Dear Superstar - Heartless

乐队名称:Dear Superstar
发行日期:December 13, 2008

Hailing from the industrial wastelands of Manchester (UK), gutter rock n rollers Dear Superstar combine their passion for 80’s hard rock with the power and bile of modern metal.
Riding their unscrupulous and depraved rollercoaster into sold out venues across the UK and Europe, Dear Superstar have destroyed stages supporting the likes of Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Bullet For My Valentine, Hanoi Rocks and Wednesday13 – helping to build their foundations as the UK’s brightest hope for lecherous Rock N Roll.

With their unquenchable thirst for life on the road, Dear Superstar recorded their album “Heartless” with producer Romesh Dodangoda (Funeral For A Friend, Bullet for my Valentine, The Blackout, Kids in Glass Houses) to document years of touring and a graphic confession of the band's lifestyle of unbridled mayhem. This sparked a unique relationship with legendary rock independent label Demolition/DR2 Records who went on to release the album in October 2008!
Dear Superstar burst straight back onto the live circuit in 2009 supporting Papa Roach and after wowing crowds on the sold-out tour, were quickly confirmed to appear at the iconic Download Festival 2009. With "Heartless" now available in all major record stores and a relentless touring schedule the UK’s premier rock n roll disasters are taking no prisoners!



01. Brink Of Destruction
02. Brothers In Blood
03. Live Love Lie
04. Signposts To Bedposts
05. Anytime Anyplace
06. Raised Voices And Confrontations
07. Rock Bottom
08. Hollywood Whore
09. Diseased And Distraught
10. Can't Write A Love Song

Dance Gavin Dance - Happiness

乐队名称:Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance 4th album entitled "Happiness" is a progression and itclearly shows. Dance Gavin Dance has found their sound and has laid theirniche into the scene. They are able to play with just about any band outthere and are often referred to as a 揵ands band? Though impossible toclassify their sound, they still blend a myriad of genres into their songs.Dance Gavin Dance is always pushing the envelope, while somehow maintaininga sense of melody and urgency.



01. Tree Village
02. NASA
03. I'm Down With Brown Town
04. Carl Barker
05. Happiness
06. Self-Trepanation
07. Strawberry Swisher Pt. I
08. Don't Tell Dave
09. Strawberry Swisher Pt. II
10. Powder to the People


Vagabond - You Don't Know The Half Of It

专辑名称:You Don't Know The Half Of It

Vagabond are an international five-piece pop/rock band with a bluesy and soulful sound. They are being launched by Xenomania and are signed to Geffen Records.



01. Sweat (Until The Morning)
02. Don't Wanna Run No More
03. I Know A Girl
04. I've Been Wanting You
05. Ladelle
06. Smile Of Mona Lisa
07. I Said Hello
08. I Hope You Know Better
09. Clouded Circus
10. Drifting
11. More Than You Can Take


Wand - Hard Knox

专辑名称:Hard Knox
公司厂牌:Ecstatic Peace/Universal Records
风格类型:Indie Folk

We’ve been readers of the music blog scene for years now. We were reading music blogs before everyone had a music blog, and our own music blog wasn’t so much as an iota of thought several years ago. Although our blog is young, we were there to see the rise of Pitchfork and its effect on the scene. We were around when Chris began gorillavsbear and Brian’s been reading Aquarium Drunkard religiously since that site began pumping out MP3’s from Los Angeles. We’re acutely aware of the purposes of online music websites, but this also makes us unfortunately knowledgeable about their drawbacks, too. We dislike the rating system of music reviews, and we’re even more averse to bashing albums. If you’ve been a regular reader of our site, you’ll see that we’ve been churning out full-length album reviews at a rate damn near impossible for three busy writers that have taxing day jobs. With all of the writing and reviewing we’ve done, we’ve yet to bash an album and we’re extremely proud of that here. If an album makes it onto our site, we feel it’s worthy of extensive review and purchase. Consider it our stamp of approval. We get inundated with really bad music daily and we choose to post the best of the best. We “unpack our bags” about why we think albums are good and don’t waste our energy and intelligence on albums that are sub-par. Pitchfork has created an empire both lifting bands out of obscurity but also shattering dreams. That’s not our style here. We can write like those guys, but you won’t find the rants around here.

The central problem, however, is based around an article I read last week about how music blogs serve to rave bands that really aren’t very good and discuss mediocrity as if it was the next Neutral Milk Hotel or Radiohead. This draws my ire big time. The sheer nature of our enterprise here at Citizen Dick is to write about good music and leave the bad music completely out of the equation. If our central job is to become a PR agency for shitty music, we’ve certainly lost brain cells at some point and have lapsed into a completely inconsequential hobby. This idea that the music that bloggers post is overhyped is ludicrous, and certainly doesn’t apply to my reviewing and online writing. I want to smash my Macbook over someone’s head every time I hear this sentiment. The fact remains that noteworthy emerging music deserves discussion, and for every great album that “makes it” there are another fifty excellent records that barely sell enough to warrant enough dough for a second release. We feel our job here is crucially important, and that somebody has to review great records positively and without needless bashing. Some albums you don’t know about are amazing, and we’re here to explain that. This new WAND album coming out on May 19th is one of those albums we sincerely hope you’ll put your ears to in 2009.

James Jackson Toth is a dude I can get into immediately. Formerly known as Wooden Wand, Toth has decided to change things around a bit moniker-wise but the brilliantly simple and dark country blues balladry he’s been known for is still front and center. “Hard Knox” is a 14 track wordy escapade that wickedly haunts you from beginning to end, and the collection of rare B-sides, home recorded tracks, and rarities is so good we can stamp it as excellent immediately. I’ve played the record in its entirety in excess of fifty times since I received it last week, and there isn’t a record in 2009 I’ve given this much attention to. It’s filled with lyrical mastery and ear-pleasing tone. It’s rough and edgy but beautifully transcendent at the same time. The tracks hold up well individually but also mesh together to give you a great inside look at Toth’s muse; It’s heartache and contemplation that drive this thing, and if you’re not listening to “Arriving” as you’re reading, please do that now.

It doesn’t take too long to fall into the album’s tone, as “Arriving” is a dark, dark song with amazingly poetic word-puzzles and imagery about a girl with thick skin. Toth chooses the poetic concept of cataloging, where tone-drenched images are listed with very little explanation. Quips of lyrical brilliance punch you in the face from the first note of this track to the last. Brooding imagery of serpents, decay, worms, fruit, is so well-placed in the track. It’s somewhat narrative, as the evil woman finally reveals, or “arrives” at the end and her ill motives are laid bare. The song rules and Toth’s decision to start with it is wise, as it sets pace and draws the audience completely in.

As mentioned, the poetic structure of this album is loud and clear. Toth knows what he’s doing and he’s incredibly intelligent. “Eyes” may be the best track on the album, and some of the lyrical business is superb. Flying aces, crosshair bows, fugitive liquor, solid snow. Alien strangers, first through seventh row. Images erupt from the song like dandelions in your yard and stick in your craw long afterward. Tracks like “Saturday Delivery” and “Lady of Situation” are more overtly positive and uplifting in their musical arangement, but nearly every track focuses on both the good and bad of our existence. Toth pines in many of these songs about how it’s impossible to go backward and erase the past but the past must be fully embraced to move forward. It might be too late to settle bets beneath the ocean. The dawn awaits.” Warm tones, beautiful acoustic arrangements and pleasing vocals are the standards here.

Toth’s gravelly and hardened vocals are a major reason for this album’s greatness. “Blamelessness” is an edgy and low-fi track where his vocals become deeply ingrained and seared in. Likewise, in “Chrome” Toth makes a simple amplified guitar in a basement sound brilliant. His melodic vocals and well placed double-harmonies bring blues, country, poetry, and edgy alternative vibes to listeners. If there’s any specific track where everything balls into one, it’s “Soldier Movies” at the album’s close. Endearing and softly yearning, Toth emits an aura that’s impossible to forget. The closing track is significant because it brings home the ideal emotional conflict of the entire album. Toth is obviously reminiscing about a rocky past, but seems completely okay with it. There’s a comfort to his lyricism and imagery.

There are 14 tracks on the record to wrap your brain around, and I’ll emphatically state that each one of them exhibits its own unique style and value. This isn’t an album to be missed this year, and to fully let Toth and WAND into your arsenal, you’ve got to spin the whole thing repeatedly. We’re confident this will be a mainstay for you, as it has already become one for me. Enjoy “Arriving” for free and pick this up on release day.



01. Arriving
02. Chrome
03. Lady Of Situations
04. Eyes
05. Saturday Delivery
06. Blamelessness
07. All These Generous Men
08. Trails
09. Urchins
10. Dead Of Night
11. Dark Is Bending
12. The Drag Pit
13. Death Dealer Blues
14. Solider Movies (For Larry McMurtry)


North Lincoln - Midwestern Blood

乐队名称:North Lincoln
专辑名称:Midwestern Blood
公司厂牌:No Idea
风格类型:Punk Rock

"There's some kind of crazy connection between Michigan and Florida, enough so that the proposed bullet-train / flume ride linking the two states starts to make a hell of a lot of sense, especially when you consider the twenty-some-odd trips to Gainesville NORTH LINCOLN has made from Grand Rapids over the last five years. Between recording two albums and a demo here playing five Fests, and touring in general, maybe they should invest in a time-share or foster a band-exchange program?

The eleven songs on "Midwestern Blood" are the culmination of a two-year recording and mixing process. Rob McGregor once again captured the noise at Goldentone Studio, with Derron Nuhfer mixing the beast at Crescendo Sound The trade off captured the best of both worlds. The band took their straight forward, gruff mix of anthemic punk and raspy rock and extended the formula to include instrumental stretches and more space to breathe. Maybe it was too many hours spent listening to Drive Like Jehu? Maybe it was something in the water... or the snow? Whatever it was, we can all hope that they drink deep and forge ahead, striking the delicate balance between record-nerd and music-geek. (Insert college football reference here.)" - Var / No Idea

A few years ago, somebody coined the term "Midwestern beer- belly despair rock" to describe a handful of bands emanating from the greater Illinois/Michigan era, and the moniker couldn't be more aptly fitting for North Lincoln. Hailing from the reeling metropolis of Grand Rapids, deeply rooted in a community that rode the post-industrial wave of collapse and still struggles to keep its head above water, North Lincoln embodies a newer wave of working-class punk rock that ditches the anthemic trappings of Boston and New York and instead builds on the melancholy hymns of luminaries like JAWBREAKER and LEATHERFACE. They've added a healthy dash of HOT WATER MUSIC's hoarsely-shouted defiance to craft their own niche - desperate without implying resignation, helpless without feeling hopeless, downhearted but never defeated. It's furious mid-tempo rock heavily steeped in distorted minor chords, all tied together by lyrics that scrutinize the turbulent personal and social relationships found in their community and, more likely than not, mirrored in our own



01. My Summer Spent Indoors
02. Spy
03. Seasons
04. Remember
05. Bridge Jumpers
06. All This Time
07. Morals
08. Leveling
09. Weight Of The World
10. No Turning Back
11. Siblings


Wetton Downes - Icon III

乐队名称:Wetton Downes
专辑名称:Icon III
公司厂牌:Frontiers Records
发行日期:April 7, 2009

2009 release, the third studio album from John Wetton and Geoffrey Downes, one-half of the Prog Rock supergroup Asia. Wetton and Downes cut their musical teeth on English church music as young boys, each was gifted with an ear for a good tune, be it ABBA or the Beach Boys. Their musical careers developed soon with John playing and singing with King Crimson and UK, while Geoff got enormous exposure with The Buggles and their massive hit 'Video Killed The Radio Star' in 1979, later on joining Yes for the release of Drama. The two came together in Asia (with Steve Howe and Carl Palmer) and the duo were responsible for writing the majority of the band's material. Icon 3 will please fans of Asia, Progressive Rock, AOR and melodic Rock. Frontiers.



01. Twice the Man I Was
02. Destiny
03. Green Lights and Blue Skies
04. Raven
05. My Life is in Your Hands
06. Sex, Power and Money
07. Anna's Kiss
08. Under the Sky
09. Don't Go Out Tonight
10. Never Thought I'd See You Again
11. Peace in Our Time

Poison My Blood - Monuments

乐队名称:Poison My Blood
公司厂牌:Disobedience Distribution

After 3 years of touring and a very well-received demo, Poison My Blood recorded their first album 'Monuments' at the Rape Of Harmonies studios (Heaven Shall Burn, Misery Speaks, ...) in Germany. Their metal-influenced hardcore has now taken a more melodic and progressive turn and today can be compared to bands like Shai Hulud, Twelve Tribes or Misery Signals.
With their debut album 'Monuments' in their back pocket - released 01/01/2009 worldwide through Disobedience & Tornado Music - Poison My Blood has proven that they much more to offer than any other 'metalcore' band!

This five piece is full of ambition and motivation, resulting in steaming and energetic shows. No matter the location, circumstances or whatever: Poison My Blood will go to the fullest. The band is their way to escape from everyday life and do something where they will put their heart and soul in, which results in a very charismatic live show.

So far the band has played and toured in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands such as Norma Jean, The Chariot, Silverstein, Bane, Strike Anywhere, Horse The Band, The Warriors, Ligeia, Cold As Life, The Banner, Architects, For The Fallen Dreams, Salt The Wound, Machinemade God, Born From Pain and many more!



01. Black Water
02. Solitude
03. Crash and Collapse
04. Set Sail
05. Monuments
06. The Dead
07. Wasteland
08. The Arsonist
09. Echoes

Lucky Elephant - Star Sign Trampoline

乐队名称:Lucky Elephant
专辑名称:Star Sign Trampoline
公司厂牌:Sunday Best

Recorded from start to finish on 2" analogue tape, their debut albumStar Sign Trampoline is a lovingly produced and naturally resonantdebut. While the organic melodies and warm vintage instrumentation ofLucky Elephant might echo fellow Isle of Wight ex-pats The Bees, it isthe cultural struggles and urban melancholia within that truly definesLucky Elephant. Amidst the burr of sun blasted echo tapes, Wurlitzer,and Harmonium, French vocalist Manu plays with images of a rural idylljuxtaposed with the reality of a metropolitan home.



01. Lucky Elephant
02. Edgar
03. Red Ties vs. The Bees
04. The Pier
05. Modern Life, Changing People
06. Reverend Tilsley & His Magic Lantern
07. Burn Down The Acres
08. The Beginning
09. When You Fall To Earth
10. Neptune
11. Timebomb

Kyle Eastwood - Metropolitain

歌手名称:Kyle Eastwood
公司厂牌:Entertainment/Candid Records

Kyle Eastwood (born May 19, 1968) is an American jazz musician. He studied film at the University of Southern California for two years before embarking on a music career. After becoming a session player in the early '90s and leading his own quartet, he released his first solo CD, From There to Here, in 1998. His most recent CD, Now, was released in 2006 by Rendezvous. Eastwood plays acoustic and electric as well as double bass.



01. Metropolitain
02. Bold Changes
03. Hot Box
04. Black Light
05. Bel Air
06. Sambra De Paris
07. Song For You
08. Rue Perdue
09. Le Balai
10.Live For Life

Emery - ... In Shallow Seas We Sail

专辑名称:... In Shallow Seas We Sail
公司厂牌:Tooth & Nail Records
发行日期:June 2, 2009

Having sold hundreds of thousands of albums and played thousands of shows all over the world during their career, Emery are no strangers to success. The band's highly anticipated 2009 album, ...In Shallow Seas We Sail, brings them back full circle to their roots as one of the premiere bands in their genre, combining the intensity that put them on the map with the poise and maturity that only years of experience brings. Returning to work with producer Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, The Almost, Emery's The Question), ...In Shallow Seas We Sail is the band's best sounding album that showcases the best songwriting of their critically-acclaimed career. The end result is a truly special body of work that will not disappoint longtime fans and is sure to secure plenty of new enthusiasts.



01. Cutthroat Collapse
02. Curbside Goodbye
03. Inside Our Skin
04. Churches and Serial Killers
05. Butcher's Mouth
06. In Shallow Seas We Sail
07. The Poor and the Prevalent
08. The Smile, The Face
09. A Sin To Hold On To
10. Piggy Bank Lies
11. Edge of the World
12. Dear Death Part 1
13. Dear Death Part 2

69 Chambers - War on the inside

乐队名称:69 Chambers
专辑名称:War on the inside
发行日期:June 2, 2009

This Swiss 3-Piece shows us Brilliant Female Pop melodic vocals over fiercely heavy metal riffs, this is certainly it's own thing. Check out the samples!

69 Chambers are heavy riffing guitars counterpointed by Nina Treml’s pop-oriented vocals, while Maddy Madarasz’ driving bass and Diego Rapacchietti's blasting drums form a tight and solid wall of sound. The Swiss rock/metal three piece was formed by the guitar-playing frontlady (Nina) in 2001 and soon made a loud impact at the «Universal Breakthru Contest», recorded an EP as well as a video and gave their international debut at the «Pentaport Festival» in Incheon, South Korea amongst reknowned bands like «Muse» and «Testament». After experiencing the unfreedom in the «Land Of The Free» for some time, Nina returned to Switzerland with 13 powerful songs to record the debut album: an uncompromising work full of contradictions and unique melodies. 69 Chambers’ «War On The Inside» will be released on April 24th, 2009 worldwide under the label Silverwolf Productions.

The debut album "War On The Inside" from the rock-/metal-trio "69 Chambers" with frontwoman Nina Treml on guitar and vocals, bass player Maddy Madarasz and drummer Michi Brugger, was produced by Tommy Vetterli (Coroner, Kreator). It’s a high-quality production with a powerful sound, heavy dropped guitars and unique vocals that sing unusual yet catchy melodies. The musical influences seem clear, but you can’t really compare "69 Chambers" with any other band.



01. The Day Of The Locust
02. Bloodaxe
03. Dead Letter Office
04. Thinking About You
05. On The Inside
06. Ex Nihilo
07. Return Of The Repressed
08. Judas Goat
09. The Collapse Of Time and Space
10. Wind Feeds Fire
11. Final Memento
12. Automatic Automata

Broken Promise Keeper - Ice Cold Pop

乐队名称:Broken Promise Keeper
专辑名称:Ice Cold Pop
公司厂牌:Dizzydog Records
风格类型:Power Pop/Rock

Broken Promise Keeper is a one-man studio band based in Decatur, Georgia, the coolest part of metro Atlanta.
The music is unabashedly pop, in that it's full of catchy, hook-filled melodies and vocal harmonies. But there's plenty of rockin' power in the driving guitars, chugging bass lines, and pounding drums.
BPK got his start back in the North Carolina/Athens, GA "janglepop" scene of the mid 1980s, what is now recognized as a golden age of Southern powerpop. The songs and style of that era still influence him today but there are plenty of references from the past two decades in his music!
Here's what folks have had to say about "Ice Cold Pop," the latest album from BPK:
- "Pulls out all the stops and highlights a special light side of pop that most reminds me of early Shoes. Old school, good school. VERY highy recommended!" (Not Lame, May 15, 2009)
- "The tracks here are full of rich effortless hooks... this one is worth the effort to track down and listen to"



01. Directions
02. Worship From Afar
03. Kristine
04. I Blame James
05. Look Out Hollywood
06. Fake It
07. Show Me
08. Amusement Park Lover
09. Life Is Killing Me
10. Once
11. Secret
12. Goodbye