballads are becoming the talk of the folk world"


"This is a brilliant, brilliant album.” says former Rolling Stone music editor Dave Marsh. “I have had this reaction once in the last 10 years and that was the first time I heard Patty Griffin.”
“Duvekot has gotten hotter, faster than any local songwriter in recent memory. Her songs feel at once fresh faced and firmly rooted, driven by the whispery sensuality of her voice. She believes in the redemptive power of the shared secret; and is utterly unafraid to mine the darkest corners of her life for songs that turn fear into resilience and isolation into community”.



01. Dublin Boys
02. Dandelion
03. Annabelle Intro
04. Annabelle
05. Pearls
06. Merry-Go-Round
07. Garbage
08. Landlady Song
09. Ode to Music
10. Ellis Paul
11. Milk and Trash
12. Streets of Soho
13. Sirens
14. Diana's Song
15. Postcards
16. Pig Song
17. Soma

Too Soft - Breakfast Songs

乐队名称:Too Soft
专辑名称:Breakfast Songs
公司厂牌:Junior Reset



01. Sexy Plastic Girl
02. Eskimo
03. Playmobil
04. Bubble Gum
05. Welcome
06. Caribou
07. Morning Sun

Bloodwork - The Final End Principle

专辑名称:The Final End Principle
风格类型:Melodic/Death Metal

This young five-piece has recorded a demo that set a new standard in tightness and heaviness and brought them the title as Demo Of The Month in Germany´s Metal Hammer. "There is no other band like BLOODWORK existing in Germany and it's not likely there will be one in the near future! Everything fits perfectly from the songwriting in the vein of Soilwork, Hatesphere or Killswitch Engage spiced with (Melodic) Death Metal parts and the brilliant sound till the outstanding live performance. This band is far from ordinary" (Anzo Sadony, Metal Hammer Germany) Besides that BLOODWORK played WACKEN Open Air and SUMMER BREEZE Open Air 2008 as an unsigned band. Now they deliver their first full length album "The Final End Priciple and a tour is set for April/May 2009!



01. Intro
02. The Enemy Within
03. Ex Vita
04. A Cycle Once Broken
05. Demonic
06. Behind The Lie
07. Hellbound
08. Camp X-Ray
09. Graveheart
10. Drowning Stone
11. Deadline
12. Silent Revolution
13. Insufficient

Bloodbound - Tabula Rasa

专辑名称:Tabula Rasa
公司厂牌:Blistering Records
风格类型:Heavy/Power Metal
发行日期:April 21, 2009

In the summer of 2004 the two long-time friends Tomas Olsson and Fredrik Bergh decided to go back to their musical roots and start a metal band, they teamed up with Urban Breed and Oskar Belin to form bloodbound.

A demo was made and shipped off to a bunch of record labels around the world in order to get a record-deal. After a couple of weeks the offers started to drop in and the band was overwhelmed by the great response they had gotten. A record-deal was signed with Metal Heaven for the European territory and with Marquee/Avalon for the Asian territory.

In 2005 they started the recordings of their debut album "Nosferatu" which was released in early 2006, and became a big success with top reviews around the world. Straight after the recordings Oskar Belin left the band because he didn't have the time to go on tour and play live, Pelle Åkerlind (Morgana Lefay) was added to the line-up to replace him. The album took them on tour playing gigs with bands like Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, Evergrey, Pretty Maids and Sabaton to name a few. The success of the album also gave them a license deal with Rock Machine Records, Brazil and Mystic Empire, Russia later that year.

During the 2006 tour they had some "in and out members" including Kristian Andrén (Wuthering Heights, Memento Mori, Tad Morose), Johan Sohlberg (The Storyteller), Jörgen Andersson (Baltimoore) and Markus Albertson (Seven Sins). At the end of the tour Urban Breed decided to leave the band to focus a 100% on his long planned solo project.

After a very turbulent and hectic year they really felt that they needed some stability in the band and asked Tomas' younger brother Henrik Olsson (guitar) and Johan Sohlberg (bass) to join the band as permanent members. They accepted and the band started to work on their second studio album "Book Of The Dead". The spot as bloodbound's new lead singer was not yet filled and it took the band a while to find a worthy replacement. After a lot of searching and auditioning the band finally decided to go with German born Michael Bormann (Jaded Heart, Bonfire, J.R. Blackmore, Rain) who joined the band in early January 2007. The album "Book Of The Dead" was recorded during January and February 2007 and was released on May 25th 2007.

The word of the band had by now started to spread and the new album got them on tour with Hammerfall, which gave them the opportunity to play for a bigger crowd. It also led to playing bigger festivals such as the Sweden Rock Festival. Shortly after the release of "Book Of The Dead" the band realized that with Michael's busy schedule it would be impossible to do all the live shows coming up. Urban Breed was asked to stand in, and ended up doing all the shows for the tour and eventually got back with the band. At the end of 2007 the band started to work on their third studio album. The planned release date is set for September 2008.



01. Sweet Dreams Of Madness
02. Dominion 5
03. Take One
04. Tabula Rasa
05. Night Touches You
06. Tabula Rasa Pt.II (Nothing At All)
07. Plague Doctor
08. Master Of My Dreams
09. Twisted Kind Of Fate
10. All Rights Reserved
11. The Crying Kitten


Gigi Leung [梁咏琪] - Gift [礼物]

歌手名称:Gigi Leung [梁咏琪]
专辑名称:Gift [礼物]

2009第一首温暖乐章 GIGI梁咏琪潜心创作
每个人都有一份礼物 就是为另外一个人付出
既然爱了就要爱得起 懦弱会让自己看不起 梁咏琪全新国语专辑【礼物】CDDVD
9首国语 2首粤语 CD
『礼物』、『爱得起』、『错过』3首MV DVD
超值加赠【纽约.秋色】纽约拍摄花絮抢先看 原来爱情不再伤

每个人都有一份礼物 就是为另一个人付出... ... 相隔2年,GIGI梁咏琪带来她全新的国语专辑【礼物】,一直醉心著音乐创作的梁咏琪,最爱透过歌曲诉说心情,在六百多天的日子裡,她从高唱著爱情伤痛的女孩,蜕变成为女人本色的时代女生。GIGI梁咏琪说自己写「礼物」这首歌,就是希望告诉所有爱她与她爱的朋友们,只要爱过、痛过也算是一种幸福…,因为每个人都有一份礼物,就是为另外一个人付出,幸福就是沿路的风景,只要细心体验并心存感恩,就一定能够寻觅得到… …。

GIGI梁咏琪不但为新专辑【礼物】参与音乐创作,还亲自担任专辑的音乐监製以及美术总监,从专辑的收歌、选歌到专辑的概念企划,甚至是专辑设计的美术编排、挑选照片等细节,全部亲自投入参与,为了展现蜕变时代女生的本色,GIGI特别远赴美国纽约拍摄专辑封面,藉由纽约的都市生活呈现GIGI的人生态度与恋爱态度是充满活力与色彩,温暖且有态度。GIGI说:「能全心投入製作一张诚意十足的专辑送给支持我的人,是我的光荣!!虽然比单纯做歌手的本份来得辛苦,但满足感却是加倍的,很值得!」身为专辑的音乐监製,梁咏琪对於选歌更为谨慎,她更请来名製作人陈少琪与她一起打造全新专辑,并请来著名词曲创作人金培达、崔恕、李焯雄等人合作,量身订作这张全新国语专辑【礼物】。 我把所有心事都告诉你 你沉默不语、默默地传递著温暖给我

那一刻我知道 我并不孤单… …? 梁咏琪坦言「礼物」这首歌是她继「花火」之后自已最满意的创作,她也期待歌迷们都能细细咀嚼「礼物」这首歌中的含意,与她一起经歷爱情路上的喜怒哀乐。她写的每一个音符,都释放了她这两年来心裡对每一个人浓情的祝福;她唱的每一个字,都分享著她一路走来的成长与体会。GIGI藉著「礼物」温暖动人的词曲,告诉大家『现在就是礼物 (The present is the present)』的心情。 亲爱的朋友 未来 我们继续同行 一起分享人生

~GIGI~ [专辑曲目推荐]



梁咏琪深入人心的作品,岂止 「短髮」、「胆小鬼」,内地知名填词人崔恕,以梁咏琪经典歌曲名称作为蒙太奇,把GIGI近廿首的经典歌名放进歌曲裡,让你的梁咏琪大声唱著「胆小鬼 也要勇敢爱自已,有时候爱情不要太客气!」把多年的最爱梁咏琪歌曲一次重新温习。

Bossanova的怡人曲风瞬间把你带到神秘遥远的地方去...那裡没有广告,没有电脑,只有海风,只有漫步....多好!!! 梁咏琪用她最擅长的唱腔,散发著清新怡人的魅力,轻轻的唱出对大自然与人情味的渴慕....就在这3分鐘, 大家一起回到一个简简单单的国度吧!!

爱情的激烈,让人看不穿,摸不透....情迷意乱的思绪,有如交响乐般夹杂著覆杂的关系和情感。女孩子的渴望看似深不见底,其实却不过是一个简单的表白而已!! GIGI型格演译都会女子对爱情洒脱的一面,绝对不让男人专美。

每个人都有权利去爱, 却不一定每个人都懂得享受; 爱…附属品太多─太多的意见、太多的是非、太多的闲言、太多的忌畏…要好好享受爱情, 勇气,是其中一个必要因素...因为只要有它,我们方可 爱得起 。

情人已经离开,但姊妹常在....把头仰起来,打不败!! 第一次听到梁咏琪这麼的咬牙切齿,教你如何痛痛快快的,把伤痛和感慨都收起来 , 昂然 踏步向前,瀟洒面对人生。

当事情已经起了变化, 大家都明白...是爱情变了质。原来太爱一个人,要先学会放手。 马来西亚创作才子林宇中与梁咏琪告诉你怎样的面对分手,才能真正让自已自由。

爽快say bye, 然后say hi,活得更出彩!! 林夕老师亲手道出现代爱情观,幸福不在别人手上,而是由自己主宰。



01. Intro (Gift) [Intro-礼物]
02. Gift [礼物]
03. Pass Up [错过]
04. I Am Your Gg [我是你的梁咏琪]
05. A Place [一个地方]
06. Interlude (A Place) [Interlude-一个地方]
07. AbcdefGG08. Give Love [爱得起]
09. Long Island Iced Tea [长岛冰茶]
10. Walk Well [好好走]
11. Comedy Ending [喜剧收场]
12. Outro (Comedy Ending) [Outro-喜剧收场]
13. Give Love (Cantonese Version) [爱得起(粤)]
14. Demons Of The Mind (Cantonese Version) [心魔(粤)]

Wilryans - Sun, Moon & Stars

专辑名称:Sun, Moon & Stars
风格类型:Acoustic/Soft Rock

The Wilryans music is the work of Minneapolis based singer/songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Michael Nelson. Critics have called him the Marshall Crenshaw of Minneapolis and boasted “Nelson’s capacity to write catchy guitar numbers is unlimited… He’ll hook you like the best of Mathew Sweet” Jon Pribeck (MN Daily).



01. Sun, Moon & Stars
02. Painted Road
03. Fearless
04. Easy to Love
05. Firefly
06. Big Blue Star
07. Red
08. Simple Times
09. Something New
10. What They Call Love

The Bigfellas - Chubbed Up

乐队名称:The Bigfellas
专辑名称:Chubbed Up
公司厂牌:The Bigfellas
发行日期:October 7, 2008

About The Bigfellas

San Diego Union-Tribune's 2006 BEST LOCAL BAND IN SAN DIEGO: see for yourself. We're certifiable, I mean certified. and again ... San Diego Union-Tribune's 2007 BEST LOCAL BAND IN SAN DIEGO

San Diegos Bigfellas are a four-piece band of smartasses with original songs like 4:20, I Wish That I Were Gay, Adam & Eve & Ted & Alice among others. The bands sound is a mélange of The Police and Steely Dan yet with the oft-goofy approach of Barenaked Ladies (whom we know we can easily take in a barfight, give us one time and those Canadian hipsters are going down!).
Theyre aggressively eclectic in jumping genres slacker jamband, blues, faux-country, funk/jazz, cabaret, or Stones. In addition to inventing the smartass genre, theyve also single-handedly invented the one-song genre of Golf Rap with the song On The Green, hands-down the most foul-mouthed golf song of all time.

As for the band members themselves, theyre 30 somethings (ahem) with the maturity of 19 year olds. The band is made up of a Canadian, a black guy, an Irishman and an atheist. No thats not the start of an ethnic joke, thats just The Bigfellas.
WEBSITE: www.bigfellas.net ... there's way more about us over there, that's the place to be for Bigfellas stuff.



01. California King
02. Dollar For Every Dime (The Lotto Song)
03. Moving Day
04. I Wish That I Were Gay [Explicit]
05. Johnny Get Out Of The Sky
06. Wish You Knew
07. On The Green (explicit)
08. 4:20
09. Adam & Eve & Ted & Alice
10. Four Minute Mile
11. Reinventing The Wheel
12. Vous Ne Parlez Francais
13. Stuff On The Moon
14. Hidden Track (Mr. Blue Sky)

Teresa Salgueiro Com Lusitânia Ensemble - Matriz

歌手名称:Teresa Salgueiro Com Lusitânia Ensemble

Teresa Salgueiro,1986年应邀加盟Madredeus(圣母合唱团),担任女主唱,时年18岁。Teresa有着天使般的嗓音,歌喉纯真柔美,不是一般Fado歌手的刚猛沧桑,尤其能表达Fado幽怨感性的特质,成为Madredeus(圣母合唱团)的灵魂人物。

主唱Teresa Salgueiro,是一个很优秀也很有个性的女声乐家,声音空灵、脆亮、舒缓……唱歌的時候,总是轻轻地颔着头,眼睑低垂,她说话也很好听。女声在真假声的处理上也是很独到的,让你觉得很合适,就应该在这里换,才能达到这种感觉。乐队的弦乐演奏很有特色,吉他、手风琴、大提琴……都恰到好处的配合着出色的女声。照片上的 Teresa,从来双唇轻缄,一抹闲定又好象转瞬即逝的微笑,一双黑瞳望得人怔忡,而她的歌声更是美到令人心悸……

Teresa Salgueiro - Voz
Jorge Varrecoso Gonçalves - Violino
Pedro Jóia - Guitarra Clássica
Pedro Santos - Acordeão
Luís Clode - Violoncelo
Rui Júnior - Percussão
Rui Lobato - Percussão

Este Projecto de Gravação e Concerto pretende interpretar e divulgar a Música, Língua e Cultura Portuguesas através dos tempos, desde o século XIII até aos nossos dias, para tal contando com o entusiasmo de um elenco excepcional de músicos.
Jorge Varrecoso Gonçalves, no violino, responsável pelos arranjos originais e Director Musical do Projecto, inovou o Lusitânia Ensemble - formação por si reunida exclusivamente para acompanhar a voz de Teresa Salgueiro - de onde se destaca a Guitarra Clássica de Pedro Jóia e o Acordeão de Pedro Santos.

A Viagem, através dos tempos e através do território português, estabelece-se como o leitmotiv deste quadro em que somos transportados pela voz inigualável de Teresa Salgueiro.O percurso musical da «Matriz» assenta na Música Antiga; Popular e tradicional de norte a sul de Portugal, percorrendo todo o País, com um sub-capítulo dedicado apenas ao Fado e por fim a Música Portuguesa Contemporânea, recriando autores como Carlos paredes; Fausto; Fernando Lopes Graça.O espectáculo «Matriz» revisita e recria memórias e tradições, onde somos recebidos por uma das maiores representantes da cultura portuguesa nos últimos tempos.



01. Mi Madre Velida
02. Jus a lo Mar e lo Rio
03. Puestos estan Frente a Frente
04. Danças Palacianas
05. Deus Nos Dê Cá as Boas Festas
06. Senhora do Almortão
07. Vira da Desfolhada
08. Malhão de Cinfães
09. Canção da Rod
10. Corridinho do Montinho
11. As Armas do Meu Adufe
12. Por Riba se Ceifa o Pão
13. Treme-Terra
14. Voltarei à Minha Terra
15. Com que Voz
16. Foi Deus
17. Lá Porque tens Cinco Pedras
18. Danças Portuguesas
19. Acordai
20. Por este Rio acima

Straw Dogs - Love and then Hope

乐队名称:Straw Dogs
专辑名称:Love and then Hope
公司厂牌:Crafty Records

由David von Beck主创的西雅图乡村摇滚乐队,1997年建团至今的第六作。

About Straw Dogs

Hey all, the new Straw Dogs record, "Love and then Hope," is now available! We've uploaded the first single, "Lie Awake," here on our MySpace site. Be sure to also check our website, www.strawdogs.com and stay updated on the release date upcoming shows, our movie soundtrack cuts, and our haircuts by signing our mailing list



01. Lie Awake
02. Could You
03. Down My Hall
04. Serious Love
05. Fire Outside
06. Remember My Garden
07. Something More
08. Rather Be
09. Fallow
10. Numbers
11. Waiting by the Gate
12. Sure of Goodbye
13. Then Maria
14. First Time

Steve Pearson And British Racing Green - Impatient

乐队名称:Steve Pearson And British Racing Green
公司厂牌:Triskelion Records
发行日期:February 20, 2009


In the late 1970s and early 1980s, as a columnist for The Seattle Times, I wrote numerous times about The Heats, a local rock band Steve Pearson, now with British Racing Green, was an integral part of that fabulous group -- a band that to me was like a reincarnation of the BeatlesThe music magazine Goldmine would describe The Heats' first album, "Have An Idea," as "one of the Top-50 power-pop albums of all time." Their live performances drew fanatic crowdsEventually, The Heats broke up, but Steve Pearson never gave up on his love for music. He continues to play to this day, this time in British Racing Green, which also includes his wife, LucetteI've had a chance to listen to their latest two recordings, which can be heard on their Web site, http://www.myspace.com/stevepearsonandbritishracinggreen "Goodbye Mr. Jefferson" and "Long Way To Heaven" continue the legacy from The Heats -- catchy tunes with great harmonies If you believe what the Beatles and the Everly Brothers stood for, you, too, will become a British Racing Green fan Gee, do I sound as if I really like this group?



01 Eastwood/Mcqueen
02 Just Cause
03 Long Way to Heaven
04 Lovers and Fools
05 We Call It Love
06 Complicated
07 Younger Than Yesterday (Richard's Song)
08 Hard9 Cry Me a River
10 Impatient
11 Goodbye Mr. Jefferson
12 Still a Way

Paleface - The Show Is On The Road

专辑名称:The Show Is On The Road
公司厂牌:Ramseur Records
风格类型:Acoustic/Indie/Folk Rock

More than a decade since his last major label release, PALEFACE, a founding member of NYC's Anti-folk movement, is back with The Show Is On The Road (Ramseur Records). The album is an intimate, 11-song diary that transcends genres with its ingenuous lyrics and deceptively unassuming style - just Paleface on guitar, harmonica & banjo, darling Monica "Mo" Samalot on drums and backing vocals and a few guest performances.... Paleface is the sort of artist who brings you into his world - his voice is sweetly ravaged and effortlessly expressive, as intimate as a friend whispering in your ear. The album is farewell love letter to his longtime home, New York City, and an embrace of his new life in the South and on the road with "Mo".



01. The Show Is On The Road
02. You Are The Girl
03. New York, New York
04. Traveling From North Carolina
05. A Cheatin' Song
06. If Only I
07. Try To Hold Your Own
08. Raise The Glass
09. Holy Holy
10. Short And Sweet
11. Pondering The Night Sky