The Humbugs - On The Up Side

乐队名称:The Humbugs
专辑名称:On The Up Side
公司厂牌:Oddvious Records

"On The Up Side" is the fourth release from the Minneapolis quintet The Humbugs. It follows their debut EP "Hey That's My Bike" and the critically acclaimed "Stereo Types" and "Twist The Truth." "On The Up Side" took The Humbugs back to The Terrarium, one of Minneapolis’ premier recording facilities with producer Jacques Wait(Semisonic, The Soviettes}. The bands' goal to make a completely cohesive album intertwining 60's pop with early 80's new wave. The result was eleven tight, concise musical nuggets that strive to take you away to a sugary pop wonderland. Of course "On The Up Side" has the signature layered vocals, jangly guitars, and the ultra tight rhythm section. Since "Stereo Types", The Humbugs have toured from NYC to Chicago to San Francisco and many places in between. They will be heading back to Chicago for their 9th consecutive appearance at the International Pop Overthrow Music Festival in April.



01. One More Day
02. Lies Behind the Glass
03. Employee of the Month
04. Calico Eyes
05. As Long as I Matter
06. Walking Home to You
07. Fireflies
08. Crash on Your Couch
09. Give Me a Clue
10. Take a Chance
11. Mic Stand

Frida Hyvönen - Silence Is Wild

乐队名称:Frida Hyvönen
专辑名称:Silence Is Wild
公司厂牌:Secretly Canadian
风格类型:Pop/Indie Rock
发行日期:November 4, 2008

Frida Hyvönen (born 1977) is a Swedish singer-songwriter. She grew up in Robertsfors, a small place just outside Umeå in the north of Sweden (which is also the hometown of the band Sahara Hotnights), and currently lives in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm.

Her first record, Until Death Comes, was recorded at Stockholm's Atlantis Studios and co-produced with Jari Haapalainen of The Bear Quartet. The record was released in the EU in 2005 on The Concretes record label Licking Fingers, in the United States in 2006 on Secretly Canadian and in Australia in 2007 on Chapter Music. Hyvönen received the 2005 Stockholmspriset ("The Stockholm Prize") by the Swedish publication Nöjesguiden for her debut album. Her first single, "I Drive My Friend", climbed the hit-list in Sweden for a few weeks.
Frida has been touring Scandinavia, Europe and the US with her piano since 2004. She also played in Shanghai. In the spring of 2006 she toured the United Kingdom with José González, and in the summer of 2006, she toured the US with fellow Swedish artist Jens Lekman. In the fall of 2005 Frida wrote music for dance performance PUDEL, by choreographer Dorte Olesen. She also performed the music live on stage. The music was recorded in 2006 and released in January 2007.

In the fall of 2007 Frida recorded a cover of the R.E.M. song "Everybody Hurts", released in digital form by Stereogum She also covered the song "Sista dan tillsammans" together with Mattias Alkberg on "Dubbel Trubbel", a tribute to Olle Adolphson.

Hyvönen's next album, "Silence is Wild", was released October 29, 2008 in Scandinavia and November 4th, 2008 in North America.

She is also working on a collaboration with photographer Elin Berge, in a project that will be out in 2009.



01. Dirty Dancing
02. Enemy Within
03. Highway 2 U
04. London!
05. My Cousin
06. Science
07. Scandinavian Blonde
08. December
09. Birds
10. Pony
11. Sic Transit Gloria
12. Oh Shanghai
13. Why Do You Love Me So Much

The Sounds - Crossing The Rubicon

乐队名称:The Sounds
专辑名称:Crossing The Rubicon
公司厂牌:Warner Bros.
风格类型:Indie Rock/Alternative/New Wave

The Sounds are a Swedish New Wave band founded in 1999 in Helsingborg. Their musical style mixes punk and pop/Synth-pop influences. Most songs make integrated use of synthesizers. The group is often compared to New Wave acts such as Blondie, The Cars, the Epoxies and Missing Persons.

Their debut album Living in America was released in 2002, with the follow up Dying to Say This to You on March 21, 2006. They are set to release their third album "Crossing The Rubicon" on June 2, 2009.

Lead singer Maja Ivarsson is outspoken in her ambition, claiming "I want to be the best female vocalist around...of at least this century". She was also featured on Cobra Starship's "Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)", for the film Snakes on a Plane. In addition to Ivarsson's contribution to the Snakes soundtrack, the entire band is featured as track 6, "Queen of Apology," remixed by Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump.

Band members Jesper Anderberg and Felix Rodriguez have recently been working as songwriters for other artists, among them the Dutch pop band Krezip and the Swedish punk band Quit Your Dayjob.

For Krezip's latest album (Plug it In), the pair wrote three songs: "All My Life", "Play This Game With Me" and "You're Wrong". "All My Life" has been one of the most played songs of 2008 in Holland. Krezip's album Plug It In was also produced by Adel Dahdal, who produced the The Sounds' debut album Living in America.



01. No One Sleeps When I'm Awake
02. 4 Songs & A Fight
03. My Lover
04. Dorchester Hotel
05. Beatbox
06. Underground
07. Crossing The Rubicon
08. Midnight Sun
09. Lost In Love
10. The Only Ones
11. Home Is Where Your Heart Is
12. Goodnight Freddy

Brindisi Paradiso - Unexpected Tucano

乐队名称:Brindisi Paradiso
专辑名称:Unexpected Tucano

Nato da una fruttuosa jam session ad Amsterdam tra l’eclettico artista e dj Marco Foresta e il compositore e sound designer Enrico Ascoli, Brindisi Paradiso è arrivato al suo primo album, Unexpected Tucano. Il progetto conserva e mantiene intatta la caratteristica iniziale: una forte spontaneità musicale e la combinazione di diversi generi musicali. Jazz, tango, funk, hip hop, glitch, folk music. Il loro primo album, Unexpected Tucano, è un mix di improvvisazione e minuzioso editing. Tutte le tracce sono aperte ad ogni possibile cambiamento, a nuove idee, nuovi paesaggi e soluzioni. Le sonorità risalgono ai suoni catturati dalla vita reale, di tutti i giorni, con un tocco di espressione poetica, ritmi sensuali e visuali aperte a mondi nuovi e paralleli. Una nuova scoperta di una musica “esotica” e ricercata.



01. Roba soda
02. Ping pong in giardino
03. Miss aloha
04. Jazzato si ma con calma
05. Soavezinho
06. Boca boca
07. Bazar
08. A-romantic
09. Retro nuoevo
10. Love error with saudade
11. California roll
12. Fato tomato
13. Birdless

A Loss For Words - The Kids Can't Lose

乐队名称:A Loss For Words
专辑名称:The Kids Can't Lose
公司厂牌:Rock Vegas
风格类型:Rock/Post Hardcore/Emo

Loss For Words (also known as AL4W for short) is an American Rock/Post Hardcore/Emo band from Abington, Massachusetts.

They have recently released the album Webster Lake and have played several promotional shows, such as the recent performance at Hot Topic in Hanover, Massachusetts.



01. Stamp Of Approval
02. 40 Thieves
03. Where I'm From, You Die With Your Secrets
04. Hold Your Breath
05. Mt. St. Joseph
06. The Promises You Keep (Burn This Bridge)
07. Heavy Lies The Crown
08. Wasted Youth
09. Half-Step Down
10. Behind Our Backs
11. Hot Hand In A Dice Game


Jupiter - Feel This Way

专辑名称:Feel This Way


- Feel This Way - "How you feel, use that feeling to the most beautiful songs to write .." Jupiter late in 'Feel This Way "show that they know what is at stake to write songs. The songs are open, honest and as pure as chocolate. This one time you have a lump in your throat, while even later that broad smile on your face is available. Jupiter takes you down slowly, and then not releasing it.



1. Without a Reason
2. Eyes in a Jellyjar
3. You
4. Three Little Words
5. Walking Alone
6. Little Lies

Mark Pickerel & His Playing Hands - Cody's Dream

乐队名称:Mark Pickerel & His Playing Hands
专辑名称:Cody's Dream
公司厂牌:Bloodshot Records
风格类型:New Wave/Country
发行日期:March 4, 2008

The smoky baritone and country-n-blues sketches found within Cody’s Dream are similar to Mark Pickerel’s 2006 solo debut in structure and style, but this new release finds the former Screaming Trees drummer branching out in his storytelling. The title track and the parched "The Last Leaves" cover familiar ground for Pickerel but, after a lamenting cover of Bob Dylan’s "One More Cup of Coffee," the album explodes with swamp rock ("Leaving With the Swamptones"), pop hooks ("Cherokee Grove"), provocative love ballads ("I Promise"), and honey-dripping R&B ("And So Be It Then"). Chameleon-like, Pickerel plays ringleader and saloonkeeper until the end which, two promising forays into his solo career, is hopefully just the beginning.



01. Cody's Dream
02. Let Me Down Easy
03. The Last Leaves
04. She Calls
05. One More Cup Of Coffee
06. Leaving With The Swamptones
07. Cherokee Grove
08. I Promise
09. And So Be It Then
10. The Closing Theme
11. She Sleeps Through The Sirens
12. Deep Inside Your Shade
13. Cody's Last Ride


The Poodles - Clash Of The Elements

乐队名称:The Poodles
专辑名称:Clash Of The Elements
公司厂牌:Rosehip Alley
风格类型:Hard Rock/Classic Rock/Metal

The Poodles is more than just your average, run-of-the-mill, rock act.
A distinct group of Sweden's most experienced metal and hard rock musicians have assembled to spread metal to the people. That's the mission of the mighty Poodles from Sweden.
"We want to make people feel good, powerful, and free. In the world we live in, there is an obligation to stand up for what you believe is right. Too many people are trying to control you, so we want to represent something different. We want to inspire our listeners to live life the way they want to without letting conventions rule you." says Jakob, lead singer of The Poodles.
Over the years, the members of the band have worked in different contexts and constellations with international celebrities like Mot?rhead, Whitesnake, Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, and Swedish colleagues like Europe and Candlemass.

In the fall of 2005 the first official line-up was completed and in the spring of 2006 The Poodles competed in the Swedish version of the "Eurovision Song Contest", which also marked their big break-through in their native country. The debut album "Metal Will Stand Tall" was released in Sweden & Finland in May 2006 and soon after in Japan by King Records, IROND in Russia and the CIS. It topped the Swedish sales charts, and the debut single "Night Of Passion" sold gold in Sweden after just three weeks. It has now sold platinum and it was also the number one downloaded song three weeks in a row!

The second single from the album was the title track "Metal Will Stand Tall". It featured guest vocals by Tess, member of the disco group Alcazar, who sings in a blistering duet with Jakob and who is also featured in the video clip. It entered the singles chart at number two one week after its’ release, climbed to the number one spot and sold gold after just on month! Also, a third single, "Song For You", was released and hit gold status.

"Metal Will Stand Tall" features songs by some of the most well known songwriters in the world such as Holly Knight (Tina Turner, Aerosmith, Kiss etc) and others.

During 2006 the band played over 100 shows in Sweden and in January 2007 "Metal Will Stand Tall" was released in Europe by AFM Records. Following the release they went on tour across Europe with Hammerfall and Krokus, together they did 31 shows in 18 countries in only 35 days.
On April 25, 2007 The Poodles released "Seven Seas", the first single from their second album "Sweet Trade". Just like the debut album "Metal Will Stand Tall", it was produced by Matti Alfonzetti and Johan Lyander. The song "Seven Seas" was written by Jakob Samuel, Jonas Reingold and Peter Stormare who is also featured as Black Sam - the pirate on the song. (Peter Stormare – the actor in inter alia Prison Break, Fargo and Jurassic Park).
With canons loaded, the sails hoisted for the journey under a dawn sky, the album "Sweet Trade" was released on September 19, 2007 in Sweden as well as in 30 European countries, Russia and Japan, and on October 12 The Poodles embarked on another crusade - showing Europe the sweet trade of heavy metal.

The second single to come off the "Sweet Trade" album, was "Streets of Fire", which raced through the charts to eventually sell double-platinum, the greatest number of sold singles to date by the band.

The fall of 2007 was spent on the roads of Europe, playing hall-size venues as Special guest with Gotthard. The response from the crowd and business associates alike was fantastic. The groundwork was now laid for a headline tour of their own.
In the spring of 2008, the band was once again featured in the Swedish leg of the "Eurovision Song Contest". This time they allied themselves with the well known artist E-Type, a multi-platinum selling act by himself. The song "Line of Fire" was well received and has reached gold status.

Next, The Poodles tried their wings playing a headline tour of their own, with Jaded Heart as Special guest. The tour consisted of 17 sold-out dates throughout Europe with blasting results. Some shows were even moved to bigger venues as a result of the great interest in the band.
As spring turned to summer the band was asked to record and perform the Official Swedish Anthem for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing in August 2008. "Raise the Banner" was released on July 15 and reached gold status shortly thereafter. The song “Raise the Banner” also hit the number one spot on the Swedish sales-chart in August of 2008.

In May, 2008, Pontus Norgren decided to leave the band. In the wake of this, The Poodles didn’t hesitate to contact the guitar player first considered for the band, Henrik Bergqvist (previsously in Southfork and Tiamat), who now was avalible. Back in 2006, however, he was stuck in the Mexican rain forest among the Mayan Indians and no guitar within a 350 mile radius as well as other obligations hanging over his head. In Henrik, The Poodles found the perfect persona with the right musical qualities and energy for the exiting adventures that lay ahead.

Starting on June 6, which also was Henrik's premiere with the band, The Poodles embarked on one of the biggest Swedish summer tours of any act, playing more than 30 shows in a little over 2 months. From Sweden Rock in the south to Pajala in the north, the band zig-zagged across the Swedish country side like true rock'n'roll demons.

The band also found time to do a couple of summer festival shows in Europe where they realized that all the hard work they put in during 2006 and 2007 was beginning to pay off. Audiences were both numerous and enthusiastic, something the band took home with them in preparation for the new recording effort that awaits in the fall of 2008.

Planned for release in the spring of 2009, the band's third album promises to be something extraordinary. An amazing group of talented songwriters has joined forces to help create a pool of songs that will jolt even the most jaded music lover. Be sure to keep an eye out for any news relating to this landmark event!



01. Too Much Of Everything
02. Caroline
03. No Tomorrow
04. One Out Of Ten
05. I Rule The Night
06. Give Me A Sign
07. Sweet Enemy
08. 7 Days & 7 Nights
09. Pilot Of The Storm
10. Cant Let You Go
11. Dont Rescue Me
12. Heart Of Gold
13. Dream To Follow
14. Wings Of Destiny

Sharrie Williams - I'm Here to Stay

歌手名称:Sharrie Williams
专辑名称:I'm Here to Stay
公司厂牌:Electro-Fi Records
发行日期:October 23, 2007

Mrs. Sharrie Williams Is the Voice! A galactic vocal force to be reckoned with, a ragging flame of fire that has been sprayed with gasoline, she has a message burning within her soul. Sharrie has a powerful voice, with a range that can reach and rattle the castle tower one minute, while soothing the soul of a crying child the next, she possess an unaffected nature, which gives her grace and a sensibility that pays homage to the great female artist of rock and blues without ever being imitative, in short, Sharrie Williams is the real deal, a true original. She brings you in, by singing her insides out, hearing her is a pure delight, but seeing her perform will make you a believer. Williams has a warm and radiant stage presence, that takes hold of you and capture your imagination and captivate your senses, the sound of her voice is compelling, it promises redemption. With every note She makes you cry, laugh and dance, she can even wake up the dead, I guess one would call her the voice of an emotional cocktail.



01. Fire
02. Jealousy
03. Seeking
04. I'm Here to Stay
05. Gotta Go Thru Hell
06. Will You Still Love Me
07. Rhythm of Life
08. I Gotta Find Me a Mojo
09. Power
10. It's Getting Late
11. I'm a Real Woman
12. Don't Give Up
13. I'm So Blue
14. Time
15. Pocono Praise

Pop Stream - Odyssey Protocols

歌手名称:Pop Stream
专辑名称:Odyssey Protocols

Yinon Oved a.k.a. POP Stream loved music since childhood, a fascination with its expressive qualities and how it can evoke an emotional response from people attracted his creative sense. Rediscovering music at the age of 16 lead Pop Stream to his following productions & editing of electronic music. Using computers, audio and midi hardware he revealed his own path into the depth of what he found to be his greatest passion; Trance music. Psychedelic Trance was at its peak.
While striving to express different types of music within the Psychedelic Trance, Pop Stream brings a new style and different arrangements. Full-On, yet gentle, is the way his music's is perceived. Self-discipline is fundamental to the creative process and is very much expressed in Pop Stream's music; involving pop music's figures & construction, bright ideas and clear background themes he simple out his creations and eases up on the concentration and focus which psychedelic trance often demands.
POP Stream's tour diary includes area's such as Israel, United States, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Russian federation, U.K., Hungary, Italy, Germany, Austria, Holland, Spain/Ibiza, Portugal, France, Denmark, Switzerland and Turkey, taking part in some of the biggest events such as: Voov Experience and Fullmoon in Germany, the Gathering and SOS in Japan, Tribeadelic - Australia, Soulclipse - Turkey and many others… This promising artist is embarking on a new voyage and you can foresee seeing much more of him and his music on the world stage.



01. Dream Moods
02. Eastern Spikes
03. Rabble's Emissary
04. Angels (Op Edit)
05. Gemini
06. Epic Dreams
07. Hubava Rada
08. Breath (Remix)
09. On This Road
10. Awakening

Emilie-Claire Barlow - The Very Thought of You

歌手名称:Emilie-Claire Barlow
专辑名称:The Very Thought of You
公司厂牌:Empress Music
风格类型:Jazz/Swing/Bossa Nova
发行日期:July 2, 2007

Emilie-Claire Barlow (born 6 June 1976) is a Canadian jazz singer and voice actress. She began her career at the age of seven, voiceacting for television and radio jingles. She has voice acted for 6Teen, Sailor Moon (as Sailor Mars in the Sailor Moon R season episodes 66-82 and as Sailor Venus in the Sailor Moon S and Sailor Moon Super S seasons), Rescue Heroes, Dragon Warrior, Martin Mystery, Spider Riders, Bakugan Battle Brawlers and Total Drama Island as her favourite character so far, Courtney. She has won the "Female Vocalist of the Year" award at the 2008 National Jazz Awards.



01. The Very Thought Of You
02. Almost Like Being In Love
03. O Pato (The Duck)
04. Les Yeux Ouverts (Dream A Little Dream Of Me)
05. Pennies From Heaven
06. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
07. Surrey With The Fringe On Top
08. My Time Of Day / I've Never Been In Love Before
09. C'est Si Bon
10. De Conversa Em Conversa
11. The Boy Next Door
12. So Many Stars
13. You're Getting to Be a Habit with Me 日本盤ボーナストラック

爱戴 [Edell] - 爱氏张嘉佩 [Edell Is Jp]

歌手名称:爱戴 [Edell]
专辑名称:爱氏张嘉佩 [Edell Is Jp]


出场浴缸秀展现健康风采 洗手舞倡导卫生预防流感
2002年,张嘉珮回国初试啼声,用其英文名Edell音译名----爱戴试水歌坛,同年推出首张个人专辑《爱戴》,一首《彩云追月》让其迅速红遍大江南北。 对于突如其来的成名,爱戴并没有做好充分的准备,但面对万千宠爱的歌迷,面对一直喜欢的舞台,爱戴下定决心在歌坛闯出一片天地。随着知名度的不断攀升,令她未曾想到的是,各种流言蜚语也随之接踵而来,“国籍风波”、”混血女郎”等等传言不断,饱受质疑的爱戴这次决定不再沉默,用本名命名新专辑回应一切:我叫“张嘉珮”,四川出生,深圳长大,加拿大留学!
国际大牌编舞联合打造 爱戴独门舞步
随后星光国际传媒的音乐总裁易家扬和李伟菘上台为爱戴发片道贺,并分别送上了礼物——古老收音机。著名音乐人易家扬表示,送上这份特别礼物,喻意用最传统的收听方 式收听最真实的爱戴,并鼓励爱戴回归音乐最本质的创作。李伟菘夸赞爱戴是非常有才华的艺人,希望爱戴跳出更完美的艺术人生。相信全新的爱戴定会给乐坛带来惊喜,曼妙舞蹈的爱戴,才是真正的爱戴;帅真个性的爱戴,才是真正的爱戴;换回本名“张嘉珮”的爱戴,才是真正的爱戴。



01.爱才是王牌 [Love Is Trump]
03.和寂寞说分手 (国语版) [To Lonely Say Goodbye (Mandarin Version)]
04.斗爱 (同名电影主题曲) [Duel For Love]
05.You lie
06.色彩 [Color]
07.I believe in love
08.紫色的雪 [Purple Snow]
09.孤单形状 [Shape Of Loneliness]
10.和寂寞说分手 (粤语版)[To Lonely Say Goodbye (Cantonese Version)]
11.听雪 [Listen Snow]
12.光阴走廊 [Corridor Of Time]

December Sun - Solid Ground

乐队名称:December Sun
专辑名称:Solid Ground
风格类型:Hard Rock/Alternative Metal

December Sun is a three-piece hard rock band based in London, Ontario, Canada The group has been greatly influenced by such bands as Sound Garden, Thrice, and Primus. Their music brings together nu metal, alternative grunge, and 70's funk rock

This is the band's second effort in putting forth an album since 2006. The first album was a self-titled, unplugged, acoustic effort which received little commercial success, but acted as a directional compass for the band. In this second CD release, Solid Ground, the album comes out roaring with all amplifiers raging and begging to be played at full volume

In this album, Solid Ground, front man Dave Campbell has brought aboard Pete Penner who plays bass and Will Penner who plays drums, both of whom are brothers, and live in Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada. The band is currently seeking out a fan base which will span all borders.



01. State Of Mind
02. Solid Ground
03. On My Way
04. One Foot
05. The Love
06. Game 7
07. In Ter Lude
08. Sacred Store
09. A Part
10. Release
11. I Want To Know
12. Surrender
13. Tides