Michael Hirte - Der Mann mit der Mundharmonika (Gewinner von Das Supertalent 2008)

歌手名称:Michael Hirte
专辑名称:Der Mann mit der Mundharmonika
压缩比率:192kbps (原盘压制)


德国44岁的一直靠社会救济维生的希尔特(Michael Hirte)最近喜获“2008超级才华奖”。上周六晚,德国RTL电视台选秀节目进入总决赛,希尔特凭着出色的口琴表演一举夺冠。评审员迪特·伯伦(Dieter Bohlen)也认为这是荣之所归。在长达四个小时的节目当中,伯伦多次为希尔特叫好,甚至打赌说,假如不是希尔特获胜,他将“吞掉自己的夹克衫”。
素以言词尖刻著称的伯伦在评价"超级才华奖"候选人的时候显得温和而又婉转,另两名评审员Sylvie van der Vaart以及Bruce Darnell也不吝美言地赞叹他们是"地球上的天使","天籁之音"令人宛如置身"良辰美景"。

当节目进行了两个半小时之后,希尔特作为最后一名参赛者出场,而他的大获全胜仿佛是命中注定。一曲《Ave Maria》之后,天上飘下了一阵星雨,三名评委不约而同地站起身来,向希尔特表示祝贺。伯伦当即表示:"没人比你更应该赢了。"希尔特从不屈从于命运,值得"每个人都投票给他。"


对于Michael Hirte来说,梦想已经实现。不仅仅是那个超级才华奖和10万欧元的奖金,更重要的是,它的第一张个人专辑"Der Mann mit der Mundharmonika"即将发行。专辑中不光有他用口琴演奏的著名经典乐曲,Ave Maria,You Raise Me Up,还有着契合目前圣诞气氛的Stille Nacht。与此同时,他的个人巡回表演的计划也已经形成。



German 44-year-old has been living on social relief to the Hilt (Michael Hirte) recently won the "super-talent award in 2008." Late last Saturday, the German RTL television programs into the final draft, Hilt harmonica with excellent performance to win in one fell swoop.迪特伯伦reviewers (Dieter Bohlen) also think that this is owned by the wing. As long as four hours in the program, Dr. Hilt applauded several times for even bet that if Hilt not win, he will "swallow up his jacket."

Renowned for their harsh words known in the evaluation of Chamberlain "super-talented Award" candidate when it is moderate and tactful, and the other two reviewers, and Sylvie van der Vaart also Bruce Darnell hesitate to praise the kind words addressed to them as "an angel on earth ""天籁之音"It is like outside," scenery. "

When the program two and a half hours later, Hilt out as the last runner, and he seems destined for a landslide victory. Song "Ave Maria" after a while the sky under the stars floating rain, as if by prior agreement of three judges stood up and extended his congratulations to the Hilt.

Chamberlain immediately said: "No one should be even more than you win." Hilt never succumb to the fate, it is "everyone vote for him."

Hilt is a "from street musicians to the stage." The former truck drivers were injured in a car accident, lost a leg and one eye. His wife also left him. In order to either look hard life, Hilt Street from time to time to walk a section of harmonica playing, the two make pocket money. Now, Hilt won a prize money of 100,000 euros, "the dream became a reality, and dazzling."

RTL According to statistics, about 6.1 million people watched the draft this profile shows, and even reached the peak period of 7.6 million, accounting for 14-49 year-old target audience group of 30.4%.

Michael Hirte For example, the dream has been achieved. Not just the super-talented Award and € 100,000 in prize money, more importantly, its first album "Der Mann mit der Mundharmonika" forthcoming. Album not playing his harmonica with a well-known classical music, Ave Maria, You Raise Me Up, there is a fit of the current atmosphere of Christmas Stille Nacht. At the same time, his personal tour of the plan performance has been formed.

Talented surprising is not sufficient to really shake people's minds is his attitude to life and insist that, in the face of their unfortunate experience, his wife left him, he did not give up, but rather to a strong and optimistic the face of everything, and use music to make their own beauty and happy life.

Physical defects do not mean anything, it is important to a healthy and sound mind.


01. Ave Maria
02. You Raise Me Up
03. Aber Heidschi Bumbeidschi
04. Morning Has Broken
05. Amazing Grace
06. We Have A Dream
07. Time To Say Goodbye
08. Guten Abend, Gute Nacht
09. Mull Of Kintyre
10. Bright Eyes
11. Bridge Over Troubled Water
12. Stille Nacht

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