Smoke City - Heroes Of Nature

乐队名称:Smoke City
专辑名称:Heroes Of Nature
风格类型:Experimental/Electronic/Lounge/Trip hop


Smoke City是一支英国乐队。他们的音乐难以归类,结合了例如爵士和trip pop等现代风格,也借入了很多巴西风格,例如桑巴和bossa nova。他们最著名的单曲是“Underwater Love”,1996年非常热门。值得注意的是这支歌的录影比矩阵更早使用了“子弹时间”。

在1997年乐队发型了他们首张专辑“Flying Away”,包括几个热门曲目像“Underwater Love”,“Mr. Gorgeous (and Miss Curvaceous)”和“Joga Bossa (Aguas de Maro)”。Flying Away尽管因为运用了大量元素从light trip-pop到柔和的吉他民谣,已然难以归类,Smoke City的下一张专辑,Heroes of Nature(2001年发型),甚至被众多粉丝都认为过于怪异,结合了更多的风格,在一些曲目中亦加入了舞曲节奏。

Smoke City were an English band, which blended acid jazz and trip hop, borrowing from Brazilian styles such as samba and bossa nova. They are best known for their single "Underwater Love", which was a major hit in 1996, after being used in a Levi's television advertisement, 'Mermaids' (directed by Michel Gondry). The original music video for the single is notable for predating The Matrix in its use of bullet time motion.

In 1997 the band released their first album Flying Away, which included several hits like "Underwater Love", "Mr. Gorgeous (and Miss Curvaceous)" and "águas de Mar?o (Joga Bossa Mix)". Smoke City's next album, Heroes of Nature was released in 2001. An extended version of Heroes of Nature had three more tracks than the original, one of them being a cover version of John Lennon's "Imagine".

"Underwater Love" is also a track on the soundtrack for Thicker Than Water; a surf video.
The group disbanded in 2002.



01. In
02. Can You Feel That
03. What It Was (Acoustic)
04. They Cant Take That Away from Me
05. London
06. Mr
07. Jug
08. Remember This
09. It's Amazing
10. Little Elina
11. Life Can Be Sweet
12. This Song
13. What It Was

Smoke City - Flying Away

乐队名称:Smoke City
专辑名称:Flying Away
风格类型:Experimental/Electronic/Lounge/Trip hop


Smoke City是一支英国乐队。他们的音乐难以归类,结合了例如爵士和trip pop等现代风格,也借入了很多巴西风格,例如桑巴和bossa nova。他们最著名的单曲是“Underwater Love”,1996年非常热门。值得注意的是这支歌的录影比矩阵更早使用了“子弹时间”。

在1997年乐队发型了他们首张专辑“Flying Away”,包括几个热门曲目像“Underwater Love”,“Mr. Gorgeous (and Miss Curvaceous)”和“Joga Bossa (Aguas de Março)”。Flying Away尽管因为运用了大量元素从light trip-pop到柔和的吉他民谣,已然难以归类,Smoke City的下一张专辑,Heroes of Nature(2001年发型),甚至被众多粉丝都认为过于怪异,结合了更多的风格,在一些曲目中亦加入了舞曲节奏。

Smoke City were an English band, which blended acid jazz and trip hop, borrowing from Brazilian styles such as samba and bossa nova. They are best known for their single "Underwater Love", which was a major hit in 1996, after being used in a Levi's television advertisement, 'Mermaids' (directed by Michel Gondry). The original music video for the single is notable for predating The Matrix in its use of bullet time motion.

In 1997 the band released their first album Flying Away, which included several hits like "Underwater Love", "Mr. Gorgeous (and Miss Curvaceous)" and "Águas de Março (Joga Bossa Mix)". Smoke City's next album, Heroes of Nature was released in 2001. An extended version of Heroes of Nature had three more tracks than the original, one of them being a cover version of John Lennon's "Imagine".

"Underwater Love" is also a track on the soundtrack for Thicker Than Water; a surf video.
The group disbanded in 2002.



01. Underwater Love
02. Devil Mood
03. With You
04. Numbers
05. Mr. Gorgeous (And Miss Curvaceous)
06. Aguas de Março (Joga Bossa)
07. Dark Walk
08. Jamie Pan
09. Giulietta
10. Flying Away

Making April - The Egg Hunt

乐队名称:Making April
专辑名称:The Egg Hunt

Making April formed two years ago in the dorm room of lead singer Sean Scanlon and guitarist Steve McCaffrey. After collaborating with longtime friend Greg Federspiel (bass), the band recorded 5 demo songs, that would later become the backbone of their 10 song debut EP unaway World.?Soon after, the band gained acclaim as a featured artist on MTV Laguna Beach, one of the Top 10 Unsigned Artists on Myspace.com, and the invaluable adoration of thousands of fans. Their infectious piano rock melodies have now sold over 115,000 singles on iTunes worldwide. To continue their success, Making April entered the studio in the fall of 2008 to record with producer Adam Richman. The result was a debut album titled he Egg Hunt?which is scheduled for released on SmartPunk March 17th, 2009.



01. So Bad
02. Brighter Bright
03. Bailey
04. Safe But Sorry
05. Stay The Night
06. Streetlights
07. Wide Awake
08. Let It Ride
09. Hey Katie
10. Don't Go


Stilla-Mode - Lovexperience

风格类型:Hip Hop/Soul

The 20th century the golden age of 90s baptism HipHop, Messenger of the lake of new drugs and modern light claw "Stilla model" Mitsubishi them a Beatbox, a Trackmaker, 3 were woven into the Soviet Union Rotary Club Trucks mother bear and rich in experience and expertise in this area, Black music is full of feelings

90年代HipHop黄金期の洗礼を受け、澱んだ現代に光とどけるメッセンジャー"Stilla-mode"One MC、One Beatbox、One Trackmaker、3人が織り成すSmokeyでNativeなトラックは、これまで現場で培った濃厚な経験と、Black Musicに対する深い愛情に満ちあふれ、



01. Love Introduction
02. Onelife
03. Slow down
04. Let it go feat. Nanamie
05. We are one
06. 2U
07. Say something
08. Far East Far West feat. The 49ers
09. APT 23
10. AM0:00 吉祥寺
11. Extra beat
12. See the light feat. Raykay
13. ユキノキオク 14. Outro (Thanks…RIP)
14. Outro

Chris Eminizer - Twice The Animal

歌手名称:Chris Eminizer
专辑名称:Twice The Animal
公司厂牌:Chris Eminizer

About Chris

"This is a remarkably smart, intense collection of lyrical rock. Eminizer may play under his own name, but he’s definitely a rocker. Most of the songs here feature lush arrangements with watery electric guitar, occasional keyboards and tersely atmospheric horn and woodwind passages. Recent Peter Gabriel, minus the qawwali influences, is the obvious comparison, both in terms of socially aware worldview and vocal approach: Eminizer sings with a similarly aggressive, frequently nonplussed insistence". - Lucid Culture

"His latest record, Twice the Animal, is an ambitious foray into a spectrum of musical colour, from humble acoustic songs to raucous jazz numbers. There’s a bit of Bob Dylan in the country drawl of ‘Crack Shot’, and most of the laid-back acoustic pieces have a John Mayer-type feel, with ‘Shark Cage’ in particular offering a nautical sense of private introspection with Eminizer’s honey-like voice spilling over from a shy verse into a gorgeously catchy chorus. Eminizer has a particularly charming way with words, with the lyrical content providing an insight into the complex person that he is". - Word Press

Chris is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist living in Patterson NY. This music focuses on strong, meaningful lyrics and uses creative instrumentation including some inventive sax work. The sound of “Twice The Animal” is a layered one, with many textures but also with soft single instrument and voice moments.



01. Form A Single Line
02. Beautiful Catastrophe
03. Crack Shot
04. Shark Cage
05. Ashes To The Sun
06. Move Along Now
07. Run Away
08. Borrowed Name
09. Thanks For The Call
10. Something Happened Here
11. Keep Me Real
12. Float Away

Iris Leu - Hushaboo

歌手名称:Iris Leu
公司厂牌:Iris Leu

About Hushaboo

hushaboo is a collection of 10 radio-ready tracks that strikes a distinctly modernist chord in the piano pop genre. The album draws from a range of stylistic influences from 80’s experimentalist group Talk Talk's synth pop to Impressionist composer Debussy's watery palate. The songs are inspired by the stories of many including the late musician Carter Albrecht, Showtime’s vigilante serial killer Dexter, and Paris Hilton and her lamentable aspirations. Crafted in the constraints of pop song structure and minimally dressed in lush, distorted atmosphere, the result is a thoughtful album with an eminent edge.

The album was recorded from Feb - Sept 2008 at Bass Propulsion Laboratories with producers Todd Pipes (Deep Blue Something, Calhoun, The Hourly Radio) and Nolan Thies (Little Black Dress) and features some of the Dallas music scene's most integral musicians: Earl Darling, Cooper Heffley, and Taylor Tatsch.

Pop music is in its most glorious hour: studio splicing and the quick production of catchy tunes, one-click downloading towards a maxed-out iPhone, diva tantrums on the TV during the dinner hour. Okay, maybe not. In its evolution towards convenient electronic turnaround, something’s gone missing. Simply, it’s the 2am tune during a lonely highway coasting, the get-up song after a rough day. And what’s been lost is what listeners crave most: that human connection. This still matters, right?

Back to basics: listeners need a song crafted by a songwriter who can speak to their intelligence and a performer who sings to break a heart, loosen a tear. And if you can find one who can fill both roles, you’ll want to lean in closely.

Iris Leu brings listeners back to the heart of the craft, skillfully merging significance and attention in 4-minute song intervals. Though a fairly newcomer to the music scene, there has already been recognition from the International Songwriting Contest, Unisong, and Dallas Songwriters Association, and invitations to perform at numerous college campuses and festivals throughout the South and the Northeast.

Her introductory EP permanent transient (2007) sold-out its initial run in the year of release after an extensive 2-months, 5,000 miles cross-country tour. The conversations on the road with pastors, prostitutes, and those morally in-between provided the backbone to the writing sessions in early winter 2008 which produced 40 songs. After months of effort and collaboration in the studio, 10 stand-out tracks absorbed into hushaboo.

On February 24, 2009, hushaboo will be released to fans across the country who can expect to fall in love once again with the beauty of a resonating melody and the voice of a familiar reminder that the joy of music is found in a priceless place- that of the human stories common between us.



01 For Keeps
02 Hush
03 Twentyone
04 Ipso Facto
05 Hollowville
06 Four Seasons
07 The Red Bird
08 Dive
09 Manifesto
10 After All Is Done

Oceana - Love Supply

专辑名称:Love Supply
公司厂牌:Ministry Of Sound
风格类型:Pop Soul

From an early age it was clear which direction she would take. OCEANA’s whirlwind path could not be stopped. Her mother started taking her to concerts as a young child. She saw big name artists including Ziggy Marley, Burning Spear, James Brown and she felt drawn to the stage, where she wanted to sing and dance. She took ballet lessons, danced through studios and at the age of five she was given a part in a film directed by Hamburg’s Lars Becker. As a teenager she won a music scholarship and had her first singing lesson with the Italian vocalist Etta Scollo.
Significant musical influence was given by the family’s record collection of artists like Billie Holiday and Etta James. Her initial and enduring experiences with jazz, funk and blues where taken with a family friend - legendary musician Maceo Parker. It was him who often asked OCEANA up on stage at his concerts and who got the ball of her musical career rolling with the sentence “You’re ready now; do your own thing!”.

Maceo Parker influenced and formed OCEANA’s musical and recording style: horn sets, Wurlitzer piano, electronic guitar-tremolo-effects from VOX amps, intrumentation as combined in swing beat and motown sound of the 60’s. Another element of her music are reggae influences - her intonation which she inherited by her father, a musician with carribean roots and with roots-reggae typical instrumentation like in the song “He Said” which was recorded with Jamaica legend Papa Curvin and mixed at Studio One, Kingston. OCEANA met her distinctive sound by the combination with contemporary Soul- and Hip-Hop Beats.

Against the background that OCEANA is in league with Seeed for a couple of years now the musical cycle closes. Demba Nabé, shaped by dub and dancehall, engaged OCEANA for the whole Boundzound tour 2007 where she was singing all female vocal parts. Those two are having a friendship for years and on the song “Bad Boy” Demba Nabé even does a featuring. Before the Boundzound tour OCEANA gained experience on tour with Seeed where she developed the performance concept and all choreographies. As an ambitious cosmopolitan she lived in Paris, Hamburg, London, New York, Los Angeles within the last years, and even some time on Martinique to discover her carribean roots. Her debut album “Love Supply” was recorded in New York and Hamburg in the end of 2008.



01. Pussycat On A Leash
02. Cry Cry
03. Last Supply
04. Fucked Up Situation
05. He Says
06. Bad Boy (Feat Boundzound)
07. All Genetic
08. Lala
09. Until I See Your Face
10. As Sweet As You
11. Upside Down
12. Baby Hold On
13. U Need A Hug

Jenny Owen Youngs - Transmitter Failure

歌手名称:Jenny Owen Youngs
专辑名称:Transmitter Failure

Youngs played the flute in elementary school and the tuba in junior high school. At 14, she began to play the guitar. She graduated from State University of New York at Purchase with a degree in studio composition.

Her album Batten the Hatches was self-released in 2005. In 2006, a song from that album, "Fuck Was I", appeared in the second season premiere of Showtime's Weeds, resulting in Batten the Hatches being re-released on April 10, 2007 with new artwork and an extra track ("Drinking Song") on the Canadian indie label Nettwerk. "Fuck Was I" was also released on Weeds: Music from the Original Series, Vol. 2.

In addition to her solo career, she is in the band The Robot Explosion, a side project with fellow musicians and friends Bess Rogers, Andrew Futral, and Saul Simon-MacWilliams. She also takes part in an online Podcast through myspace with Bess Rogers and Andrew Futral, titled 'Once More With Feeling' (named after the musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer).

Youngs recently toured with Vienna Teng, opening for the singer on the Green Caravan Tour. Also, she supported Aimee Mann at London's indigO2 on 27 July 2007. Youngs more recently toured with Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket in August 2007, and is currently co-headlining a U.S. tour with Sean Hayes. She traveled to cities in Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden in November and December.

Youngs has additionally stated that after completing her European tour, she intends to take three months off from touring to write songs for a new album.



01. First Person
02. Led To The Sea
03. Dissolve
04. Here Is A Heart
05. Clean Break
06. If I Didn't Know
07. What Beats Within
08. Secrets
09. No More Words
10. Last Person
11. Nighty Night
12. Transmitter Failure
13. Start + Stop

Halestorm - Halestorm

公司厂牌:Atlantic Records
风格类型:Hard Rock/Alternative Metal/Post Grunge

Halestorm is a rock band from Pennsylvania (US) that signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records on June 28, 2005. The group has been consistently active, writing and performing original music since 1998 (when the band members were ranging in ages from 10 to 13 years old) and becoming increasingly successful. They have achieved international airplay, having been featured on the Lord Litter show in Germany. The band has been the featured artist, appearing on the covers of Origivation Magazine (October 2006) and Pennsylvania Musician magazine three times (August 1999, March 2000, and February 2003).

The band toured nationally across the United States from January to March 2006 on the Winterfresh Sno-Core Tour with Seether, Shinedown, and Flyleaf. There were about 23 shows in that tour. After that tour the band hit the road again, this time on the Equinox Tour with Shinedown, Trapt, Evans Blue, and Mercy Fall. This lasted until Mid-July 2006.Lzzy Hale also lent her vocals to a reworked version of the song "Shed Some Light" with Shinedown off their album Us & Them, though this version was never officially released and only saw sparse play on a few radio stations based in the band's home state of Pennsylvania.

On September 5, 2007, the band appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as part of the Jaywalking segment.

Their debut album was released on April 28, 2009. A pre-order with an instant download is available on their website. It was also announced that the song "I Get Off" will be the lead single off the new album.

美国宾夕法尼亚硬摇滚乐队,女主唱,乐队早在1998就由主唱Lzzy和她哥哥-鼓手Arejay建立,当时乐队平均年龄在10-13岁,汗一个!乐队2005年签约到Atlantic旗下,但还是乐队的第一张正式专辑~女主唱声线霸气十足,但总体感觉还是偏Power Pop。



01. It's Not You
02. Get Off
03. Bet U Wish U Had Me Back
04. Innocence
05. Familiar Taste Of Poison
06. I'm Not An Angel
07. What Were You Expecting?
08. Love/Hate Heartbreak
09. Better Sorry Than Safe
10. Dirty Work
11. Nothing To Do With Love

Collin Raye - Never Going Back

歌手名称:Collin Raye
专辑名称:Never Going Back
公司厂牌:Time Life Records

Floyd Collin Wray (born August 22, 1959 or 1960, in De Queen, Arkansas, USA) is an American country music singer, known professionally as Collin Raye. He made his debut on the American country music scene in 1991 with the release of his debut album All I Can Be, which produced his first Number One hit in "Love, Me". All I Can Be was the first of four consecutive albums released by Raye to achieve RIAA platinum certification in the United States for sales of one million copies each.

Throughout the 1990s, Collin continued to produce Top Ten singles on the country music charts. By the end of the decade, however, his momentum had slowed; 2001's Can't Back Down was his first album that did not produce a Top 40 country hit, and he was dropped by his record label soon afterward. He did not record another studio album until 2005's Twenty Years and Change, released on an independent label.

Between 1991 and 2007, Raye charted thirty singles on the U.S. country charts; he has also charted twice on the Adult Contemporary format as a duet partner on two Jim Brickman songs. Four of Raye's singles have reached Number One on the Billboard country music charts: 1992's "Love, Me" and "In This Life", 1994's "My Kind of Girl", and 1998's "I Can Still Feel You". He has also recorded a total of eleven studio albums, counting a Christmas album and a compilation of lullabies, in addition to releasing a Greatest Hits compilation, a live album, and a live CD/DVD package. His most recent album, Never Going Back, was released via Saguaro Road Records on April 28, 2009.


拥有五张白金唱片及九首乡村冠军单曲傲人纪录的Collin Raye,在许多方面都展现出迥异于其它乡村歌手的特殊魅力。Collin Raye的创作融合了乡村、流行、民谣及抒情摇滚等多样曲风,而他舒缓的歌声中夹带着沛盈的情感,甜而不腻,抒情而不滥情,带有些许丹佛格伯(Dan Fogelberg)况味的的诗意气质更是如影随形地随时从他的声音里透露出来。

由于母亲也是着名的乡村歌手,耳濡目染的结果使得Collin Raye的进入音乐界亦显得理所当然。Collin Raye先是和弟弟Scott合组了一支二重唱Wray Brothers,两兄弟在八十年代缔造过不少排行佳绩,单飞后的Collin Raye仍然延续着这股气势,首张专辑"All I Can Be"的专辑同名单曲不但一举打进全美乡村Top 40,专辑里的另一首单曲"Love, Me"更是雄霸了三周全美乡村单曲榜冠军宝座。"Love, Me"这首歌曲描述的是即使天人永隔也无法阻断的爱情,是首听过必为之动容的感人抒情经典。

Collin Raye在这之后陆陆续续又以多张白金专辑以及排行金曲奠定他在乡村乐界的巨星地位,然而Collin Raye对于自己当初进入歌坛的初衷依然未变,那就是为抚慰人心而唱,因此他并不会为了市场需求而做出哗众取宠的表现,他还是一个字一个字、一个音符一个音符地悉心诚意打造出真正感动人心的歌声。



01. Never Going Back
02. Take Care Of You
03. Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love
04. Without You (With Susan Ashton)
05. Mid-Life Chrysler
06. You Get Me
07. Where It Leads
08. The Cross
09. Stuck In The Middle With You
10. I Love You This Much
11. The Only Jesus
12. She's With Me
13. Helping Hands (Bonus Track)
14. Faithfully (Bonus Track)


Sheree Plett - Red Circled Heart (Reissue)

歌手名称:Sheree Plett
专辑名称:Red Circled Heart (Reissue)
公司厂牌:Anniedale Records
风格类型:Folk Rock/Indie

Re-release of her 2006 album by the same name.
Release date is ambiguous, her myspace says February
2009, but the CD case says (c) 2008. If you email her and ask you can let us know. kthx.
P.S. Low levels aren't ripper's fault. That is how they pressed it so don't even start...



01. Autumn
02. Songbird
03. Flood
04. Flash Photography
05. Winter
06. Passive
07. Oh Dear
08. Driving Home
09. Soldier
10. Shy Rose
11. Death Due Us Part
12. Pressed Flowers


陈珊妮&陈怡文 - 双陈记

专辑名称:双陈记 [Recorded 2-Chan]
[Sandee Chan + Kimmy Chan]


01. 双陈记
02. A Tale of Two Cities
03. A Tale of Two Cities (Instrumental)


公司厂牌:Blanco Y Negro

群星用现代流行乐方式演绎 EDITH PIAF 生前经典曲目......

艾迪特·皮雅芙(Édith Piaf,原名Édith Giovanna Gassion,1915年12月19日-1963年10月11日),是法國最著名,也是最受愛戴的女歌手之一。

1915年12月19日皮雅芙生於巴黎的一個貧困家庭,父親是馬戲團團員,母親是街頭歌女,父母離異後,因為母親無力撫養她,父親又參軍,只好讓她跟著一個經營妓院的親戚在巴黎長大,從小就接觸社會最底層的人群。她身高只有1米46,正是因此她取藝名為「小麻雀」(Piaf),她說話粗俗,個性爽朗,歌如其人,她的多數作品反映了其悲劇的一生,最著名的歌曲包括《玫瑰人生》(La Vie en Rose,1946年)、《愛的禮讚》(Hymne à l'amour,1949年)、《我的老爺》(Milord,1959)和《我無怨無悔》(Non, je ne regrette rien,1960年)。

中年因為車禍後的傷害,染上注射嗎啡止痛和酗酒。1963年10月11日因為肝癌死於格拉斯,終年48歲,她的朋友Jean Cocteau也於同一天逝世。法蘭西共和國為她舉行了國葬,使她成為國家的標誌。

法國人都親切地稱其「小傢伙」(la Môme),2007年上映的電影《玫瑰人生》(《La Môme》)反映了她悲劇而傳奇的一生。


01. Donna summer - La Vie En Rose
02. Corey Hart - Hymn To Love
03. Ann Wilson - Jezebel
04. Jason Scheff - When I See Her
05. Pat Benatar - The Effect You Have On Me
06. Willy Deville - The Lovers
07. Juice Newton - Lovers Of One Day
08. Ivan Lins - A Carousel For Two
09. Emmylou Harris - No Regrets
10. Leon Russell - The Three Bells
11. K.T Oslin - My Legionnaire
12. Various Artists (Instrumental) - For Edith
13. Jay Style Feat. Donna Summer - La Vie En Rose (Radio Edit)
14. Jay Style Feat. Donna Summer - La Vie En Rose (Club Mix)


At Last An Atlas & Paul O'Reilly - Ships Leaving

歌手名称:At Last An Atlas & Paul O'Reilly
专辑名称:Ships Leaving
公司厂牌:Slow Loris

这张在购物网站上当VA专辑卖,其实是歌手Greg O'Brien (At Last An Atlas) 和 Paul O'Reilly (四人乐队) 在厂牌 Slow Loris 联合出版的专辑,各包办了五首曲目.....

Ships Leaving is a split record by Greg O'brien (At last an Atlas) and Paul O'Reilly. The album is released on Dublin based independent label Slow Loris. It is an album of two halves.
The first half of the record is by At last an atlas. At last an atlas is the music of Greg O'Brien, who is also one half of Dublin band 'The Hollows'. He uses organs, live electronics, samplers, nylon string guitar, vocals, noises and field recordings to create warm, dreamy sounding electronic songs.

The second half of the record is by Paul O'Reilly. Paul O'Reilly released his first album 'First Thing in the Morning' in Ireland on Volta Sounds in September 2001 and in the UK/Europe on Loose Music in Apr 2002 to much critical acclaim.



01. At Last an Atlas - At a Loss
02. At Last an Atlas - Eimear Hush
03. At Last an Atlas - Paper Crown
04. At Last an Atlas - In Time
05. At Last an Atlas - Count Your Blessings
06. Paul O'Reilly - On a Hill In the Rain
07. Paul O'Reilly - Buttons
08. Paul O'Reilly - Last Days In a City
09. Paul O'Reilly - Now We Are Six
10. Paul O'Reilly - Bird for a Heart

Liz Durrett - Outside Our Gates

歌手名称:Liz Durrett
专辑名称:Outside Our Gates
公司厂牌:Warm Electric
风格类型:Indie Folk

Liz Durrett is an American singer-songwriter based in Athens, Georgia. She is currently signed to Athens-based Warm Records and has released three albums. Her first two albums were produced by her uncle, famed Georgian singer-songwriter, Vic Chesnutt. Her third album, Outside Our Gates was produced by Eric Bachmann and released by Warm Records in September 2008. The album has received positive early reviews. Liz has toured throughout the United States and Europe and has made several guest appearances on other artist records.



01. Wake To Believe
02. Wild As Them
03. In The Eaves
04. We Build Bridges
05. Lost Hiker
06. All Of Them All
07. Note For A Girl
08. You Live Alone
09. Always Signs
10. Not Running
11. The Sea A Dream

Liz Durrett - The Mezzanine

歌手名称:Liz Durrett
专辑名称:The Mezzanine
公司厂牌:Warm Electric
风格类型:Indie Folk


倘若你是一名唱作人,你可会想到你在大约十年前私密地灌录的歌曲,竟会在今天原汁原味地被出版成唱片吗?这样的故事,便发生在美国乔治亚州Athens的女创作歌手Liz Durrett身上。
Liz在乔治亚州独立厂牌Warm Electronic Recordings旗下发表的这处女专辑Husk,便是结集着她於1993至1996年间所收录的一批歌曲,那时相信她还是一名十来岁的妙龄少女。为Liz伴奏的Vic Chesnutt(乔治亚州Urban-Folk唱作人、据知R.E.M.的Michael Stipes也是他的歌迷)和Tina Chesnutt是她的Uncle与Auntie,后者也是唱片的监製兼录音师,而一曲BC里又有她的祖母Ruby Whatley客串,感觉是很家庭式製作。

Some years back, the Southern literary magazine The Oxford American questioned whether anything of the Southern gothic still remained. Had Southern heritage and culture survived or had it all been paved over to make room for chain stores? Well, for those who hold that The North won the war, but Wal-Mart won The South, you might have a reason to stop fretting for a few moments. The Mezzanine, by Athens Georgia resident, Liz Durrett, is a beautiful album that mixes evocative images, dreamy ballads, and spooky lullaby-like songs into a haunting pastiche of dusty portraits, kudzu vines, creaky floorboards, and children's toys. At times, The Mezzanine bears a resemblance to the songs of Cat Power's Moonpix. The title song is certainly a stand out, but there are many good songs on this album. Durrett doesn't wear her Southerness like banner, but if you look with the right eyes, you'll find it. For some, it may be a grateful reminder that contemporary Southern music isn't yet entirely reducibly to the corporate designed Dixie-fried hat acts from Nashville.



01. Knives At The Wall
02. All The Spokes
03. Cup On The Counter
04. Mezzanine, The
05. CreepyAsKudzu
06. Marlene
07. Silent Partner
08. Shivering Assembly
09. Little Ascendant
10. No Apology
11. In The Throes


Catie Curtis - Sweet Life

歌手名称:Catie Curtis
专辑名称:Sweet Life
公司厂牌:Compass Records
风格类型:Folk Rock/Folk/Acoustic

It’s not all that hard to find a musician willing and able to offer a guided tour of life’s dark clouds -- but making the acquaintance of someone able to hone in on the silver lining, well, that’s an altogether rarer occurrence It’s an experience to savor. Catie Curtis’ ability to lift up the listener radiates from virtually every groove of her appropriately-titled ninth studio album, Sweet Life.
“I probably wouldn’t have written a record this positive if things were going great in the world and we had peace and prosperity,” the singer-songwriter explains. “There are lots of reasons to be unhappy or anxious at this time,and I think the album is as much about resilience as anything. In order to stay sane and keep moving forward you have to be able to look at all the bad news around you and still see the beauty that is there alongside the trouble.”

Sweet Life abounds with that positive energy— although Curtis deftly stays clear of sentimentality. Anything but sticky sweet, this album is like a mature embrace, from the warm and winsome coming-of-age allegory “Are You Ready to Fly?” to the languid, sepia-toned “What You Can’t Believe,” on which she disperses the doubts that gather, as the lyric puts it, “under darkening clouds.” That song, like many of the disc’s dozen offerings, reaches out to listeners with a welcoming blend of burnished keyboards and slide guitar -- a departure from Curtis’s most recent recordings, which were more spare.

“We’re at this juncture where a lot of folks are working on their records in home studios and making them sound craftily small, but I really wanted to go in the other direction toward a big, warm, friendly sound,” Curtis says of her first Nashville-bred recording. The songs are meant to be open and confident, and I don’t know that they’d have carried as well if they were done stripped down and bare bones.”

They’re anything but stripped down. Backed by an array of Music City vets, including longtime Bonnie Raitt collaborator George Marinelli and Alison Prestwood, who’s accompanied such artists as Shawn Colvin, Rodney Crowell and Peter Frampton, Curtis stretches out as broadly as at anytime in her 12-year recording career. That’s evident in the playfulness of the ‘30s-styled barroom plaint “Lovely” as well as in the ‘70s soul groove of “For Now,” which exudes Muscle Shoals sultriness.

As is her wont, Curtis also slips a surprising cover into the mix on Sweet Life – this time an affirming rendition of “Soul Meets Body” by kindred alternative-rock spirits Death Cab for Cutie, a song she says she was drawn to because “I was really taken by the way these young guys are able to talk about wanting to live on a spiritual plane, which is really different than a lot of the music of the ‘90s which was really critical and jaded and ranting.”

There’s never been anything remotely jaded about Catie Curtis.. From the first time she picked up a guitar -- an instrument given to her gratis by a neighbor who asked only that she promise to learn to play it -- the native of rural southern Maine has used music as a sort of sonic superglue to bring people together. She brought that to the fore on her charming 1995 debut Truth From Lies, a disc on which she tangled with heartache and -- on the affably goofy “Slave to my Belly” -- had a full-on dialogue with that body part, and ramped it up further on her 1997 follow-up, which was named Album of the Year at the Gay and Lesbian American Music Awards.

With her intoxicating brand of folk pop music, smart and enduring lyrics and engaging personality, Curtis has created a dedicated following that has grown steadily over the course of her 15-year career. With 9 albums and recognition that includes a 2006 International Songwriting Competition Grand Prize, Curtis has proven that she’s the real deal: a musician with the kind of raw talent and artistic maturity that makes her a force to be reckoned with, albeit a sweet force.



01. Sweet Life
02. Are You Ready to Fly?
03. Everything Waiting to Grow
04. For Now
05. Happy
06. What You Can't Believe
07. Lovely
08. Sing
09. Soul Meets Body
10. Fools
11. Princess and the Mermaid
12. Over

The Maccabees - Wall Of Arms

乐队名称:The Maccabees
专辑名称:Wall Of Arms

The Maccabees return next month with 'Wall Of Arms' and it's an expansive, epic-sounding follow-up to their debut, 'Colour It In'. Over it's eleven tracks, 'Wall Of Arms' is a thrilling fusion of indie anthems, gentle lullabies and dark, stormy swirls, the quintet are not afraid to sound vulnerable, forceful and plain loveable at the flick of a guitar string.



01. Love You Better
02. One Hand Holding
03. Can You Give It
04. Young Lions
05. Wall Of Arms
06. No Kind Words
07. Dinosaurs
08. Kiss And Resolve
09. William Powers
10. Seventeen Hands
11. Bag Of Bones